O seals O seal seal seals Silicone rubber O ring silicone rubber seal gasket

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Specification of Silicone rubber O ring





Can be any color for silicone rubber.

High/low temperature-resistant

-45  °C  to 330  °C


standard and non-standard sizes are available


+/-0.01 mm to +/-0.05 mm


from 30 shoring A to 90 shoring A


Inner packing: Plastic bag

Outer packing: Carton box


within 7-15 days


Application: Our products are widely used in auto, air condition, machinery, water pumps, valves, furnitures, toys, pipes.


We can produce according to your samples or drawings.



 Wholesale Cheap food grade Colored various size silicone rubber o ring with high quality


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Q:Is there a gasket 5 for screws?
Use a combination pad; the outside is iron. Inside is similar to the O ring soft plastic, mounted in it, you can go to the hardware store to see.
Q:What material flange gasket is better on the steam pipe?
I hope it doesn't work as a metal.Answer three: metal coil gasket Y value is 10000psi, non-metallic flat gasket Y value is generally between 1500-4000psi. So, not all flanges can be optionally changed into metal wound gaskets. But can we recommend metal serated gasket, such as metal serrated gasket GARLOCK Y value is only 1000PSI, so the use of non metallic gaskets can be used where basic metal serrated gasket, and the sealing performance of metal serated gasket spiral wound gasket is much better than.
Q:Is double layer gasket better than equal thickness single layer GASKET? Twenty
Should be in the same preload, the gasket between the compensation of each other, more conducive to liquid sealing.From another angle, the pressure is higher, or the temperature is higher. In this case, with two gaskets, the two pads increase the chance of leakage due to the poor wear of the gasket in harsh conditions.You mentioned home pressure manhole covers use two pieces, because he is mainly used for sealing air and water, the environment and medium simple, while some of the industrial standards of the time limit. I am impressed, the home of the pressure covers also used waste tires, cut the gasket.However, in terms of sealing effect, it is generally not recommended to use both sides of the gasket. The effect of the monolithic shim is superior to that of the double wafer.
Q:It is urgent to have a spring self sealing ring. The detailed parameters will be listed in picture form, and the quality will be better
Spring self sealing ring, such as parameters: outer diameter 36mm, the internal diameter of 21mm, you know the line diameter is 2.5mm; height is 8mm, please ask the number of turns or the pitch is? You'd better attach a physical map. I am the manager of spring machine. I have been engaged in CNC spring machine industry for many years. Many kinds of spring products have been researched.
Q:Can marine sealing gaskets be made of asbestos gaskets?
At present, most domestic shipyards also prohibit the use of asbestos gaskets. Instead of asbestos gasket material.
Q:What about the non asbestos gasket in Chinese market?
Therefore, asbestos free products are very promising and promising. You can take a look at this company, Shanghai cord sealing materials Co., ltd..
Q:Process of making gasket
The mould calculates the size of the gasket according to the bottle cap, then opens the mold according to the size of the gasket, then puts the raw material of the gasket into the mold, applies the press to the pressure, and finally processes the gasket
Q:Question: a position on the sealing position of copper gasket
Therefore, the general processing surface can be, of course, high roughness, you can reduce thread pressure. The installation of the tank is to ensure that the copper pad can be put in, and to ensure that thread pressure can act on the copper pad can be.
Q:What kind of hardness is used to measure the hardness of gaskets, gaskets, gaskets and O rings?
It's all rubber, but if it's Shaw's hardness tester, but you'll have to figure out Shaw's hardness tester. There are two kinds of HA and HD, one is soft rubber, one is hard rubber, and that's what you look like!
Q:What is the function of the belt gasket in the water heater?
This kind of sealing product has excellent lubricity and wear resistance. On the liquid mixing device with liquid and solid phases, the outstanding characteristics can be displayed

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