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Product Description:

1.Description of Oil Seal:

Industrial machine & equipment,house-hold appliance, tele-communication, automobile, medical equipment industry etc. As we know that there is some oil would go-in the rubbing parts of the machine usually and in order to resistant against this oil we need to use the oil seal to seal the gap of the machine. More than that, we have to concern to how to seal the water, chemical liquid and the dust, all of these environment calls for the oil seal. We promise of Oil Seal,Rubber Oil Seal, O-Ring, Rubber Seal, Rubber Gasket, Rubber

2.Main features of Oil Seal:

1)No reclaimed rubber used to ensure quality.

2)Auto rubber milling production line.

3)Complete in-house custom compound formulating and mixing.

4)Rubber compound is tested before production

3. Oil Seal Images:


4. Oil Seal Technical Parameters:


High/low   temperature resistance, oil and fuel resistance, weathering resistance, O   zone resistance etc.


According   to your requirement.


Any color   is available ,according to your requirements.


NBR, CR,   SBR, EPDM, IIR, NR, EP, Silicone, VITON etc.




In 10   days


Plastic bag   & carton box or according to your requirements.


Electronic   field, industrial machine & equipment, house-hold appliance,   telecommunication, automobile, medical equipment industry etc.



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A world class manufacturer & supplier of Glass Wool Blanket is one of the large scale professional investment casting production bases in China,consisting of both casting foundry forging and machining factory. Annually more than 8000 tons Precision casting and forging parts are exported to markets in Europe,America and Japan. OEM casting and forging service available according to customer’s requirement.

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Q:What is mechanical seal?Single mechanical seal? Double mechanical seal? What's the shaft seal?
So in today's world, mechanical seal is the most important shaft seal in these equipment. The mechanical seal is also called the seal, in the relevant national standard is defined as: "by at least a pair of end faces perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the fluid pressure and the elasticity of compensation organizations (or magnetic) device and the role of the coordination of auxiliary seals to keep up with the relative sliding to prevent fluid leakage. "
Q:What kind of seal is the dust sealing ring?
The dust ring is mainly used in hydraulic piston rod above the start, it is the role of the piston cylinder outside the dust to clear, avoid some particles inside the cylinder liquid and other contaminants penetrating sealing, improve sealing performance.
Q:Men's motorcycle front left shock absorber oil leakage, do not change two seals?
Change this on the line, the outside is generally dust seal, to prevent soil, not oil seals, this if there is no obvious damage, you do not need to change.
Q:What tools are needed to replace the water seal for the air conditioning pump? What's the name?
Two. Water pump mechanical seal damage, those effects can cause leakage, protection alarm, water pump can not work properly, serious water pump motor, burning the motorThree. How to remove mechanical seals?1., maintenance pumps will be power outages and listing, in the water pump from the sump hanging out to clean.2. make a mark between the pump base and the oil chamber to make it easy to install and remove the bottom seat (the fixed base is three inner six angle bolts)3. remove the fixed bolts from the impeller and remove the impeller with the pull codes.The lower end of the 4. oil cavity is provided with three inner six angle bolts, and the oil cavity is removed and cleaned, and the original mechanical seal static ring is disassembled.5. to see the water leakage protection points clean, measuring leakage protection point and pump casing resistance (resistance value is close to 500 billion Ou)
Q:What kind of equipment do you need to open a small seal factory?
Raw materials, if you want their own rubber, it is very troublesome, at least you have to glue formula, and then you are small-scale, raw materials are sold by the ton, you buy less, the cost will be high.
Q:What is the sealing principle of O type sealing ring?
Type O sealing ring is a sealing extrusion type, the basic working principle of extrusion type seal is the seal on elastic deformation caused by contact pressure in the sealing contact surface, the contact pressure is greater than the sealed medium pressure, no leakage, and leakage.
Q:Excuse me, what's the material for the general piston ring?
Have experience in understanding, there are two kinds of material, one is pure PTFE, also known as Teflon, a PTFE graphite or PTFE carbon fiber material, PTFE piston ring and guide ring, the throttle ring is a new type of sealing material instead of asbestos packing, steel ring, wear-resistant, high temperature, characteristics long service life, convenient maintenance, can protect the piston body and the cylinder wall is smooth, not easy to wear.
Q:What are the material requirements of the valve sealing surface?
Table 29.2-2 characteristics of commonly used sealing methodsCategory material useLiquid polymer material, liquid sealant, anaerobic adhesive and hot-melt sealantFiber, plant fiber, cotton, linen, paper, cork gasket, soft packing, dust-proof seals, cloth rubber sealsAnimal hair fiber, felt, leather gasket, soft packing, molding filler, oil seal, dust-proof sealFiber, mineral fiber, asbestos gasket, soft packingArtificial fibres, organic synthetic fibres, glass fibres, carbon fibres, ceramic fibres, soft packing, cloth, rubber sealsElastomer, rubber, synthetic rubber, natural rubber gasket, molding filler, oil seal, soft packing, dust-proof sealing parts, fully enclosed sealsFluorine plastic, plastic nylon, polyethylene, phenolic plastic, chlorinated polyether, polyphenylene sulfide, oil seal, gasket, packing filler, soft hard packing, piston ring, mechanical seal and dustproof seals, fully enclosed seal
Q:Is the piston on the hydraulic cylinder sealed by shaft or by hole?
The piston of the hydraulic cylinder is sealed with a hole.Related profiles:1, hole seal.Application: it is used to seal the piston of hydraulic cylinder in reciprocating motion.
Q:What's the difference between a seal and a sealing strip?
There are so many seals that you can use them where they need to be sealed. Powder focus can be used to make seals.

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