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Giant OTR Tires E-4

Off the road bias tyre for dump trucks and motor graders  

Greater cut resistance and heat resistance

Different tread compounds for consumers' requirements

Exceptional stability and long tire life

High quality and competitive prices

SizePlyPatternMax speedPressureLoading capacityO.D of inflationSection WidthStandard rimTread depthQTY/40'
21.00-33 TTF36ER4505055012000200057515.00/3.05428

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Q:What does car tire t mean?
Indicates the speed level.
Q:What is the meaning of car t and tr?
The car tire R says it is a radial tire, TR-Typer precision tire.
Q:Tire sizes for my 67 mustang?
Q:Why does Nascar only have one tire manufacturer?
Goodyear paid to be the official tire of NASCAR. Back in the day you would of seen Goodyear, Hoosier, BF Goodrich on the cars, maybe others as well. But the bottom line is they paid for exclusivity. I wonder what would happen if Michelin wanted to be the Primary sponsor of a car. Would they be denied based on last years ATT vs NEXTEL (I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about) and Sunoco vs Shell (on Harvicks helmet the Shell symbol was too big and Sunoco had a problem with that)
Q:Car tires with 2 years have a drum package, and with four tires all change it?
The principle of replacing tires is that tires of the same brand, pattern, size, load index and speed level must be installed on the same axle. This is for safe driving consideration.
Q:Flat Tire? sound funny ?
you could desire to have bought a minimum of two tires in the different case you could desire to get a issue like that. What you could desire to have completed became into taken it to the dealership the tires could desire to have nonetheless been under guarantee. you probably did replace the inspite of the undeniable fact that once you replace a tire you could desire to re stability all the different tires, all tires could desire to be balanced by one gadget of else the single tire replace is purely no longer balanced to all others, inflicting a vibration. i choose for to propose you flow get all 4 tires balanced and force it around. if the issue persist replace the tire on the different facet of the automobile which you already replaced.
Q:What are the meanings of car tires?
Tire is an important part of the car, there are more than 10 kinds of markers on the car tires, the correct identification of these markers on the tire matching, use, maintenance is very important for the protection of traffic safety and extend tire life is of great significance. Tire Specifications: Specifications are tire geometric parameters and physical properties of the logo data. Tire specifications are often used in a set of numbers, the previous number indicates the width of the tire section, and the latter number indicates the rim diameter in inches. The middle of the letter or symbol has a special meaning: "x" that high-pressure tire; "R", "Z" said radial tire; "a" that low-pressure tire. Level: level refers to the tire layer as a plastic layer of the number of layers, and the actual number of ply is not exactly the same, is an important indicator of tire strength. Level with the Chinese logo, such as 12 levels; with the English logo, such as "14P.R" that is 14 layers of pole. Cylindrical material: Some tires are individually marked, such as "nylon" (NYLON), generally marked after the level; the world's tire manufacturers marked in the specifications, with the first letter of the Chinese alphabet, such as 9: 00-20N , 7.50-20G, etc., N for nylon, G for steel, M for cotton, and R for rayon. Load and pressure: the general mark the maximum load and the corresponding pressure, the load to "kg" as a unit, the pressure that tire tire pressure, the unit is "kPa." Rim Size: Indicates the rim size that matches the tire. Easy to use.
Q:Summer Performance Tires?
you would be a good purchase greater secure and get particularly greater appropriate mpg in case you ran studded snow tires between the lawful era of November a million and April 15. it is going to fee you approximately $240 for 4 further wheels (rims) and you get to eliminate the toy tire spare. right this is what a good purchase of people have achieved for a good purchase of years in snow united states of america. First, the studded snow tires do no longer fee you something, by using fact 4 summers and four snows final an identical mileage as 8 summers. you like the studded snows fastened on their own wheels (rims). it fairly is by using fact snows fastened on wheels are replaced (on/off) for unfastened two times a 12 months on the tire save the place you purchase them. otherwise, the replace expenditures $15/tire X 4 tires X 2 a 12 months = $one hundred twenty. That $one hundred twenty decrease fee rates a 12 months skill the greater wheels (4 X $60 each and each = $240) are paid for in 2 years. each and every time you alter, between the come-off tires is going interior the trunk by using fact the spare and you get to throw the toy tire away. The tire save the place you purchase will additionally shop the three remaining off tires. the particularly greater appropriate mpg is from plenty greater grip and much much less slip. Snows devoid of studs are for the farmer who needs to force the deep snow interior the sphere. Get studs for the snow %. and ice on your roads. there are a number of individuals who lost their existence from merely one facet slip on a curve. possibly you need to try this.
Q:Car tires often no gas is how is it?
Belong to the leak, it is recommended to repair the repair shop and then use. Tire is one of the most important components of the car, its role is: to support the full weight of the vehicle, to withstand the load of the car; transfer traction and braking torque to ensure that the wheel and the road adhesion; reduce and absorb the car Driving vibration and impact, to prevent the car parts are subject to severe vibration and early damage to adapt to the high-speed performance of vehicles and reduce the noise when driving to ensure the safety of driving, handling stability, comfort and energy saving economy.
Q:Correct tire pressure?
The tire pressures on the decal in the vehicle door jamb is the correct value to follow. The pressures that are molded into the sidewall of the tire are generally the maximum air pressure rating that the tire can safely handle without the tire "blowing apart". The tire pressures in the door jamb decals allow the vehicle to have a proper amount of tire tread to be in contact with the road for the weight and payload of the vehicle to safely grip the road around turns, acceleration, and braking. If the tires are over inflated, (although it reduces rolling resistance and improves fuel economy), tires will wear improperly, tire traction is reduced (causing slipping when gripping is desired --ie. being stuck in mud, sand, slipping while braking on wet or snow covered roads, etc), ride comfort is reduced and more road imperfections are felt from the road and through the vehicle's suspension. Overall, follow the door jamb decals unless the door jamb decal has a higher number than what is rated on the tire... for your safety and mine. Best of luck and happy motoring

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