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Giant Off the Road Bias tire-L5S

Off the road bias tyre for loaders

Extra tough for more lasting reliability

Different tread compounds for consumers' requirements

Exceptional stability and long tire life

High quality and competitive prices

SizePlyPatternMax speedPressureLoading capacityO.D of inflationSection WidthStandard rimTread depthQTY/40'HQ
26.5-25 TLS40ES5801072519500179867322.00/3.08728
26.5-25 TLS32ES5801055017000179867322.00/3.08728
18.00-25 TLS40ES5801095017000167149513.00/2.57842
18.00-25 TLS32ES5801075015000167149513.00/2.57842

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Q:What are the figures above the car tires?
There are, tire production date, tire size and so on. ISO international quality certification representation, eg 250/60 R 15 89 H 250 - Tire width (mm) 60 - Flat ratio R - Radial structure 15 - Tire diameter (in) 89 - Maximum load H - Highest speed
Q:Car tires will not be due to how much weight and the lack of pressure situation
1, the tire load capacity is the upper limit. Please refer to the sideways load index. 2, tire use is a tire pressure conditions. Please refer to the manufacturer's tire pressure recommended value.
Q:Car tires that brand the best comfort
Headquartered in Clermont-Ferrand, France, the Michelin Group was founded in 1889 and is a global leader in tire technology. The main business areas include tires, mobile assist systems and travel services. Michelin brand tires to maintain its excellent overall performance at the same time, some focus on comfort and quiet, and some focus on the movement and handling. You can choose for your hobby. Comfortable tires pattern can be considered: Primacy 3 ST Hao Yue is a high-grade comfortable pattern. Is characterized by driving comfort, driving when the tire noise. Suitable for special attention to tire dry and wet braking performance, want to keep the tire excellent comfort while taking into account some manipulation of the owner.
Q:How do car tires break?
New ones
Height, width and rim/wheel size. Example 33-12.50-R15LT = 33 tall, 12.50 wide on a 15 wheel. LT = light truck.
Q:How does car tires do the meaning of dynamic balance detection and detection?
Some of the small lead pieces on the wheel rims of the car wheels are one or more small pieces of different sizes, and these little lead pieces seem to be less contrasting than all kinds of beautiful wheels. A small lead block, the stability of the high-speed car plays a very important role.
Q:Is the car tires wide or narrow?
Very simple question, if based on safety, braking, rain and snow days on the tire grip, and other factors, of course, is a greater force of the tire, more secure. If for economic problems, like the above problems a year and rare encounter, save the oil, you can let the landlord run farther ...
Q:What kind of car tires are good?
Power control, send and receive freely. The world famous car supporting, driving the trend of the times. Pirelli tires.
Q:What are the differences between 91V and 91W on car tires?
Each tire sidewall is engraved with the tire speed symbol (also known as the speed level), the corresponding speed symbol can know the maximum speed of the tire, for example: tire specifications 195/65 R15 91V in the speed symbol is V, search speed The symbol and speed correspondence table know that the maximum speed of the tire is 240 km / h. Michelin tires on the label attached to the speed of the symbol and the specific maximum speed of information.
Q:Car tire oil seal
Well, the abnormal leakage of oil on the car is certainly not a good thing, you said the oil seal on the impact of the oil, oil seal oil, it will lead to lack of bearing bearings, bearings will be issued, heat, Stuck, to this step on the impact of the car on the big

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