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Q:how to tell my car tires need to be changed? what tires are best for corolla?
It is printed on the sidewall of the tires. The tires should be inflated to 32 to 40 PSI . The tire sales people will school you on sizes,brands,models available. The manufacturer recommended tire size is on a label in the door casing, usually in the rear door. Also in the Owners Manual.
Q:Will you master, car tires to add a few pressure is generally the best pressure
Hello tires are generally added 2.5
Q:Can the car tire lose pressure?
It is best not to open. Slowly stop. Use the car to inflate the equipment. If it will quickly leak. Please call to call to repair
Q:After the car tires are broken, what are the methods of tires? What is the principle of each?
Mainly divided into four kinds. 1. External fill: from the tire outside a bar leak into, so as to prevent leakage. 2. End: remove the tire, from the tire inside a piece of leak-proof block, better than the outside. 3. Automatic tire repair fluid: a small leak in the tire when the first aid can be carried out, but can not be used as a normal tire. 4. Fire fill: This is a tire renovation technology. The tire inside the rubber melt, thus filling the loopholes, this approach is more advanced.
Q:Tire Sizing?
It would help if you had given an example for your question, but since you didn't - I'll give you one of my own. My truck came with the tire size 195/75/14 The tire is 195 millimeters wide. The middle number 75 tells you the aspect ratio. There is a complicated formula that I could lay out there, but it probably won't help ya. A 75 series tire (if the 1st and last number are unchanged) will be a taller tire than a 40 series tire. 14 inches tells you the diameter of the wheel or rim that the tire is mounted on. This part you cannot change. A 14 inch wheel must have a 14 inch tire mounted on it. You can do some different sizes on the first two numbers. For instance I did not like the skinny look that the tire had so I bought some "fatter" looking tires for the 14 inch wheel (rim) I used a 235/60/14. This made the tire 40 millimeters wider while keeping the overall height of the tire very close to the same, which makes the speedometer stay correct. Any more questions you can call me at work Mon - Fri 513 874 2500 ask for Brian. 7am - 6pm Eastern
Q:Car tires fill the leak
Fill the place can be slightly larger, pay attention to the location to identify.
Q:Can the car tire break the insurance?
Tires can be returned to the general three-line drum package and tires without flawed, puncture will not fall back
Q:What is the aspect ratio of car tires?
Refers to the ratio of the height and width of the tire cross section
Q:Tyres Technical construction?
Tyres have been in existence since wheel were first manufactured. Iron tyres protected wooden wheels. Railway wheels still have steel tyres for that purpose - you only have to change the tyre when they wear, not the entire wheel. Pneumatic tyres were invented by Robert William Thomson in 1847 but the first practical ones were made by John Boyd Dunlop 40 years later. It is fair to say that John Dunlop was the main pioneer of pneumatic tyres. Robert Thomson was restricted by the lack of suitable rubber and developed solid rubber tyres instead. So he was the pioneer of rubber tyres.
Q:What is the meaning of the car tire size figures?
Tire specifications that the general format is such a 225 / 50R17 94V, the meaning of these numbers and letters are: 225 tread width, the unit is mm, the general tire width between 145-285mm, the interval is 10mm; 50 is flat Ratio, that is, the tire tire height and tread width ratio, 50 represents 50%, the average tire flat ratio of 30% -80%, under normal circumstances, ordinary cars should not use flat ratio> 75% of the tires, luxury Cars and high-performance sports cars recommend flattened <60% of the tires. R is the English Radial acronym, said the tire for the radiation layer structure, 15 is the outer diameter of the rim, the unit is inches. 94V is the tire's maximum load and maximum speed of 94 that the tire's maximum load is 670 kg.V said the tire can withstand the maximum speed is 240 km

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