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Product Description:


Ⅰ . Product Description:

NZY-SR retarded type water reducer is composed of high performance and high efficiency water reducer and retarded components, slump retention components, as well as other functional components, with high performance of water reducing, slow slump loss and Concrete hydration temperature rise.


NZY-SR can effectively inhibit the concrete early hydration and without affect the later strength, is ideal concrete admixture for high performance concrete, mass concrete and long-distance transport concrete products.


NZY-SR retarded type water reducer has both liquid and solid package.







Ⅱ. Main technical features of NZY-SR RETARDER


(1) A kind of polyhydroxy organic compound, non-toxic, odorless, non-flammable, and free steel-corrosion effect.

(2) Extend setting time, reduce mixing water (5%-30% water saving).

(3) Extend induction period of cement hydration, slow down hydration rate, delay cement hydration exothermic process.

(4) Improve workability, easy to pour and vibrate.

(5) Increase strength, reduce cement content.



Test Item


Solid Content%

Control value±1


Control value±0.02

pH value


Alkali contentNa2O+0.658K2O)(%


chlorine ion content C%


The fluidity of cementmm


Remark: Base on national standard GB8077-2000For test method of concrete admixtures homogeneity



Test Item

standard request

The factory technical indicators

High performance

High efficient

High performance

High efficient

water-reducing rate%





bleeding rate %





air content%





Setting time differencemin

initial setting





Final setting

1h slump change valuemm




compressive strength rate%











ratio of shrinkage%






Effect on reinforcement corrosion

Remark: Base on national standard  GB8076-2008 Concrete Admixture

. Applications of NZY-SR RETARDER

NZY-SR retarder is used in reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, mass concrete, pump concrete, road concrete, and waterproof concrete construction projects which require extension of setting time.

NZY-SR retarder is suit for concrete construction in summer or hot weather.

NZY-SR retarder can be used in slip-form concrete construction.

NZY-SR retarder can be used as supplementary materials for produce or remix other concrete admixtures.


Ⅳ. Packaging, transport and storage

(1) Powder retarder is available in 25±0.25kg film-lined bags. Liquid t retarder is available in sealed 200kg or 1000kg bucket. Other special package can also be available according to prior consultation.

(2) Special measures should be taken to ensure entire package. Keep waterproof during transportation.

(3) Dry and well ventilated warehouse is needed for storage. Quality guarantee of retarder is two years under normal conditions. If storage has surpassed the time, test must be done to confirm the validity.

Ⅴ. Health and safety

(1) Once splashed into eyes and skin, wash immediately with plenty of water and seek medical treatment.

(2) Inedible. When eating by mistake, drink sufficient water to urge to vomiting, and then go to hospital.

(3) No littering. Caution should be taken to protect environment.

Ⅵ. Customer services

Data in this manual is only for reference. Technical data about dosage and mix proportion is available if necessary. Professional services in site are also available. More information needed, please direct all inquiries to company.


