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Giant OTR Tires E-4

Off the road bias tyre for dump trucks and motor graders  

Greater cut resistance and heat resistance

Different tread compounds for consumers' requirements

Exceptional stability and long tire life

High quality and competitive prices

SizePlyPatternMax speedPressureLoading capacityO.D of inflationSection WidthStandard rimTread depthQTY/40'
24.00-35 TLS48ER420/ER4605065018500217565517.00/3.55722
24.00-35 TLS42ER420/ER4605055016500217565517.00/3.55722
29.5-25 TLS34ER4605040013000192075025.00/3.54825

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Q:where to change tires?
The correct tire size for your vehicle is P205/65R15 92V. Because your vehicle as the V6 it is highly recommended that you not step down to a tire with a lower service description than 92V (like the more common but inferior 92H or 92T for example) as that will reduce the handling and braking capability of the vehicle. If you want cheap tires then you should not have bought the V6 model with its special tire requirements. Tires I can recommend for this model for someone living in the Chicago area would include: BF Goodrich Traction T/A (mid-priced and long wearing). Michelin MXV4+ (the tire that came on the car when new, not cheap in any way). Continental Extreme Contact (relatively cheap and good in snow but don't wear well). Kuhmo Ecsta ASX (cheapest of the bunch). It is always best to replace all 4 tires at the same time so you have equal traction at the front and rear axles and can maintain a proper tire maintenance schedule. If you must replace only two tires the new tires absolutely should be installed on the REAR AXLE as per industry guidelines. Michelin Tire was recently sued successfully for $34 million because a shop put 2 new tires on the front and the car spun and turned one of the passengers into a quad. If your tire installer does not put them on the rear axle they are quite frankly not knowledgable industry professionals and should not be entrusted with so much as checking your tire pressures.
Q:How do car tires break?
New ones
Q:Excessive wear of car tires can cause harm
Since the tire pressure is reduced by about 30% per year in the natural case, it is necessary to ensure that the tire pressure (including the spare tire) must be carried out regularly. Kumho tires and other tire brands often held free testing services, Zhao, director of the proposed owners to the manufacturers to accept professional, comprehensive tire medical examination. In addition, the air pressure maintenance should also pay attention to: tire cooling measurement of air pressure, a day before driving a visual inspection; high speed before driving the tire pressure is usually increased by 10%, reduce heat, improve safety; understanding of the tire sidewall identification of the maximum pressure value, Under the guidance of professionals approved the normal pressure value, to ensure the best performance of the tire to play. To extend the service life of the tire, must ensure the correct use, careful inspection, careful maintenance, but with the life of the most closely related to the quality of the product itself. Therefore, Mr. Zhao suggested that: in the purchase process to choose the strength of the service and thoughtful big brands, these brands of product classification meticulous, targeted and strong. In order to make the tire wear evenly, the front wheel positioning must be carried out correctly. Poor front wheel positioning is often caused by tread feathery wear, front wheel positioning, including the front beam value, the main pin angle and the main pin angle adjustment. The front beam value is too large will lead to tread outside the feathery wear, too large negative front beam will make the tire bumps on the inner shoulder pinch wear, the front beam value is not correct at the same time will cause diagonal direction of scratches or It is very important to have uniform tread wear on the tread edge.
Q:What are the effects of car tire pressure on cars?
Fuel consumption, comfort, pressure is too small fuel consumption will increase, too much pressure will appear bumps and puncture situation.
Q:What is the consumption tax rate (tax) of the car tire tax?
The radial tires in the tire tires (radial tires) are tires in the tire structure in which the carcass cords are arranged in the radial direction and there are steel cords that are close to the circumference of the belt. Refurbished tires are exempt from consumption tax. The remaining car tires at a rate of 10% of the rate of consumption tax.
Q:good tires ?
Goodyear is the mother company of Kelly springfield. It's like Chevy and Buick.
Q:Can the car tire break the insurance?
Tires can be returned to the general three-line drum package and tires without flawed, puncture will not fall back
Q:What does twi mean on car tires?
Tire wear Indicator Tire wear indicator. The tires of the car tires to the mark. According to the wear of the tire to choose the time to change the tire, all tires in the pattern depth of 1.6 mm there are wear marks, where there are wear marks have a small bump, the boss called "tread wear mark" Boss next to the "tread wear mark" abbreviation "TWI", in the normal use of the premise, the tire wear to reach this raised place, it means the need to replace the tires.
Q:Car tires with 2 years have a drum package, and with four tires all change it?
Do not need four are for, only need to also drum tires can be, if the conditions can be left and right tires are for.
Q:Do you want to learn tires now?
To the car now more and more, and many cars will be due to different circumstances caused by tire wear. In the 4s shop is generally changed, so repair the tire is also good, really do not need a long time, it will be.

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