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Giant Off the Road Bias tire-L4

Off the road bias tyre for loaders and dozers

Greater cut resistance and heat resistance

Different tread compounds for consumers' requirements

Exceptional stability and long tire life

High quality and competitive prices

SizePlyPatternMax speedPressureLoading capacityO.D of inflationSection WidthStandard rimTread depthQTY/40'HQ/OT
52/80-57 TLS68ER48010600925003580132036.00/6.0973
45/65-45 TLS58ER48010675500002735114036.00/4.5698
37.5-39 TLS44ER4801055037500260095032.00/4.569.510
37.25-35 TLS42ER4801052533500244594531.00/4.07010
37.5-33 TLS42ER4801052534500244595032.00/4.569.510
26.5-25 TLS32ER4801055017000180067522.00/3.05435
26.5-25 TLS28ER4801047515500180067522.00/3.05435
26.5-25 TLS24ER4801040014000180067522.00/3.05435
26.5-25 TLS20ER4801035013200180067522.00/3.05435

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Q:What are the tires for car tires?
Tire rubber generally use neoprene
Q:Will there be any harm in car tires in the open space?
Car tires in the open storage will be bad: because the tire is rubber products, so when driving, parking or storage of tires must be careful not to oil, acid, flammable and chemical corrosion products, otherwise it will cause corrosion, deformation, softening The Parking, it is recommended to park the vehicle in a cool place to avoid direct sunlight caused by premature aging of the tire, damage. In addition, usually pay attention to the tire tire pressure: tire pressure, although appropriate, neither too high nor too low, but the tire pressure can not be immutable, with the changes in season and road conditions. Winter to increase the tire pressure, winter outdoor temperature is low, the impact of thermal expansion and contraction of tire pressure will be reduced, if not appropriate to increase tire pressure, not only will increase the car fuel consumption, but also accelerate the wear of car tires. Usually in the highway driving, tire pressure should be increased by 10%, in order to reduce the heat generated by friction, thereby enhancing the safety of traffic. Therefore, in different seasons the appropriate tire pressure is not the same, the main car with the changes in the season to replace the car tire tire pressure to extend the tire life.
Q:What are the differences between 91V and 91W on car tires?
91w: is actually a website, and is a well-known medical website.
Q:If the car's tires are leaking to open, how long can you open?
It is best not to open the accident and will damage the bones that can not change the inner tube can be resolved
Q:Tyre Recycling?
Q:tire sizes?
first off the first number is how wide the tire is in millimeters not centimeters. If the tire was 215 centimeters wide that would be like 8 feet wide. second the next number 65 is a measurement of the side walls. once again, this is in millimeters, not centimeters. Like someone else stated this is a percentage of the overall width of the tire as well. the last number is the radius of the tire (the distance around the tire) this is measured in inches. Then there is a letter that comes after the radius which is the speed rating of the tire (the maxinum speed the tire can be saftely traveled on) the higher the letter the higher the speed, example A= very slow Z= very fast. The next size tire is P225/65 R 16 but if I were you I would go with something like a 245/50 R 16 This would look much better, since the middle number is lower your sidewalls will be shorter (i.e. a lower profile tire) This is a much better look for a sports car and all of the top end sports cars have a low profile tire. I own a 04 cobra and run 315/35 R 17 on the back . Your only hold up will be the width of your rims, I think you have 16''x8'' rims so putting 245's on will be no problem. Check with the guys at discount tire, they really do a great job at knowing what tires you are able to put on what cars/rims.
Q:What is the use of car tires?
Increase friction,The load index is the maximum load that a tire can bear
Q:tires - Harley Davidson - bridgestone spitfire tires or whats good ?
I would be cautious of cheap tires ,my sportster came with Dunlop's and when it came time to replace I went with the Metzler M880 Marathon's they were a better tire in all riding conditions over the Dunlop's ,currently I have Avon Venoms on it and thats all I put on my bike anymore I found them to be a lot better then the Metzlers, both of these brands will give you around 8,000 miles on a set ,however the Dunlops will give you around 12,000 miles I just didn't like how they handled in the rain compared to the Avons and the Metzler's which handle a lot better
Q:How do I read my tires?
Drop the 91H from your reading. You have RADIAL tires (R) whose size is 205mm at the widest point, and whose heiight (measured from the ground to the rim) is 55% of the wiidth (called the aspect ratio) and the rim size is 16"
Q:Car tires fill the leak
Should be to repair the Michelin tires will appear you say the situation. Others rarely appear! After a good repair, just a few minutes on the installed like! Mainly the relationship between the steel wire layer structure of the tire carcass. Tire tied to the nail, the gas will not look down on the end. And then exercise, the role of air pressure, the gas will run from the nail mouth part of the tire carcasses inside the movement, the friction will produce temperature. Gas is more likely to go to the carcass layer with the carcass layer. This is a common problem Michelin. Other brands will have. But rarely very few. What kind of film repair you are the same! This is not a big problem. As long as the repair after a few minutes, so that the pressure to run their own almost like a good. In fact, you do not make up the relationship, this repair is very simple, basically not what technology work. Do not believe you make up do not install, you use a point of lubricant, or a bubble on the tire outside the mouth to try. There must be bubbles. Not inflated on the leak with the repair does not matter (this method is said Michelin. The other will not appear this).

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