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Giant Off the Road Bias tire-L5

Off the road bias tyre for loaders and dozers

Greater cut resistance and excellent traction

Different tread compounds for consumers' requirements

Exceptional stability and long tire life

High quality and competitive prices

SizePlyPatternMax speedPressureLoading capacityO.D of inflationSection WidthStandard rimTread depthQTY/40'HQ
23.1-26 TLS14ER7101023056001500568DW20A16.554
23.1-26 TLS12ER7101020051501500568DW20A16.554
23.1-26 TLS8ER7101014039901500568DW20A16.554

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Q:How to choose car tires
Have the best tires, only the most suitable for your own. The choice of tires depends on your actual driving, personal requirements.
Q:Volkswagen Sunny car tires how long to replace
Tire aging phenomenon, that is, tread tread at the end of the groove or the fetal edge of numerous small cracks, but also need to be replaced.
Q:Tire Pressure Question?
The tire pressure ratings molded into the sidewall of a tire are the maximum inflation rating "COLD" of that tire at the maximum weight listed on the sidewall. This DOES NOT reflect what the tire may "run" at in operation on the highway. NEVER exceed the maximum pressure or the load rating listed on the sidewall. Yes the tire is capable of handling more than listed but do you really what to bet your life on how much more? If you require more load capability in your tires you will have to pony up for a better rated tire. Just remember, never exceed the vehicles maximum GVWR no matter what the tires are good for. Good Luck
Q:What is the best car tires?
Your model, tire model
Q:how is a tyre patched?
Tire Patch: 1. Remove tire/wheel assemble from vehicle, mark tire at valve stem area so that tire can be mounted in same spot so not to require to be balanced 2. Find puncture and remove object, marking location of puncture. 3. Bleed air from tire, then seperatre tire from wheel 4. Clean inside of tire at puncture area, sand smooth. 5. Glue and patch puncture. 6. Replace tire on rim, set bead and fill tire to proper pressure. 7. Mount on vehicle. Start car: 1. Get inside car, insert key into ignition 2. hold brake and clutch (if manual and place in neutral) and turn key to start. 3. Release key, brake and clutch 4. Do whatever you want, drive off, let idle to warm up Change gear: push in clutch, make gear selection, release clutch (more to it than that, but it will make it happen
Q:What are the car tires?
Buy tires first to determine the specifications of the original vehicle tires. Usually the car tire size logo is *** / ** R ** * part is the number. (For example: 205 / 55R16)
Q:Car tires have anyway, what are the patterns and how should they be installed?
For a single-oriented tire, consider the combination of the tire and the rim to be mounted on the vehicle (for example, the left front wheel and the right rear wheel), and then apply the tire to the rim according to the arrow of the sidewall indicating the rotation of the tire, After the tire and rim assembly is mounted on the vehicle, it is necessary to check to determine that the rotation arrow of the sidewall is consistent with the vehicle's advancing direction.
Q:What is the meaning of the car tire size figures?
Tire specifications that the general format is such a 225 / 50R17 94V, the meaning of these numbers and letters are: 225 tread width, the unit is mm, the general tire width between 145-285mm, the interval is 10mm; 50 is flat Ratio, that is, the tire tire height and tread width ratio, 50 represents 50%, the average tire flat ratio of 30% -80%, under normal circumstances, ordinary cars should not use flat ratio> 75% of the tires, luxury Cars and high-performance sports cars recommend flattened <60% of the tires. R is the English Radial acronym, said the tire for the radiation layer structure, 15 is the outer diameter of the rim, the unit is inches. 94V is the tire's maximum load and maximum speed of 94 that the tire's maximum load is 670 kg.V said the tire can withstand the maximum speed is 240 km
Q:Tire Sizing?
Q:Car tires 100w 100y stands for anything
100 represents the load index, the maximum load is 800KgW and Y is the speed level W: 270Km / hY: 300Km / h

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