Nuclear Anti-corrosion Coating,Paint

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HANA Heavy-duty coatings originated from newmaterials research in aerospace industry. Test results from the nationalauthorities show that , our products have excellent performance in adhesion,acid, alkali and salt resistance, which are at a worldleading level. It has undertaken stringenttests and already been successfully used in the defense aerospace and heavychemical industry.

Nuclear energy is an important industry, which have higher requirements for safety and quality.

HANA nuclear coating series are widely used in non-nuclear fields and concrete structures and

steel areas of nuclear facilities.

Product Features

Excellent crack resistance, impermeability

Super salt water, salt spray resistance

Stable matching system

Non-nuclear Coating Area Index

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Q:What is the difference between a polymer compound and a polymer?
A polymer, also called a polymer molecule or macromolecule, has a high relative molecular weight and its structure consists of multiple repeating units, and these repeating units are actually or conceptually derived from the corresponding small molecules.
Q:1 kg of paint is equal to how many liters
I come to the system to answer this question! We all know that l is the unit of capacity, the weight of the unit, the two themselves do not have absolute conversion formula, but also so many people ignore the different concentrations and materials (including the formula) the same capacity of its weight (weight) also have some differences, such as one kilogram Pure water and one kilogram of oil is a different proportion, the volume is different, so your problem itself is no standard answer, only the specific material coating (paint) have a rough reference value, take latex paint as a reference: reference The value of 1 liter of latex paint is about 1.223 kg. On the contrary, 1 kg of latex paint is about 0.818 liters!
Q:What does the theoretical strength of the polymer include?
This can be considered in this way: remove a single macromolecule to stretch, how much power can make it pull off? It is clear that the energy needed to destroy this molecular chain should be equal to the bond energy that makes up the macromolecule main chain. For general organic polymers, this value is about 80 to 90 kg / mole, or 5 to 6 (10) ^ (- 12) lattice / bond. This energy can be simply seen as the function of the two atoms to overcome their mutual attraction f, the distance to the bond length d. In this way, according to the general G-G key length of 1.5A, can calculate the bond force:
Q:Polymer mortar is a ton of tons of cubic meters. How much money is converted into a cubic meter.
The density of polymer mortar than the cement mortar should also be about 1800 kg / cubic meters. That is, there are about 1.8 tons of 1 side, 1 ton 1500, 1 side about 2700 or so
Q:Dyed carpets
Textile dyes, art supplies stores should be sold
Q:Are the pigeons and cinnabar mixed together and can they be used as tattoo dyes?
No scientific basis, like tattoos can be concerned about the tattoo stickers, and then look at tattoo stickers, will be mentioned in detail. Tattoos need to be cautious not blindly,
Q:how do you paint over a cement driveway that has already been painted and the paint is flaking off.?
Pressure wash the driveway first. The old paint will continue to peal away taking the new paint with it. You need to get a good adhesion or just keep pealing. The other thing you can do is to scrub the driveway down with a Muratec acid solution. This will remove the pealing paint as well as most anything else on your driveway. Make sure you follow directions and wear proper chemical resistant gloves and eye protection. rinse and let dry thoroughly before you try to repaint.
Q:Different colors of paint prices
Will not be the same, because the price of the pigment is not the same
Q:DIY Exterior house painting?
Pressure wash and scrape/sand/brush any loose paint. Seal surface with a sealer designed to prime and seal chalked surfaces. Paint from top to bottom. These are just high level rules of thumb. Factors such as condition of existing paint, material (wood, siding, stucco, etc), location all play a part in determining the right solution. Best bet is to either clarify your question here with details that include the state, near salt or fresh water or no water, condition of the existing paint, the type of material the house is made of, etc. Or, take this information and an open mind to a local paint store. Cheap paint does not equate to a low cost job. Often times, cheap paint requires more coats than quality paint to cover the same area. You usually save time and money by buying as good a quality as you can afford.
Q:Printer pigments and dyes for which do not fade, wash photos which is better?
Dye ink and pigment ink the advantages and disadvantages of comparison: dye ink colorful, ink fluency, and cheap. The biggest drawback is easy to be outside the light, air humidity and other factors, especially the strong light is easy to fade photos, save time is not long. Pigment ink is not easy to fade, you can save for decades, little change in color. But the color of the printed picture is not satisfactory, always gives a contrast is not enough, there is a slightly dark feeling. And the ink price is very expensive, ink fluency is poor, easy to plug. Replace the pigment ink, the best replacement with the supply, do not use the original even for the supply. Because once the deal is not good, the risk of nozzle clogging is larger.

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