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Giant Off the Road Bias tire-L4

Off the road bias tyre for loaders and dozers

Greater cut resistance and heat resistance

Different tread compounds for consumers' requirements

Exceptional stability and long tire life

High quality and competitive prices

SizePlyPatternMax speedPressureLoading capacityO.D of inflationSection WidthStandard rimTread depthQTY/40'HQ/OT
52/80-57 TLS68ER48010600925003580132036.00/6.0973
45/65-45 TLS58ER48010675500002735114036.00/4.5698
37.5-39 TLS44ER4801055037500260095032.00/4.569.510
37.25-35 TLS42ER4801052533500244594531.00/4.07010
37.5-33 TLS42ER4801052534500244595032.00/4.569.510
26.5-25 TLS32ER4801055017000180067522.00/3.05435
26.5-25 TLS28ER4801047515500180067522.00/3.05435
26.5-25 TLS24ER4801040014000180067522.00/3.05435
26.5-25 TLS20ER4801035013200180067522.00/3.05435

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Q:What are the figures above the car tires?
Hello, the numbers and symbols on the tires reflect the size and data of the tire as a whole, 245: tire tires wide. 45: tire flat ratio. R: Radial tire. 96: Maximum load of tire. V: the highest speed of the tires.
Q:How long does the car tire pressure check?
1. Daily tire maintenance, it is recommended to carry out a monthly air pressure check, adjust; 2. Every time on the highway before driving, the need for air pressure inspection, and remove the tread groove trench and other debris, to avoid failure to ensure safety; 3. When the vehicle has a deviation phenomenon, there may be caused by insufficient air pressure, it is recommended to check the air pressure;
Q:what is the best tire pressure on a ford tauras 97 with goodyear viva 2 205/65/15
If I am not mistaken your hand book should tell you the tire air pressure, also the tire it self has the air pressure or weight imprinted on it.
Q:How long does the car tire need to cheer? Where should I play?
Friends, the general tire pressure is a week to check once the general method of checking the air pressure is to use barometer to measure the pressure, and now the tires are vacuum tires, the eyes are not easy to see.It is recommended that you go to Auto Parts City to buy a barometer, Also about 30 yuan. Need to add gas, then you can go to the car beauty shop and tire store, you can add air pressure.
Q:What brand of car tires good?
SUV tires better brand is Goodyear and Pirelli, SUV is divided into ordinary cross country tires, urban cross country tires and all-weather cross country tires. That is, the tire model, the characteristics of urban cross-country tires is relatively fine pattern, the tire is more wear-resistant suitable for running the city and told the road. Relatively speaking, all-weather cross-country tires larger pattern, strong grip, but wear faster, may not be suitable for urban roads.
Q:What is the rubber tire
Now most of the main components of automotive tire materials are natural rubber or synthetic rubber, the comprehensive performance of natural rubber superior to synthetic rubber, so high-grade multi-purpose natural rubber tire. In order to make rubber with the performance required to manufacture tires, rubber must be infiltrated Different chemical materials, chemical additives, are added as a very important additive called carbon black, because carbon has a special adsorption, carbon particles and rubber molecules are very good adhesion, making the rubber to enhance the hardness, strength and Abrasion resistance. As the carbon black and rubber are basically the same amount, the main material from the car tires is actually a composite of rubber and carbon black.
Q:Tire sizes for my 67 mustang?
It came with 14 inch tires.Probably F78-14.The largest I have put on without modifications is G60-14.
Q:Tire Pressure?
Wow, That guy claims to be ASE Master Certified for 16 years, but doesn't even know how to set tire pressure properly?!? ALWAYS set to the manufacturer recommended tire pressures with the tires cold. Best is in the morning before you have driven the vehicle. You should not drive the vehicle before setting the tire pressure to the manufacturer recommended setting! Check the tires cold, not hot. Set them to the manufacturer's recommended tire pressures that are posted on the tire information sticker on the door jamb. Igonore the tire's markings for pressures, those are for the tire only, and not for the vehicle. The vehicle manufacturer spent loads of money to test the vehicle and figure out what the best tire pressure would be for vehicle stability, fuel mileage, tire wear, and ride comfort. Changing from the recommended pressure can result in decreasing the stability of the vehicle, and increased tire wear. Sure, you can get a better ride by lowering the pressure, or increased fuel mileage by increasing the pressure, but is it worth risking losing control of the vehicle and getting into an accident for a lttle extra comfort, or a little bit of extra fuel mileage? Tires are a MAJOR safety component of the vehicle as they're the only thing that keeps the vehicle on the road! DO NOT MESS WITH CHANGING IT! Your life could depend on it! (Not to mention other people's lives!)
Q:Make up a car tires how much money
Different places where the price is different for us
Q:How does car tires save?
Tire storage conditions: All tires according to national standards should be stored in ventilated, clean, cool and dry room, room temperature -10 ℃ - +30 ℃, relative humidity 50% -80% is appropriate.

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