OEM Brake Shoe Assembly 4515 E with CE Certification

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Description Of OEM Brake Shoe Assembly 



Drum Brakes Classification:Brake Shoe

Main Market:Mild East

Certification:ISO/TS16949, ISO9001

Type:Brake Shoes

Material:Ceramic Fiber



Export Markets:North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia

Main Features of OEM Brake Shoe Assembly

ISUZU ELF NPR57 3300 F16 / 07/84-06/90

ISUZU ELF NKR66 4300 F / 08/90-06/93

ISUZU ELF NKS58 3600 / 08/87-08/95

ISUZU ELF NPR58 3600 F16 / 01/87-06/90

ISUZU ELF NPR59 3900 F / 07/84-07/93

ISUZU ELF NPR59 3900 F / 07/90-07/93

ISUZU ELF NPR61 4300 / 06/88-04/95

Specification of OEM Brake Shoe Assembly

1.Name:ANSI B16.5 stainless steel forged pipe flange blanks 

Stainless steel ANSI standard flange

4. Standard: 


5. Wall thicknessSCH5S-SCH160.
6. Material:stainless steel(1.4539,1.4401,1.4404), nickel copper, carbon steel, low alloy steel,alloy

OEM Brake Shoe Assembly Images 


OEM  Brake Shoe Assembly 4515 E with CE Certification

OEM  Brake Shoe Assembly 4515 E with CE Certification

OEM  Brake Shoe Assembly 4515 E with CE Certification


OEM  Brake Shoe Assembly 4515 E with CE Certification

OEM  Brake Shoe Assembly 4515 E with CE Certification


1. Do you supply free samples for customers?

Yes,we will supply free samples for you.Please send your address for us.

2. How Many years experience do you have?
We have been exported to more than 20 countries in the past 15 years.

3. How long do we usually reply your request?

We always reply our customer within 24 hours.


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Q:Why is the front brake pad larger than the rear wheel brake disc
Physics is not very understanding,
Q:constant brake light on motorcycle?
Either the front or rear light switch is sticking. Disconnect a wire from the switches, one at a time, to determine which one is at fault. Then use a bit of electrical contact cleaner on it. Sees if that frees it up. If not, it's only about a $10 part. Sorry Jim, I hit the wrong thumb.
Q:What is the benefit of buying a motorcycle?
I recommend a car you see, Suzuki diamond leopard, drilling leopard Suzuki GS technology, is a very mature models, leather and durable, fast start, the body slightly larger, better stability can be said that the law is quite satisfactory, all aspects Performance are more balanced car. Panther is Suzuki launched the main mid-market new car, using a rare cradle-style frame, the engine seat in the frame, which reduces the vehicle vibration, but also reduces the engine fatigue, extended life The Drilling leopard in the low-speed acceleration, comfort performance are relatively good fuel consumption is relatively low, flexible control, high stability at high speed. Price in the 6200 to 6500 or so!
Q:How to brake on a motorcycle ?
You are breaking it down into too many sections – in real world riding you do not get the time. First remember that all the controls are progressive not switches. And that your front brake(s) will do most, if not all, your braking. Braking should be concurrent with changing down – at the very least the traffic behind you needs a signal (brake light) that you are slowing – roll off the throttle, apply the front brake, clutch, change down, release clutch, clutch, change down, release clutch to 2nd gear – there is little engine braking from 1st to 2nd on most bikes so you do not get much benefit from releasing the clutch in between 1st and 2nd. Being in 5th heading towards a red light is a little over-eager and will rarely happen.
Q:Motorcycle Brake Disc Heating?
Well, if you fell off, you likely bent the rotor, and now its dragging on the caliper. You could have bent the caliper mounting bracket as well...but more likely to have bent the rotor (if I recall, the caliper bolts directly onto the lower fork tube...so kinda hard to bend that...) Might be the piston sticking in the caliper as well...but Im really thinking its a bent rotor. Solution? Replace the bent rotor with a straight one. Check out eBay for used rotors so you dont have to pay ridiculous OEM prices.
Q:Motorcycle brake light?
Did you check the brakes. Your pads might be worn. many vehicles brake lights don't work when the pads are down to replacing level.
Q:Do motorcycle front brake reservoirs have to be elevated above the master cylinder?
The reservoir must be above the master cylinder.
Q:How do I unlock motorcycle disk brake?
Unbolt the caliper, remove the brake pads, make sure the piston is clean and smooth with no rust, pitting or brake dust so you don't damage the seal in the caliper a copper or brass wire brush and contact cleaner will work good for this- do not scratch or gouge the piston because it will damage the seal and leak there my be a rubber dust boot over the piston you can gently roll to back before you clean the piston. If the piston is pitted or scratched then the caliper need to be rebuilt and the piston replaced. Remove the master cylinder cap so the fluid can be pushed back into the reservoir when the piston is pushed in have some rags handy fluid my spill then use a C clamp or channellock pliers to push the piston back into the caliper. pull the brake lever a few times to to push the piston back out then push the piston back into the caliper do this a few times don't over pump the brakes or the piston may pop out of the caliper. If the piston moves smoothly you can reinstall the pads bolt the caliper back on, pump up the brakes and bleed the system.
Q:ELECTRICIAN HELP with Motorcycle brake light problem?
you should have three wires going to your orig brake light if not then it is using the subframe as a ground try grounding one of the case wires to the frame and put one of the wires to one of the light wires
Q:Which brake is important before and after the motorcycle?
Before and after the brake is very important ah in front of the bad car scurrying ah behind the car was turned so it should pay attention to check the front and rear wheel brake ah

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