Nonwoven Latex Backing Exhibition Carpet

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1. Description of Nonwoven Latex Backing Exhibition Carpet

Exhibition carpet is also called Needle punched non woven carpet. It made of synthetic fiber by needle punched or weaving. The finished exhibition carpet is in cloth shape and the common width is 1-4 meters with length of 10 to 60 meters. It is divided into plain surface carpet, ribbed carpet, velour carpet, fire resistance carpet and carpet with film etc.

2. Features of Nonwoven Latex Backing Exhibition Carpet

Product can be customized.

With a complete set of imported production line and test equipments.

Good after-sale tracking and service.

Promptly delivery. small order is welcome.

3. Specifications of Nonwoven Latex Backing Exhibition Carpet

Packaging Details:in polyster bag or poly woven bag, which is strong enough to stand the long sea voyage and rough handling.
Delivery Detail:15 days


Nonwoven exhibition carpet


Needle-punched (nonwoven)


Polyester or polypropylene




Width1m—6m  length: according to buyers’ requirements


Blue , yellow, pink, orange, ect (more than 100 colors for option)


Roll packing, in PP woven bags


ISO 9001: 2000

1. carpet factory, good quality, low price
2. prompt delivery, surperior service
3. various colors, easy install/ clean 

4. Images of  Nonwoven Latex Backing Exhibition Carpet

Nonwoven Latex backing Exhibition carpet

Nonwoven Latex backing Exhibition carpet

Nonwoven Latex backing Exhibition carpet

Nonwoven Latex backing Exhibition carpet

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According to Linda Cobb (HGTV's Queen of Clean), you can remove red wine with white wine. If you have some white wine, pour that onto the stain. Let sit for about 5 minutes. Then clean with Shaving Cream. Any brand works, as long as it's the typical white foamy shaving cream. Shaving cream is nothing but whipped soap that rinses off easily. The last thing you want to use on carpet is overly sudsy soap. You'll never get the suds out. Scrub shaving cream into the stain, and wipe clean with a wet rag. Blot with a dry rag to remove the water. And you're done. If you don't have any white wine, try using rubbing alcohol or white vinegar. (The alcohol is more likely to work than the vinegar, tho.) Good luck. -
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Q:How do you wash a bathroom rug?
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Use carpet cleaning machines loaded with steam cleaning advantage. Ordinary carpet cleaners can't remove the paint perfectly but carpet cleaners with steam cleaning feature can easily remove the stains.
Q:how to remove real strong cat urine in rugs?
toss them, but let the owner know first. if it's in the rugs, it's probably in the carpet padding, too. request that they are replaced.

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