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Giant OTR Tires E-4

Off the road bias tyre for dump trucks and motor graders  

Large product mix from 18.00-25 to 56/80-63

High quality and competitive prices

SizePlyPatternMax speedPressureLoading capacityO.D of inflationSection WidthStandard rimTread depthQTY/40'
53/80-63 TLS84ER56050700875003780134536.00/5.0883
50/80-57 TLS72 50700772903600130034.00/5.0813
46/90-57 TLS76ER56050625635003595117032.00/6.0826
46/90-57 TLS68ER56050550590003595117032.00/6.0826
40.00-57 TLS76ER420/ER56050625600003595109529.00/6.0826
40.00-57 TLS68ER420/ER56050550545003595109529.00/6.0826

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Q:tire wear insided and out?
Tires are manufactured to have a particular amount of air pressure in them. When the tires are inflated to the correct pressure, the head -on profile of the tire will look like an U, with a flat bottom. This allows all the tire to make contact with the road. By looking at the tread wear, you can get an idea of what may be wrong. Wear on the edges of either side of the tire indicates a toe-in or toe-out (leaning) problem. Wear in the center and not along the edges indicates over inflation - the tire is riding on just the center and not the edges (looks like U). Wear on both sides, but not in the center indicates under inflation (the U with a flat bottom now looks like an arch). This appears to be your problem. Depending upon where you live and how much you drive, it is a good idea to check the tire air pressure at least twice each month.
Q:Tyre pressure help?no manual?
That's WAY too much air. Always check the pressures when the tires are cool. Check the door post on the driver's side just under the latch mechanism. You'll find the tire pressures from the manufacturer. Don't deter from that.
Q:Tire pressure?
1. There is no recommended inflation pressure written anywhere on the tire, only a safety warning regarding the maximum inflation pressure the tire is rated for. 2. ALWAYS inflate tires to the VEHICLE MANUFACTURERS recommendation which is normally found on the Vehicle Information Tag inside the drivers door frame. 3. Tires with a maximum inflation pressure of 44 psi are usually "Standard Load" sized tires which will achieve their maximum load carrying ability at 35 psi. Tires with a max inflation of 51 psi are almost always "Extra Load" sized tires. These can carry more weight than a standard load tire and at a higher pressure - 41 psi. If your vehicle is supposed to have XL tires front and rear and you only have them on one axle you run the danger of overloading your tires, potentially causing a failure. 4. Year/make/model of vehicle? 44 psi is highly unusual for a factory recommended inflation size. I suspect you may be incorrect about what the spec is.
Q:Help with tires?
I don't know where you got this information from,,so we will just talk about tires,,whether you really need them or not is a separate matter. If you are a normal driver who uses the car on highway and city driving and obey the speed limits then you do not need and expensive tire,,or ones that "guarantee" you a zillion miles--It's all a lot of b--s--. Goodyear,Goodrich,Bridgestone, are all good brands. Michelin is way overpriced for the value received. Don't buy the top end--go for the middle on prices. Go to a place like Sam's Warehouse where they dont charge extra for wheel balancing,old tire disposal,etc. like you will find at Sears,or a lot of other tire stores. Get a total price to get new tires on then divide by four and thats what the tire really costs.
Q:Does anyone know why a tire is called a tire?
That's a very good question And I'm sorry I can not find a good answer for you
Q:tire pressure?
Check you tire pressure sticker. It's usually located on the drivers door jamb. Don't use a pressure that's different. It's the right pressure for the weight and balance of your car. Any other pressure would comprimise handling and increase tire wear. Not to mention, increase chances of blowout.
Q:Can the car tire lose pressure?
If tire leaks are recommended to stop running immediately. If you can see from the tire traces of lack of air (such as sidewall rolling trace, airtight layer of foam, etc.), not worth the repair, because the tire structure may have been destroyed and can not be used.
Q:What is the difference between a car tire and an ordinary car tire model?
Thicker tires should be said that the tire tread is very wide, and the tire bead (outside diameter) and tread distance is very small or the tire looks very flat. In fact, the tire benefits are: to increase the contact area with the ground, the vehicle in the driving speed forklift and other reactions more quickly and smoothly, while the vehicle fuel to rise, the use of such tires are mostly high-end cars or sports car.
Q:What are the meanings of car tires?
The so-called radial tire (R) is usually said that the steel tire, anti-tires. Compared to Michelin in this regard be done the best. Low-pressure tire (-) is usually said line tire, easier to wear and be leaked. Usually the same brand of the same type of steel tire than the line of twists and turns twice.
Q:What tires for winter ?
sophisticated subject. look from the search engines. this will help!

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