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Q:What is recommended tire pressure?
Recommended tire pressure for all car tires is 32. However my 1960 Buick Electra weighs about 2 of your cars combined. So, what the tire manufacturer recommends is not knowing the weight of your vehicle. That you owner's manual should state the tire pressure for your car. Which could be 28 all around. Definitely not 60. Your tire is over inflated. What happens is that it wears in the center prematurely wearing out your tire. Most tire stores should know what the tire pressure is suppose to be for that car. It is also on a sticker on the door jamb or in the glove compartment stuck onto the flap. Some even have it in the trunk where the spare is located. If any tire has 60 PSI it is the spare, for who knows when it will be used and if it is a front tire or rear tire.(some auto manufacturers recommend different pressures between front and rear. It is easy to let air out, but how many people are carrying a pump to add air to the tire? . This recommended air pressure is put on by car manufacturers since they made is really been there forever. The manufacturer knows about their car and what is the best for it so you get the greatest traction and soft ride, and longest tire life. . Do you think the tire manufacturers KNOW which car or truck these tires are going on? And their maximum pressure is 32PSI. 60 is a bit high. So far you are lucky, for I have heard of cases where the tire exploded and took the drivers head off with it. Instant death. You don't notice the wear immediately but when you do, it is too late so fork out another several hundred and replace all the tires. For they all will wear the same way. You definitely will not get 60K on those tires. Lucky if you get 8K.
Q:Beverly should change the brand of car tires
Beverly tires original specifications for the 165 / 70R14 recommended comfort pull back R699 pattern price of about 200 wear resistance Han Tai RA08 pattern price of 200 or so other not recommended Hubei taxi with the ratio of the two patterns the highest conversion can be changed to 185 / 60R14 aluminum Alloy wheels a 240 tires can be changed for Michelin VIVACY pattern 380 or so Citroen original wear and comfort performance high Michelin ENERGY XM1 + pattern price of about 400 fuel-efficient comfortable quiet private car preferred
Q:How does the car tire model distinguish?
I suggest you buy tires, the choice of quality trustworthy brand, more perfect aftermarket, quality assurance. Give you recommend it, I use is good tires, good quality.
Q:How to identify the type of car tires
You can buy a car when asked 4s shop people there is usually in the tires will have a number of brands and other information
Q:Car tires no gas, but also open it?
Do not open the wheel, you can help insurance, or temporary inflatable, if not much leakage, you can open to the repair shop
Q:What is the difference between UST tires and tubed tires?
Tubeless tires have a different compound to enable capturing the air. Changing from tubed to UST can be VERY expensive: If you have single wall rims I would forget it as double wall stuff is required. Here's how to do it: 1) Purchase UST rim strips (about $40 EACH), UST tires (about $50 EACH), and sealant; 2) Remove the old tire, tube, and rim strip; 3) Install the new rim strips making sure it seals; 4) Install the new tire and place the wheel on a truing stand; 5) Unseat a small section of tire and pour in the correct amount of sealant then reinstall the tire; 6) Fill the tire with a high pressure burst, using a luggage hold down strap to go around the tire until it seats. Note that it WILL leak and WILL spew sealant- the amount spewed will depend on how careful you are; 7) Once the tire seats, fill it to approximately 35 psi and rotate the wheel slowly for a few minutes until you can no longer percieve air leaking; 8) Let the wheel sit off the bike for 24 hours and check pressure again. If the pressure remained steady inflate to desired pressure. 9) Plan to do this each time you have to dismount the tire (sans the rim strip) and about 3 additional times per riding season. Yucko.
Q:What is the price of a car tires? Please thank you all
Q:Where is the brand of car tires?
Each regular factory tire side has its complete brand label, foreign brands are mostly English, and some domestic brands also have phonetic note. To understand the brand, first increase the understanding of this area.
Q:Summer Performance Tires?
you would be a good purchase greater secure and get particularly greater appropriate mpg in case you ran studded snow tires between the lawful era of November a million and April 15. it is going to fee you approximately $240 for 4 further wheels (rims) and you get to eliminate the toy tire spare. right this is what a good purchase of people have achieved for a good purchase of years in snow united states of america. First, the studded snow tires do no longer fee you something, by using fact 4 summers and four snows final an identical mileage as 8 summers. you like the studded snows fastened on their own wheels (rims). it fairly is by using fact snows fastened on wheels are replaced (on/off) for unfastened two times a 12 months on the tire save the place you purchase them. otherwise, the replace expenditures $15/tire X 4 tires X 2 a 12 months = $one hundred twenty. That $one hundred twenty decrease fee rates a 12 months skill the greater wheels (4 X $60 each and each = $240) are paid for in 2 years. each and every time you alter, between the come-off tires is going interior the trunk by using fact the spare and you get to throw the toy tire away. The tire save the place you purchase will additionally shop the three remaining off tires. the particularly greater appropriate mpg is from plenty greater grip and much much less slip. Snows devoid of studs are for the farmer who needs to force the deep snow interior the sphere. Get studs for the snow %. and ice on your roads. there are a number of individuals who lost their existence from merely one facet slip on a curve. possibly you need to try this.
Q:Correct tire pressure?
The correct pressure is the one on the car door.The pressure on the tire is the max that the tire can be inflated to.The tire shop knows what type tire that your car needs and that is what they gave you and the folks that made the car know what tire pressure the car needs to get the best performance also if you have the owners manual that came with the car it will also give you the correct pressure and I am certain that it is not 45.Most passenger cars tire pressure is ususlly some where between 28 and 32 PSI.Your husband is wrong

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