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Q:Will you master, car tires to add a few pressure is generally the best pressure
Standard tire pressure 2.5
Q:Tourists car tires how many kilometers to change
Tire tire safe life of 50,000 km, if the depth of the pattern to reach the safety mark did not reach 50,000 km is to be replaced
Q:Car tires speed level, who can give a detailed description?
The tire tread has the speed of the tire (also known as the speed level), the corresponding speed symbol can know the maximum speed of the tire. For example: tire specifications 195/65 R15 91V in the speed symbol is V, find the speed symbol and speed corresponding The table knows that the maximum speed of the tire is 240 km / h.
Q:Car tire burst, car tire repair can also be used? Will it be broken soon?
Should not be but certainly better than the original bad
Q:Car tires installed 215/60/16 and installed 215/55/16 What is the difference
60 and 55 refer to the percentage of tire thickness and tire width. So their generosity is not the same size, the bigger the tires are flattened.
Q:What does the car tires represent above?
Above that basically correct, 235 / 70R16 235 is the cross-sectional design of the tire width is 235 mm actually there will be positive and negative 3% error, 70 is the flat ratio, that is, high cross section and width ratio, also known as high width The smaller the number, the more flattened. R is the representative of the radial tire structure, 16 on behalf of the tire steel ring is 16 inches. Followed by the English alphabet is the speed level.
Q:What circumstances need to change car tires
Look at tread wear
Q:Modified car tires to change what is good
The main advantage of steel wheels is the simple manufacturing process, the cost is relatively low, and the ability to resist metal fatigue is very strong, that is, we commonly known as cheap and strong. But the shortcomings of the steel wheel is relatively prominent is the appearance of ugly, heavy weight, inertia resistance, heat dissipation is also relatively poor, and very easy to rust.
Q:Tires For Aircraft Descriptions?
Most airplane tires are not rated for mud snow.
Q:Is the paint corrosive to car tires?
There is a certain role in the corrosion, but not as bad as the landlord imagined. Do not know that you have seen the parade on the reference vehicle? Look at the tires of those cars are specially painted with paint. Things sometimes need to think twice, the so-called "fish and bear's paw can not have both" On the one hand the paint on the tire caused a certain degree of corrosion, on the other hand, the paint properties will be in the tire surface layer to form a protective film, thereby eliminating the oxidation of the tire.

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