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Giant Off the Road Bias tire-E3/L3

Off the road bias tyre for loaders and dozers and motor graders

Greater cut resistance and heat resistance

Different tread compounds for consumers' requirements

Exceptional stability and long tire life

High quality and competitive prices

SizePly RatingTread PatternPattern No.PressureLoading capacity (kg)PressureLoading capacity (kg)O.D of inflationSection widthStandard rimQTY/40'HQ
Speed: 10km/hSpeed: 50km/h(mm)(mm)
26.5-25 TLS28E-3/L-3ER3104751550035010000175067522.00/3.035
26.5-25 TLS24E-3/L-3ER310400140003009250175067522.00/3.035
26.5-25 TLS20E-3/L-3ER310350132002508250175067522.00/3.035
16.00-25 TLS28E-3/L-3ER310750115005756700149543011.25/3.080

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Q:Tubeless tyres?
the correct spelling is TIRES, it is easier to repair a flat tire that is tubeless, you can plug a leak from a puncture from the outside in some cases. with tubes you have to remove the tire from the wheel and patch the tube, then you have to feel around the inside of the tire to see if there is anything that would cause the tube to puncture again, this needs to be removed and the hole left behind in the tire needs to be patched from the inside before you can re-mount the tire and put the tube back in. that as you can see is that tubeless is much better than tubes.
Q:Can car tires cut?
Tire side scratches are recommended for timely replacement. Because the side of the tire is relatively weak, if the side scratches almost impossible to repair, such as continue to use, there is the risk of puncture, there are security risks.
Q:are rotalla tires good?
Rotalla Tyres
Q:Tire Pressure Question?
If what you load affects the inner pressure of your tires, then the tires on your truck are likely not rated for the kind of load you are hauling, meaning you probably need a higher load rated tire because what you're doing could result in a blowout. I am not sure what kind of truck you have, but on my D-2500 3/4 ton pickup truck I have the kind of tires that require 50psi per tire, and they make even heavier duty tires that require 80 psi per each, and so on. As a rule, 4 tires for my ride cost $500 for starters, and from the sound of things you have car tires on yours, and you need truck tires.
Q:Do you have more tires for car tires?
Not necessarily, mainly looking at quality
Q:tire pressure?
the best pressure for that size of tire is 30 lbs i put tires on all day it gives the best ride and wont where out low profile tires as quick
Q:Kuhmo tires?
Kuhmo doesn't make the ultimate tire for any application. They do however tend to make more tire for the money than anyone else. Kuhmo's are usually better than anything else in their price range - except for their light truck and SUV tires, which I am not fond of. The Ecsta ASX, SPT, Solus KR-21 and KH-16 are all good values.
Q:Are used tires safe to buy?
For the best answers, search on this site Chances are that the used tires have enough wear on them that you won't really be saving much money. You will have to replace them far more often than the new tires. I also seriously doubt that the used tires come with any factory warranty. Over all you would be better off just getting the new tires.
Q:Can car tires add nitrogen? what is the benefit?
Yes, the benefits are: Improve the stability and comfort of tire travel. To prevent puncture and lack of air to run 3. Extend tire life 4. Reduce fuel consumption, protect the environment
Q:Studded or Unstudded Winter Tires?
First question is, where do you live? Studded tires would be a waste around Seattle. but great in the Dakota's

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