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Specification of Silicone rubber O ring





Can be any color for silicone rubber.

High/low temperature-resistant

-45  °C  to 330  °C


standard and non-standard sizes are available


+/-0.01 mm to +/-0.05 mm


from 30 shoring A to 90 shoring A


Inner packing: Plastic bag

Outer packing: Carton box


within 7-15 days


Application: Our products are widely used in auto, air condition, machinery, water pumps, valves, furnitures, toys, pipes.


We can produce according to your samples or drawings.



 Wholesale Cheap food grade Colored various size silicone rubber o ring with high quality


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Q:Does the gasket have brass? What's the standard?
The copper gasket is generally used with thread sealing place, it is the principle of the sealing surface with two copper pad extrusion deformation, the copper pad two surface with two binding surface tightly without gap, so as to obtain the sealing effect.
Q:Plastic flange sealing gasket 5
Kunming Economic Development Zone, the morning fluorine plastic factory plastic experts to answer as follows: your larger diameter, but the pressure is not big, PTFE itself is one of the most corrosion resistant material, so the choice of PTFE material right, you should be made into thin gaskets, washers, must be modified to PTFE, reduce creep
Q:Seal: gasket is a kind of machinery, equipment, pipes and other internal sealing material, which types are there?
The new organization dense, molecular structure of non-polar, used as a gasket, contact surface can be smooth, the metal flange is not sticky. In addition by molten alkali metal and containing fluorine gas erosion, which is resistant to many kinds of acid and alkali, salt, oil solution of corrosive media. PTFE gasket including pure PTFE, PTFE or PTFE expansion. The semi metallic gasket (also called metal gasket). Non metallic material has good flexibility, compression and bolt load ability is low. But it is mainly to determine the strength is not high, poor elasticity, not suitable for high pressure temperature. So the combination of metal materials with high strength and good elasticity. Withstand high temperature characteristics. The formation structure is semi metal gasket. The gasket. Semi metal gasket are mainly metallic gasket, metal winding gasket, corrugated metal gasket, with metal serrated gasket with the metal. Gasket (metal gasket). The gasket to nonmetal material core, thickness of sheet metal 0.25-0.5mm outsourcing. According to the state of coating can be divided into coating, coating, coating and half wave Double coated sheet metal. According to the elastic-plastic material, heat resistance and corrosion resistance were selected. Mainly copper, galvanized iron, stainless steel, titanium, Monel alloy. It is widely used in copper, galvanized iron, stainless steel.
Q:Is PTFE gasket poisonous to human body? Do I want to use it as a sealing ring in water cup?
PTFE pH value 0-14 (except for molten alkali and high temperature and high pressure. The fluorine) which is capable of having good mechanical strength between -100 to 100 DEG C, does not produce toxic substances, so for a cup of water. Pressure seal 10Mpa. PTFE gasket is a kind of clean sealing products, can not be formed the pollution of any physical contact, can be widely used in food, pharmaceutical and other industries.
Q:304 stainless steel gasket, how sealed?
Therefore, the 304 stainless steel gasket made of this material, it is generally in the case of metal winding pad, in the 304 stainless steel wrapped on a layer of graphite material or PTFE material,
Q:What's the use of Gore's PTFE bulk gaskets and seals?
Gore is just a world - famous company,Polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE material is composed of 100% after special processing and manufacture, with excellent flexibility, excellent adaptation property and molding ability, and has high tensile strength, creep resistance, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, cold flow. Can not bad long-term storage, no pollution, and is composed of multi direction fiber countless homogeneous fine soft tough, high density fibrous tissue with unique, compressed fiber will become more closely intertwined, uniform, airtight, waterproof, sealing performance is good, in severe corrosive environment and high temperature also, can maintain excellent sealing state.The material is suitable for low pressure sealing applications. It can be used as a highly sealed and highly corrosive environment for biological pharmaceutical, food, chemical, refining, military, marine, aerospace and mechanical industries. Heat exchanger, FRP, compression frame flange, steam container flange, liquid and gas system, water system, ventilation fan rack and other construction sites.Durability, weather resistance, high safety, used for industrial leak sealing.Main technical parameters:Density (Density):1.0g/cm3Pressure (Pressure) < 4.0MpaTemperature (Temperature) -100~200 DEG CPH value (PH range) 0-14
Q:The sealing principle of metal wound gasket?
Sealing gasket: metal winding principle of the sealing surface when the pressure load, to produce compressive stress, can improve the sealing contact surface, when the stress increases enough to cause the surface of the plastic deformation obviously, it can fill the gap seal cover, plug leakage channel. The purpose of using the gasket is to use the gasket material to produce plastic deformation characteristics under the action of compaction load so as to fill the small and uneven surface of the flange sealing surface so as to realize the sealing.Leakage is the phenomenon that the medium enters the limited space from the outside of the inner space of the limited space or from the outside. This is what people do not want to happen. The medium flows through the interface between the inside and outside spaces, i.e., leaks occur on the sealing surface. The root cause of the leakage is that there is a gap in the contact surface, and the pressure difference and the concentration difference on both sides of the contact surface are the driving force of the leakage. Because of the sealing surface form and processing accuracy and other factors, the sealing surface of the gap is unavoidable, which will cause the sealing surface is not completely consistent, resulting in leakage.In order to reduce the leakage, it is necessary to make the contact surface to be fitted to the maximum extent, that is to reduce the cross-sectional area of the leakage passage and to increase the leakage resistance, and to make it larger than the leakage force. In the bolt flange gasket connection, the force of the gasket causes deformation of the gasket material so as to fill the gap between the flange sealing surfaces. The magnitude of its pretension depends on the number of bolts, the torque of the tightening bolt, the lubrication state of the bolt system, and the compression area of the gasket.
Q:What does "Q72314" in the gasket mean?
T0500 spare parts, oil pipe assembly - clutch master pump to booster -T0401 spare parts, tubing, clutch, main pump, serrated lock washer 1Q655B08, spare parts, flared through pipe fittings, 1Q72314 spare parts, gasket 1RQ.
Q:Good quality seals, which have, specializing in the production of rubber gaskets?
Hebei Qinghe Tianyu plastic products factory is a professional, they do the rubber seal (seal), manufacturers of large scale, long life, and has many large car manufacturers for many years, they have shown some online pad, other styles can be customized, contact with manufacturers and the Internet are very detailed.
Q:Method for using gasket free sealant
Features and uses:Excellent oil resistance, water resistance, weather resistance, excellent sealing performance between 60~260 DEG C, thixotropy, no flow. Can replace the gasket for cars, motorcycles and all kinds of machinery and equipment of engine, gear box, axle flange joints and other parts of the implementation of seal, widely used in various parts of the mechanical seal (gap 6mm).

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