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Giant Off the Road Bias tire-L5

Off the road bias tyre for loaders and dozers

Greater cut resistance and excellent traction

Different tread compounds for consumers' requirements

Exceptional stability and long tire life

High quality and competitive prices

SizePlyPatternMax speedPressureLoading capacityO.D of inflationSection WidthStandard rimTread depthQTY/40'HQ/OT
50/65-51 TLS62EL58010650640003060127040.00/4.51254
45/65-45 TLS58EL58010675500002735114036.00/4.51168
45/65-45 TLS52EL58010600480002735114036.00/4.51168
45/65-39 TLS58EL58010650480002580114536.00/4.511610
41.25/70-39 TLS42EL58010475375002510105032.00/4.510610
40/65-39 TLS42EL58010550330002405101532.00/4.010610
35/65-33 TLS42EL5801060026500207589028.00/3.59516
29.5-29 TLS34EL5801052521200202575025.00/3.59525
29.5-25 TLS28EL5801042517500192075025.00/3.59525

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Q:What is the synthetic process of the car tires and what is the manufacturing process?
Mixing process is to carbon black, natural / synthetic rubber, oil, additives, accelerators and other raw materials mixed together, in the mixer for processing, to produce "rubber" process. All raw materials must be tested before being released before they can be used. The weight of the mixer is about 250 kg. The rubber used in each of the rubber parts of the tire is of a specific performance. The composition of the compound depends on the tire performance requirements. At the same time, changes in the composition of the compound also depends on the supporting manufacturers and the market demand, these needs mainly from the traction, driving performance, road conditions and tire requirements. All of the compounds in the next process - glue parts before the preparation process, must be tested, was released before entering the next process.
Q:Will the tire tires in the running tire cause a puncture?
If it is slow leak, will not puncture. You can install a tire pressure monitor ah, not afraid of the. Iron generals just listed a tire pressure monitor of the new product, called the sense of 700, the sensor installed directly on the gas mouth, do not tear the tires, and ordinary people will be able to install. very convenient
Q:Chaoyang car tires good?
Chaoyang tires very good, cost-effective, the quality is not worse than foreign big difference
Q:Do you really need winter tires?
Not if it is not snowing or you have icy roads but.............. Winter Tires are designed to deliver safety and control in snow, ice, and cold weather conditions. Many people think that all-season tires can deliver this same performance, but this is not true. The superior traction that winter tires deliver, as much as a 25 to 50 percent increase over all-season tires, can very well be the margin you need to stop in time or turn to avoid trouble.
Q:Where can I get Color Smoke Tires?
For the best answers, search on this site are perfectly legal. however, if you are caught "burning rubber" with any tire, you can get a ticket for careless operation.
Q:How about a nail in a car tires?
First, the tires must be removed from the rim, the professional tire dealer after the inspection and then decide whether to repair.
Q:Summer car tire pressure is how much is appropriate?
This is because the tire pressure is set to take into account the weight of the body, the chassis height and other vehicle factors.If the depot is no special provisions in the winter or summer is not required special adjustment It is of course recommended that you measure the tire pressure at room temperature, preferably at room temperature. The above mentioned tire pressure recommended value refers to the cooling tire pressure as defined below: at least three hours after stopping or no more than 2 km of tire travel. Only measure the tire pressure at the time of the hot tire. Please subtract the measured tire pressure by about 0.3 bar (= 4 psi) and the tire cooling inflation pressure....
Q:I need snow tires... Studded?
Studded tires do not work in snow, they are designed and made for ice and ice only. The biggest reason shops such as small garages and some big name dealers love to sell studded tires is the fact they make more money percentage wise selling studded tires than they do just selling snow or winter tires. Studs do not come already on the tires, the tires are studded either by the wholesaler or the seller. Most snow or winter tires can be studded and unstudded. Unstuding cost the same as studding a tire, but if you want to re-stud the following year then chances are the stud holes either have to be re-tapped or enlarged.
Q:How do I read my tires?
first number, 205, is the thread width in cm; 205 centimeters wide. 2nd number, 55, is the ratio of the sidewall to the width of the thread. The sidewall is 55% of the thread, or 112.75 cm "R" means its a radial tire "16" is the size of the rim "91" is the load index; how much weight the tire can carry, which is 1,356 pounds maximum load. "H" is the speed index; the tire is rated to travel no more than 130 mph Keep in mind that these specs are applicable only when the tire is in brand new condition. As the tire is used, it undergoes wear and tear, and the specs will go down as the tire ages.
Q:What is the aspect ratio of car tires?
It should be called flat than yo is the width of the top of the tire and the height of the side ratio yo

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