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Numeric Display can be used in many aspects,like:

Air-conditioner;Refrigerator;Water heater


Industrial equipment control panel display;

Elevator; Electric door information display;

Medical apparatus and instruments display and so on.

Products in above photo album are the part of main products in my company,

and we also can manufacture other numeric display according to customers' requirements.

Looking froward to your inquiry!

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Q:Nixietube why use PNP to drive?
The LED digital tube consists of a plurality of light-emitting diodes packaged together to form a "8" type device, and the leads are already connected internally to draw only their respective strokes, common electrodes. The nixie tube is actually made up of seven light-emitting tubes, consisting of 8 figures, plus 8 decimal points. These segments are represented by letters a, B, C, D, e, F, G, and dp.
Q:Brief introduction of LED digital tube display principle
Classification: there are two kinds of common cathode and common anode. Display principle: to make certain segments lit, while others are not bright, you can display 0---9, A---F and other fonts.
Q:Structure of digital tube
. LED digital tube commonly used segment number is usually 7 segments, and some plus a decimal point, and one is similar to the 3 bit "+1" type. Number of half, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, LED digital tube according to the method of LED is divided into two categories a total of yin and Yang, understand the characteristics of LED, it is important to programming, because of different types of digital tube, in addition to the hardware circuit they are different, the programming method is different.
Q:LED digital tube needs the drive current, the monolithic integrated circuit can not satisfy. Not necessarily the triode, you can add drag resistors and so on...
Ordinary LED digital tube public section, the normal static work current can reach 70-80mA maximum, general microcontroller IO port is not enough to provide such a large current. Adding triode can expand the driving ability of IO port.
Q:LED digital tube internal control six paragraph what do you mean?
A digital tube displayed by a single seven segment can display all the digital data of 0 - 9 according to the different conduction and cut-off of an external numerical control circuit. After a plurality of such digital tubes are combined, the counting display and the clock display can be formed...... And so on different digital displays. The six section of digital tube can only display a certain number, only the full display and shutdown of the two states, so the control circuit is relatively simple.
Q:Classification of LED digital tubes
According to the number of LED points: 1 meters, 96 lights, 1 meters, 144 lights; the more lights, the better the effect. Usually done with full-color, with 1 meters, 144 lights.
Q:LED digital tube lighting can use solar power generation system
LED guardrail lamp external or built-in microcomputer processor, perform a variety of program instructions sent by the host, PWM output waveform, driving order combination of RGB such as the number, produce the preset colors (up to 256 colors) and rich dynamic graphic effect
Q:LED digital tube dynamic scanning shows how to solve the ghosting
A second scan too many times because of a twenty-four seconds once enough.
Q:What is the difference between LED digital tube and LCD display?
Compared with the LCD display, LED display has more advantages in brightness, power consumption, visual angle and refresh rate, etc., and the navigation of the LED page has been cancelled. By using LED technology, a thinner, brighter and clearer display than LCD can be produced.
Q:Two LED digital tube pin number and name, use
Static display driver:Static drive is also called DC drive. Static drive refers to each digital tube of each segment by a microcontroller I/O port for driving, or use such as BCD code two - decimal injector drive. The advantages of static drive is simple programming, high brightness display, the disadvantage is occupied by I/O port, such as drive 5 digital tube static display is 5 x 8=40 I/O port to drive, you know a 89S51 microcontroller I/O ports available to 32. Therefore, the driver must be added to drive in practical application, which increases the complexity of the hardware circuit.

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