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Giant Off the Road Bias tire-E3/L3

Off the road bias tyre for loaders and dozers and motor graders

Greater cut resistance and heat resistance

Different tread compounds for consumers' requirements

Exceptional stability and long tire life

High quality and competitive prices

SizePly RatingTread PatternPattern No.PressureLoading capacity (kg)PressureLoading capacity (kg)O.D of inflationSection widthStandard rimQTY/40'HQ
Speed: 10km/hSpeed: 50km/h(mm)(mm)
21.00-33 TTF36E-3ER350  57511200194057515.00/3-3322
21.00-33 TTF32E-3ER350  50010300194057515.00/3-3322

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Q:Front tire, rear tire . what is the difference?
The internal construction can be quite different, even though the tread pattern may be the same. Sizing is also quite different. The rear tire must deal with much higher loads when the bike is ridden two-up, and usually runs hotter than the front. The rear also has to deal with cornering and acceleration loads at the same time, while the front should be dealing with cornering OR braking.
Q:What circumstances need to change car tires
The first point: If the tires are aging (for example, there are countless small cracks in the tread or tread of the tread that are about to hurt the carcass), it is necessary to replace the tire in time, no matter how long the tire is used and how much How many of the second points: If the depth of the tire trench is at or below 1.6 mm (the tire tread longitudinal straight groove has an indication mark indicating the depth), the tire must be replaced because the tire's drainage capacity Greatly reduced, the vehicle will be more dangerous in the wetlands. In addition, the damaged tires should also pay attention to whether the need for replacement, such as the lack of rolling tires can still run in the inflatable state, but because the tire internal structure may have been damaged, it is recommended to replace the new tire The In particular, it should be reminded that drum tires can not continue to use.
Q:What is the top of the car tires? Is inside the tire inside.
Is the top of the tires? Will not be a hanger
The first number stands for the height, the second stands for the width and the last stands for the tire rim size. In a 235/85/16 the 235 is the height in millimeters. The 85 is the width in millimeters and the 16 is in inches. There is another type of sizing, 31/10.5/15 that means that the tire is 31 inches tall 10.5 inches wide and 15 inch rim.
Q:What is the data on the car tires?
Rim Size: Indicates the rim size that matches the tire. Easy to use, such as "standard rim 5.00F". Speed level: Indicates the maximum speed at which the tire carries the specified load under specified conditions. The letters A to Z represent the certification speed of the tires from 4.8km / h to 300km / h. The speed of the commonly used speed is: Q: 160km / h; R: 170km / h; S: 180km / h; T: 190km / h; H: 210km / h; V: 240km / h; W: 270km / h; 300km / h; Z: ZR speed higher than 240km / h; ZR: If the instructions in the use of the tire specifications appear ZR.
Q:What should you pay attention to when using car tires?
Tire with the same vehicle should be equipped with the same specifications, structure, level and pattern tires; twins and equipment, also requires the same brand, in order to load, wear evenly; radial tire and oblique tire can not be mounted on the same axis, Can not be axle mounted radial tire, rear axle skew tire; rear axle skew tire, front axle with radial tires, will make the rear axle wear to speed up, resulting in insufficient steering or excessive steering, seriously affecting the operational stability of the vehicle , When the ground adhesion coefficient is low or the vehicle quickly turned, prone to the rear wheel from the ground or side slip and other dangerous; the same car tires to try to be consistent, different tire patterns, the performance of the vehicle have different effects; , The rear axle should use the same type of tread pattern; cargo vehicles usually use the vertical axis of the front axle, drive shaft selection of hybrid or horizontal pattern, which is conducive to the stability of the vehicle operation.
Q:How is the car tires and hubs connected?
The new car is not covered with tires, the new car has no inner tube, the outer wall of the inner wall of the wheel is smooth with the tire seal, the old truck wheel is split, the wheel is opened, the tires are installed. Assemble the wheels, the old truck has a tube.
Q:What tools are needed to repair a car tire?
Repair tires Tires need the tools: tonic film, glue, tire grinding machine, tire removal machine, balancing machine, air compressor, sleeve and so on. Car tire repair technology based on the degree of damage to car tires, can be divided into three types: cold fill technology (fill or paste fill), hot fill technology (commonly known as fire fill) and tape repair tire technology. Not all tires can be repaired, the following can not repair the situation: the sidewall can not repair. The crown of the crown penetrates more than 6 mm in diameter and can not be repaired. If the bead is damaged or deformed, the tread is deformed, the rubber is corroded by the chemical or the tire is not damaged. Other exceptions can not be repaired. For example, if you can see from the tire traces of lack of air (such as sidewall rolling trace, airtight layer of foam, etc.), not worth the repair, because the tire structure may have been destroyed and can not be used.
Q:What are the differences between 91V and 91W on car tires?
W and V are the ultimate speed of the tire; that is, the speed of the tire is extremely high, the speed is that a tire running critical speed: that is, if the tire speed exceeds this speed will be prone to puncture risk. V represents 240 km / h (high performance sports car); W stands for 270 km / h (GT sports car)
Q:Tires balanced and rotated??
$36.00 dollars unless you bought they from there and have the lifetime warranty then it would be free.

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