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With wide and stabile tread, Excellent traction and adhesion. Designed to deliver exceptional operator comfort and for articulated trucks.

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Q:What are the main raw materials for tire manufacture?
Mainly with natural rubber, carbon black, butadiene, styrene butadiene, steel generally so few
Q:How long is the life of the car tires?
Tire replacement requirements are: 1, the general standard of vehicle maintenance is: in accordance with the tire tread depth; tire replacement mark, wear to a certain degree of mark out; this time should be replaced immediately; 2, another measure, Because the tire is important; in the years to four years, it is best to replace; even if the KM number is not enough, but the time to the rubber products sun and rain, severe wear and tear, the safety factor is greatly reduced, so have to replace; , But in practice, can be flexible; first in the protection of absolute security under the premise, if you are not often run long distance; or tires without side tie; no road along the squeeze; can choose two good installed in the back, In front of two new; of course, if the conditions are best to replace all; replace the tire after the attention to do dynamic balance.
Q:What are the effects of car tire pressure on cars?
Fuel consumption, Shu tire sidewall in the dynamic load state, will produce bending deformation. Under standard air pressure, this deformation does not exceed the allowable limits, since this has been fully taken into account in the tire design.
Q:Where to get cheaper tires? usually has the best prices, and can ship them to your house, or an approved installer near you. Their approved installers usually have the best prices for mounting and balancing the new tires. I had special tires for one of my cars, and Tire Rack saved me at least $100 per tire (most places wanted $300-$350 for each tire).
Q:How does the car tire model distinguish?
I suggest you buy tires, the choice of quality trustworthy brand, more perfect aftermarket, quality assurance. Give you recommend it, I use is good tires, good quality.
Q:What is the cost of buying a car tire?
Production car into the manufacturing costs, sales of cars into the operating expenses, management of vehicles into the management fees.
Q:Toyota Prius tires?
If you are talking about the LRR (Low Rolling Resistance) 15" Goodyear Integrity tires that come stock on the US Prius, you can expect anywhere from 22,000 to 37,000 miles on them. Two very important things play into getting extended mileage. 1) TIRE PRESSURE: The folks that are getting 37,000 miles out the Integrity tires are running them above the OEM suggested door sticker pressures. They are running them at 44 psi front 42 psi back at least. This is above the manufacturer's suggested pressure setting but, they are getting much more mileage. 2) ALIGNMENT: A very high percentage of the people getting 37,000 miles out the Integrity tires had their front end alignment checked very early in the game. Most of them have done this for fuel economy reasons (high mileage fanatics) but, most of them did report the front end being anywhere from slightly to pretty badly out of spec. MPG: The side benefit of paying attention to these two important features is that if you are taking care of both of them like the folks represented above are doing, you will get about 2-5 more miles per gallon in fuel efficiency over the OEM setups. COST: $66.00 each at Tire Rack see Link below
Q:How to identify refurbished car tires?
New tires factory tire tires clear no wear marks, and the surface has a rubber spikes.
Q:Online shopping car tires how to identify good or bad
Second, we should try to choose some big brand tires. Now because tire manufacturers continue to increase the tire brand is also endless. When choosing tires, try to choose those who are familiar with the brand. So at least a lot of people have used to know how the quality of tires.
Q:The right side of the car tire wear serious problems
Central wear serious? The It is your long tire pressure caused by high. Right tire pressure was significantly higher, the left normal. So the middle of the right side of the wear and tear. Tire pressure standard car 2.2-2.5, then high to die.

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