OEM Slim Card Size Promotional Portable Power Bank

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Product Description:

Material: ABS+Acrylic sheet

Battery Type: A-class Li-ion battery- Japan Maxcell battery

Input: DC5V 800mA
Output: DC5V 1A
Power Bank Size: 96x55x10mm
Power Bank Weight:79g
Color: black,white

2800mAh Factory OEM Slim Card Size Promotional Portable Power Bank

2800mAh Factory OEM Slim Card Size Promotional Portable Power Bank

Power Bank Factory
2800mAh Factory OEM Slim Card Size Promotional Portable Power Bank

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Q:Is it okay to charge Galaxy s5 with a power bank ?
Yes. Any external battery made for cell phones will work, as long as you have the proper cord from battery to phone.
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Q:How long should I charge a 20000 mAh power bank for the first time?
9 hours
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