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Giant Off the Road Bias tire-E3/L3

Off the road bias tyre for loaders and dozers and motor graders

Greater cut resistance and heat resistance

Different tread compounds for consumers' requirements

Exceptional stability and long tire life

High quality and competitive prices

SizePly RatingTread PatternPattern No.PressureLoading capacity (kg)PressureLoading capacity (kg)O.D of inflationSection widthStandard rimQTY/40'HQ
Speed: 10km/hSpeed: 50km/h(mm)(mm)
21.00-33 TTF36E-3ER350  57511200194057515.00/3-3322
21.00-33 TTF32E-3ER350  50010300194057515.00/3-3322

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Q:Is there any crack in the car tires?
If the trench groove has a depth of less than or less than 1.6 mm (the tire tread longitudinal straight groove has an indication mark indicating the depth), the tire must be replaced because the tire's drainage capacity has been greatly reduced, Wetlands will be dangerous.
Q:What does car tire t mean?
Speed level
Q:What brand of car tires good?
SUV tires better brand is Goodyear and Pirelli, SUV is divided into ordinary cross country tires, urban cross country tires and all-weather cross country tires. That is, the tire model, the characteristics of urban cross-country tires is relatively fine pattern, the tire is more wear-resistant suitable for running the city and told the road. Relatively speaking, all-weather cross-country tires larger pattern, strong grip, but wear faster, may not be suitable for urban roads.
Q:Which brand of car tires is good?
A little better Michelin, horse, general Canon, Dunlop
Q:How to choose car tires
Have the best tires, only the most suitable for your own. The choice of tires depends on your actual driving, personal requirements.
Q:Whether the car tires will sink in the water
Will sink car only the inner tube will float up
Q:How does the car tires change?
Because the weight of the body is not evenly distributed on the four tires, often transposition absolutely help to ensure uniform wear of the tire, thereby extending the tire life. Usually the front-wheel drive vehicle should be transposed every 8,000 km, while the four-wheel drive vehicle needs to be transposed every 6,000 km. The first time the tire is tilted, the tire's inflation pressure must follow the manufacturer's recommendations.
Q:What kind of car tires are good?
Michelin tire soft, comfortable, quiet, brake distance is short but wear resistance almost. Pirelli tires slightly hard, good handling performance (F1 racing with more). Germany's mainland tires is also known as Ma is also good, wear resistance okay. Dunlop has an environmentally friendly green band, Goodyear Ann Festival, according to the number of theory and so on. Bridgestone is also good, big noise.
Q:Will there be any harm in car tires in the open space?
From the beginning of the use, after 5-7 years still continue to use the case, you must experience in the tire dealer. ※ When equipped with new tires, if the tire with the inner tube, need to replace the new tube, if with tubeless tires, you need to use the new tubeless valve. Tire storage method: storage of tires should be strictly abide by the custody method, because the main component of the tire is rubber, it should avoid direct sunlight, avoid flooding, oil pollution, away from heat, do not place in the luminous heat, but also try not to put In the vicinity of an electric spark and other devices. ★ If you use tires, rim assembly for tire custody, if it is a domestic car tires, it is recommended to tire pressure down to 100KPa flat storage. ★ If the indoor custody, because the tire rubber drugs may be seepage and deface the ground, please lay the thick cardboard under the tires and so on.
Q:Are used tires safe to buy?
It can be safe to buy used tires if they have been inspected properly and they are not overaged but how many places that sell used tires really bother with that? Most reputable tire shops no longer retail used tires due to liability issues - just something to think about. Tires are the most important piece of safety equipment on your car. Think about that before you decide to save a few pennies.

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