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Q:Car tire size 185 / 65R15 what does it mean ah
Indicating that the tire is a diameter tire, wide and 185mm with 15-inch wheel bone
Q:Question about tire sizes?
you can put any size on it as long as its 17 inch rim personal preference but keep in mind if you get a different size it will change the mph the spedometer reads and your actuall speed. Also keep the same size on the front or back if two different sizes are on the front and its a front wheel drive vehicle it will damage the transmission
Q:How to identify the type of car tires
Such as a tire size of 205/55 / R16 91V 205 - refers to the tire width of 205 mm. 55 - refers to the tire flat ratio, that is, the height of the section is 55% of the width. R - refers to the tire for the radial tire (the tire inner layer for the radiation tire manufacturing) 16 - refers to the rim diameter is 16 inches. 91 - refers to the load index 91, on behalf of the tire can bear the maximum load 615 kg, four tires is 615 × 4 = 2460 kg. V-refers to a speed level of 240 km / h
Q:How long is the shelf life of the car tire?
The following five cases need to change the tire: 1, tire wear to wear limit signs must be stopped using (that is, tread depth less than 1.6 mm). 2, tire aging. 3, tread deformation or bead damage tires, lack of air caused by sidewall was damaged rolling tires, chemical corrosion of the tire shall not continue to use. 4, drum tires can not continue to use. 5, other damage if the impact of the use of tire safety shall not continue to use.
Q:Question regarding Tires?
If the tire is around the same age, with identical size and similar ratings (speed, load, temperature, traction, treadwear) and from a known manufacturer, you can use it. You should get two such tires so you can mount two identical tires on each axle. Or can you just use the new tire as a spare one?
Q:How many kilometers of car tires are guaranteed
Tire quality of the three packs is: half of the pattern above the bubble, degumming, and some manufacturers of tires are also within the scope of three bags, these problems are all replacement, the tires are not wear and tear, Tires are now basically charged with wear and tear.
Q:General trolley ordinary car tires were punctured can continue to open it, up to how far can run?
You can get a good solution to the problem, a look you are a woman, tires can not change, understand! 1. can continue to exercise depends on your use of tires, if you use the general radial tires or ordinary tires, after the bar is no gas can not go away, if you do not take out the tires of the tire situation is not discouraged, Can exercise to the nearest car repair point! 2. In order to avoid similar things happen, you can choose anti-puncture tires or bullet-proof tires, the price may be higher, but definitely not afraid of bar, even if the bar will own inflatable, to ensure your smooth arrival destination! But this kind of tire has a common drawback is that the tire is relatively thick and hard, driving up will feel some uncomfortable, and more or less will increase the fuel consumption, but at the same time enhance the grip of the car, thereby enhancing the car Safety factor! And your tires after the bar, if the first make up, it is recommended to change the tire to the rear wheel, so running high-speed will be more secure!
Q:Chaoyang car tires good?
Chaoyang tires very good, cost-effective, the quality is not worse than foreign big difference
Q:Correct tire pressure?
The correct pressure is the one on the car door.The pressure on the tire is the max that the tire can be inflated to.The tire shop knows what type tire that your car needs and that is what they gave you and the folks that made the car know what tire pressure the car needs to get the best performance also if you have the owners manual that came with the car it will also give you the correct pressure and I am certain that it is not 45.Most passenger cars tire pressure is ususlly some where between 28 and 32 PSI.Your husband is wrong
Q:Tire pressure problem?
Cold means cold, as in not recently driven on. Coldest time of day (morning) gives you the best baseline. Tire load carrying capacity diminishes as air pressure is reduced. You want to set them so that the recommended pressure is achieved at the coldest temperatures the tire is likely to encounter.

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