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Q:concrete and cement?
Concrete is a composite structure of sand, gravel, possibly some larger rocks, and cement. Cement is basically a water activated adhesive that is used for gluing rocks and sand to each other. To get a feel for how this works, without mixing up concrete and cement, first try and tear through ten sheets of computer paper, then pour out a puddle of white glue onto wax paper and let it dry over night then try to bend and tear it, then use a paint brush to evenly spread white glue onto paper and press together ten layers of the same paper you tried to rip before, cover with wax paper and lay several books on it overnight so it can dry then try and rip the glued paper. What you will find is that the glued paper is much stronger than either of the two ingredients by themselves, and if you use just the right amount of glue it will be stronger than the sum of the parts. In the same way, the Aggregate (Sand, Gravel and rocks) act as the structure that the load rests on, while the cement is the glue that keeps the aggregate from shifting. Many people think that cement dries to become hard, but that is inaccurate, a chemical reaction takes place between the water and the cement powder that causes the powder to turn into a solid mass, then any excess water that was not used in the chemical reaction evaporates from the concrete.
Q:Can cement, damaged by salt be repaired...?
first off if there is any large holes they will have to be filled in with cement then what you do is simply get a cement sealent paint the drive way then add a cement gloss paint to it
Q:What are the aspects of General Cement in storage and storage?
Cement different production plants, different varieties, labels and different production date of the cement should be stacked separately, not mixed
Q:How much cement would I need to make a 13 diameter stone?
If you are using only Portland cement and water in the 1:4 ratio for the reaction to complete properly, you will need 80% cement by volume. Very few applications use pure Portland Cement however. V(sphere) = (4/3)(pi)(r^3) r = d/2 = 6.5in V = (4/3)(3.14)(6.5^3) = 1150in^3 1150in^3(0.80) = 920in^3 of Portland cement One sack of Portland cement (94 pounds) is approximately 1 cubic foot which is 1728in^3 920/1728 = 0.53 or about 1/2 sack or 47 pounds of Portland cement. If you are using the traditional 1 : 2 : 3 mix of cement:sand:gravel, you use 1/6 cement, or 47/6 ~ 8 pounds. At 80% due to 1:4 water mix = 8(0.80) = 6.4 pounds. At 133 lbs/ft^3 or 0.077 lb/in^3, 1150in^3 weighs: 1150(0.077) ~ 89 lbs Your answer is then either 47 pounds of pure Portland Cement or 6.4 pounds as part of a 1:2:3 dry mix combined with water at a rate of 1:4 (the latter is the practical answer). 6.4/94 ~ 1/15 sack. Remember that these figures are based on general rules of thumb and do not take into account any particular service requirement. - .--
Q:Cement Properties?
It is possible to mix silica flour and plaster of paris 50-50 and make a mold that can be heated to the right temps. I haven't done it. Silica flour can be bought at ceramics (pottery) supply places as can plaster. Handle silica flour with care to avoid breathing the dust, it can cause silicosis because it is not washed out of the lungs by the body.
Q:How much concrete/cement will i need for a shed floor (3mx2m)..pls?
I disagree with the 1 bag => 1 sq ft. I bag of cement will make more than 1 cubic foot of concrete... and exactyly how much it will make is dependent upon the mix, the proportion of cement:gravel:sand. A meter is slightly more than 3 1/4 feet. A square meter is about 10.6 ft^2. You want to cover3m x 2m = 6 m^2... which is 63.6 ft^2. 4 thick is 1/3 of a foot thick. You need about 21.2 cubic feet of concrete. I think a bag of cement is a cubic foot of cement. A mixture might be something like three units of cement, 6 units of gravel and a couple of units of sand. Most of the final volume will be from the gravel. This mix would yield somewhat more than 2 cubic feet of concrete for each bag of cement. It looks to me as though you need 10 bags of cement to make 21+ ft^3 of material.
Q:Will PVC cement work on CPVC?
As i recall, yes, it will work. If it is just a project, ok. But I wouldn't run water through it or use it for plumbing or have it under pressure.
Q:Do I need to install cement board before tiling my shower and floor on a cement floor?
In theory it is, but sometimes the thin-set has a really good bond with the substrate. The hard part is installing the floor tile at the proper and even slope towards the drain. Make sure to use a slip resistant floor tile for the shower. If you use those sheets of 1x1 tiles glued together (Dal-tile) you will have too carefully clean the thinset out of the groutlines before it dries. ( potential big headache) Good luck
Q:I want to open building materials store main cement: tiles and the like. How much money to invest in the root. Store area of more than 100 square feet
I suggest you use ecological wood decoration, the effect of the bar
Q:cement render finishes?
video rendering machine cement render machine how to cement plaster a wall mortar rendering machine cement wall plastering machine plastering machine for wall auto wall rendering machine gypsum plaster machine spray plastering machine india concrete plastering machine
We are one of the largest concrete admixture-products manufacture in China. We can produce different kinds of high quality conveyor belt and transmission belt.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Beijing,China
Year Established 1992
Annual Output Value Above CNY ¥ 4 Billion
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Tianjin
Export Percentage 0.4
No.of Employees in Trade Department 500 People
Language Spoken: English;Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 200000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 20
Contract Manufacturing
Product Price Range Average