Nonwoven Polyester Dust Bags for Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description:

1. Description of Nonwoven Polyester Dust Bags for Vacuum Cleaner

There are kinds filter materials available, such as Polyester(PET), PP(Polypropylene), PA(Polyamide), Nomex(Aramid), PPS(Ryton),?Polyimide(P84), Acrylic Filter Bags, Fiberglass, PTFE, etc.

Lower the intension and requirement of management and maintenance, our company researches and develops the pulse bag filter of MD series, which is the ideal equipment used for dust control in the fields of construction material, chemical industry, coal etc.

2. Features of Nonwoven Polyester Dust Bags for Vacuum Cleaner

dust filter

1.  the material is Fiberglass

2.  It has excellent resistance to acid and alkali corrosion resistance

3. Working temperature : 240°C-260°C

4 . Hydrolysis resistance performance is good

3. Specifications of Nonwoven Polyester Dust Bags for Vacuum Cleaner

Weight(g/m2) 550g/m2
Air permeability(m3/m2*min)15
Tensile Strength(N/5*20cm)Warp≥1000
Working Temperature130degrees
Peak Temperature150degrees
Finishing TreatmentSinged,Calendering,PTFE membrane,anti static,water and oil proof

4. Application fields of Nonwoven Polyester Dust Bags for Vacuum Cleaner


1) The fume and smoke treatment and particle removing system in metallurgy plant, alloy plant, steel works, moulding factories, fire-retardant factories and power stations

 2) Fume filtration, tiny particle recycle and division of liquid and solid in aluminum electro analysis, tin, zinc, cooper and other rare metals

3) Smoke filtration in garbage burning, coal-feed boiler and liquidized laid boilers

4) Division of liquid, solid and tiny particle recycle in chemicals, coke, carbon, dyestuff, pharmacy and plastics

5) Asphalt concrete mixture, cements, ceramics, building materials, lime and plaster

6) Dust treatment, purification and collection in electronics, mining, foodstuff processing, flour and timber processing.

5. Images of Nonwoven Polyester Dust Bags for Vacuum Cleaner

Nonwoven Polyester Dust Bags for Vacuum Cleaner

Nonwoven Polyester Dust Bags for Vacuum Cleaner

6. FAQ

1)   Are free samples available?

Yes. But express delivery cost is to be collected and we will pay it back after confirming the order.

2)  What about the lead time for mass production? 


Honestly, it depends on the order quantity and the season you place the order. Generally speaking, we suggest that you start inquiry two months before the date you would like to 

get the products at your country.


3)  What is your terms of delivery? 


We accept EXW, FOB, CIF, etc. You can choose the one which is the most convenient or cost effective for you. 

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Q:How can the filter bag be processed later?
Waterproof and anti-oil treatment Of needled felt filter material using fluorocarbon resin and PTFE impregnated processing oil waterproof processing, the wet dust gas dust (especially for water imbibition, deliquescence) the surface of the filter bag dust catcher, more easily to avoid and reduce the paste bag
Q:How to check the filter bag and the dust collector bag when the dust collector is installed?
You say the bag and the bag cage visual inspection before installation needs, from experience observation, at the time of assembly is the detailed inspection, in principle, a bag and bag cage on the diameter is 2.5 mm clearance, need adjustment of clearance is too large. Be careful when you wear a cloth bag. Are you asking about this question, the bag leak check, The method is to apply fluorescent powder to the surface of the phosphor powder, and see if there is any leakage at run time.
Q:Please tell me where the filter bags are sold in the washer.
The filter is sold after sale. But quite expensive.I hope my answer will help you.
Q:How is the filter bag type and filtration efficiency
Viscose particles in the more, especially the more big particles (diameter greater than 15 1 xm) and spinnability of spinning and viscose fiber the greater is the impact on the quality of the finished product, these impurities cause increased congestion, breakage, spinneret spinning when produce plastic blocks and hair silk, causing changes in the size.
Q:What are the textures of the liquid filter bag
Nylon net has high strength, wear resistance, chemical resistance, water resistance, flexibility is good, because the wire diameter uniformity, smooth surface, so the ink through sex is also very good. It is not very stretchable by nylon. This kind of screen is in a period of time after the stretch net, the tension is reduced, make the screen plate is relaxed, the precision is reduced. Therefore, it is not suitable for the printed circuit board and so on.
Q:Filtration efficiency of liquid filtration bag
Different companies have different test methods and efficiency requirements of filter bag accuracy, some are defined as 80 ~ 85%, some are defined as 50 ~ 70%.
Q:How to unload the washing machine's filter bag?
I not sure, or find a professional to (although some make a mountain out of a molehill ^_^, but it wise to ensure that the "security" of the washing machine!!!)
Q:The filter bag in the washing machine is broken. How do you fix it
In general, the filter bag of the washing machine can be removed, please read the instructions carefully, even if it is not easy to tear open come down to, as long as don't have much stuff, generally does not affect the quality of washing.
Q:How do garbage bags in washing machines have no garbage
Check the wheel. If it's broken, you should ask the professional to fix it.
Q:What is the fabric of a filter bag?
Twill weave: it is made up of two roots, the warp threads of four, which are interwoven with the weft, and the interwoven threads of the warp threads are moving to the left or to the right. Twill weave and double twill; Twill weave of flexible and flexibility are better than the plain weave, slightly lower mechanical strength, easy dislocation after stress, but its good abrasion resistance, and dust removal efficiency and the effect is good, is the most commonly used one kind of woven fabric organization;

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