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Giant Off the Road Bias tire-L5S

Off the road bias tyre for loaders

Extra tough for more lasting reliability

Different tread compounds for consumers' requirements

Exceptional stability and long tire life

High quality and competitive prices

SizePlyPatternMax speedPressureLoading capacityO.D of inflationSection WidthStandard rimTread depthQTY/40'HQ
26.5-25 TLS40ES5801072519500179867322.00/3.08728
26.5-25 TLS32ES5801055017000179867322.00/3.08728
18.00-25 TLS40ES5801095017000167149513.00/2.57842
18.00-25 TLS32ES5801075015000167149513.00/2.57842

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Q:Kuhmo tires?
Kuhmo doesn't make the ultimate tire for any application. They do however tend to make more tire for the money than anyone else. Kuhmo's are usually better than anything else in their price range - except for their light truck and SUV tires, which I am not fond of. The Ecsta ASX, SPT, Solus KR-21 and KH-16 are all good values.
Q:What is the synthetic process of the car tires and what is the manufacturing process?
Tire common classification is divided according to the structure for the bias line tires, radial tires. The fundamental difference between a radial tire and an oblique line tire is the carcass. The carcass of the oblique line tires is a sloping ply; and the carcass of the radial tire is a polymer multilayer crossover material with a top layer of steel striped cloth made of steel wire to reduce the tires The odds.
Q:What kind of car tires are good?
Power control, send and receive freely. The world famous car supporting, driving the trend of the times. Pirelli tires.
Q:Tire Pressure Question?
If what you load affects the inner pressure of your tires, then the tires on your truck are likely not rated for the kind of load you are hauling, meaning you probably need a higher load rated tire because what you're doing could result in a blowout. I am not sure what kind of truck you have, but on my D-2500 3/4 ton pickup truck I have the kind of tires that require 50psi per tire, and they make even heavier duty tires that require 80 psi per each, and so on. As a rule, 4 tires for my ride cost $500 for starters, and from the sound of things you have car tires on yours, and you need truck tires.
Q:How many kilometers of car tires are they changed?
Tire replacement cycle is generally four years eighty thousand kilometers, whichever comes first. By the number of miles that ran 80,000 km of tires need to be replaced.
Q:What is the meaning of the car tire size figures?
Diameter and width,because the liquid is Can not be compressed
Q:Can my car tires be used twice again?
If the front bar 2 times, as long as the repair, you can use, if it is the side, need to change the tires, the side of the rubber thin, repair need to wear some rubber, easy puncture. The life of the car tires is four years or eight thousand kilometers, whichever comes first. If there is damage, more than 5, you need to replace in advance, if the side is damaged, 1 that need to be replaced. If the road is often not very good road, tire wear serious, need to replace in advance. As long as there are side damage, should be timely replacement tires.
Q:Speed rating for Cougar tires?
Drive it off a cliff maybe? Seriously, there's not a lot you can do to one of these little guys. You can upgrade to a performance chip and probably put less restrictive exhaust on it, which might gain you 50 HP or so. I would advise against driving one of these things 140 MPH even if you could get it to go that fast, though.
Q:After the car tires are broken, what are the methods of tires? What is the principle of each?
Mainly divided into four kinds. 1. External fill: from the tire outside a bar leak into, so as to prevent leakage. 2. End: remove the tire, from the tire inside a piece of leak-proof block, better than the outside. 3. Automatic tire repair fluid: a small leak in the tire when the first aid can be carried out, but can not be used as a normal tire. 4. Fire fill: This is a tire renovation technology. The tire inside the rubber melt, thus filling the loopholes, this approach is more advanced.
Q:After the car tires fill, can not use?
Usually checked by a professional tire dealer before deciding whether or not to repair. If it is a normal patch range, you can continue to use

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