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Q:Does the car tire add fuel
Fee oil, an increase of 10_15%, see how much you change the tires.
Q:Why are there tires on car tires? Why?
What food tread Pretend to understand! Lead block is to do the balance of the tires used to balance the tire, if you do not have a car to reach a certain speed will shake, the speed is high or low to see the lead block worse and less. There is no impact on the tires, not to mention eating tires.
Q:After the car tires fill, can not use?
Can use. 1, make up the tire as far as possible not to use in the front wheel, because the front wheel is driven wheel, load-bearing, should use the tire. If the occurrence of puncture, the driver must first stabilize the steering wheel, and then slowly rely on parking, timely replacement spare tire. 2, the car for tires to see the use of the car mileage and tire wear and tear, for a long time not open to the tire did not have a great impact. In order to make the tire less trouble, in addition to view the degree of wear and maintain normal tire pressure, but also to develop good driving habits, summer driving as far as possible not speed overload, in the hot weather should be appropriate to reduce the speed of travel, , Emergency braking and emergency steering and other abnormal driving, this will cause a sharp deformation of the tire, causing the tire burst.
Q:What are the tires for car tires?
Car tires are the main material of rubber, constitute the strength of the soft steel wire, in the past, due to technical reasons, the strength of the winding lines are used nylon line. In order to improve the carrying capacity, often the nylon line to do a lot of layers. Now do not, as long as the adjustment of the wire on it.
Q:Car tires idle for four years, but also use it?
Tire idle for more than four years will not be used, if your tires do not appear crack, pattern clear, then you can continue to use.
Q:Why are car tires always black?
Due to an ingredient added to the rubber compound used to add certain properties. Called Carbon Black,,which is naturally Black
Q:Do you have more tires for car tires?
Suitable tires pattern. In addition to the need to pay attention to size specifications, the crown on the pattern is also need to attract attention - the pattern directly affects the handling of the car, in addition to noise, drainage performance, wear resistance and so on. The most common tread pattern is roughly horizontal groove pattern, straight groove pattern, straight horizontal groove pattern, block pattern and asymmetric pattern five kinds. Which is a good cross-groove pattern friction, straight groove pattern running resistance (the most widely used a pattern type), straight horizontal groove pattern for SUV outdoor driving needs, block pattern is suitable for mud or snow, rather than Symmetrical patterns have better drainage. According to the region where the weather, road conditions and driving habits to consider, if it is cars, MPV and SUV, to avoid the weight of the best way is to choose straight groove pattern, its applicability is the most extensive of.
Q:What are the load and speed levels on the tires?
On behalf of various models
Q:What is the gas in the car tires?
Generally nitrogen, have a relatively high use of mixed gas
Q:Tire size HELP PLEASE!?
They will fit but why would you do that? It will throw of your speedometer. You will be going slower that what the speedo says!

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