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Numeric Display can be used in many aspects,like:

Air-conditioner;Refrigerator;Water heater


Industrial equipment control panel display;

Elevator; Electric door information display;

Medical apparatus and instruments display and so on.

Products in above photo album are the part of main products in my company,

and we also can manufacture other numeric display according to customers' requirements.

Looking froward to your inquiry!

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Q:Brief introduction of LED digital tube display principle
To make a section light, 2 conditions must be met: common terminal of common cathode and common terminal of common anode tube. Control terminal of common cathode tube and control terminal of common anode tube.
Q:LED digital tube dynamic scanning shows how to solve the ghosting
Open position display, send section code, delay 0.2~1ms, pass display. Open the next one....The most effective way to prevent ghosting
Q:Nixietube why use PNP to drive?
In general, in addition to the public side, you are digital tubes of the same paragraph lines are parallel, each segment is also driven by the triode or IC to drive.
Q:Structure of digital tube
LED digital tube is widely used in instruments, clocks, stations, home appliances and other occasions. We should pay attention to product size, color, power consumption, brightness, wavelength and so on.
Q:What is the difference between LED digital tube and LCD display?
Obviously, the digital tube is an element, and the display is a device. One is the part, the other is the equipment
Q:Two LED digital tube pin number and name, use
LED digital tube to display properly, will use the drive circuit to drive the digital tube of each segment, which shows the digital, so according to the driving methods of LED digital tube is different, can be divided into static and dynamic type two.
Q:LED digital tube lighting can use solar power generation system
Can achieve color, colorful, jumping, chasing, flowing water, gray gradient, and synchronous scanning, running, stacking, trailing, pulling and closing, color elegant, text pattern and novelty beautiful full color changing effect,
Q:LED digital tube internal control six paragraph what do you mean?
LED digital tube has seven sections of ABCDEFG to form a 8 word to display 0-9 and individual letters, as well as the digital tube, there is a section for a point P do decimal point
Q:Classification of LED digital tubes
According to the number of LED points: 1 meters, 96 lights, 1 meters, 144 lights; the more lights, the better the effect. Usually done with full-color, with 1 meters, 144 lights.
Q:LED digital tube needs the drive current, the monolithic integrated circuit can not satisfy. Not necessarily the triode, you can add drag resistors and so on...
LED digital tube needs the drive current, the monolithic integrated circuit can not satisfy. Not necessarily the triode, you can add drag resistors and so on...

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