Non stick electric mini cooker

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Non stick electric  mini cooker


1. 300W/220-240V/50-60Hz
2. VDE/BS plug,3*0.5mm²*1.2m
3. Housing:PP
4. Inner pot:Non-stick;0,9mm of thickness
5. CE&CB certificate

Accessories: 1pc * measuring cup ; 1pc* Rice scoop


G.B  Size(mm):198x198x245 mm

Carton Size(mm):610x405x505mm

N.W/CTN (KG): 16

G.W/CTN (KG): 18


20'GP  (piece)/40'GP (piece)/40'HQ (piece):2688PCS/5376PCS/6528PCS

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Q:Rice cooker steamer PP material, harmful to the body?
PP has good solvent resistance, oil resistance, weak acid resistance, weak alkali and other properties. POM has a high hardness and steel, has a high degree of creep and stress relaxation ability, excellent wear resistance, self-lubricating, and fatigue, and other engineering plastics can not be compared.So it is non-toxic and can be used safely!
Q:5--6 is used to eat rice cooker much?
Not a few copies of the rice cooker do you use for 6 pot
Q:Electrolux Electrolux LCD microcomputer rice cooker EGRC300 how?
This pot is very beautiful and very easy to use. In the evening, put the rice in, make an appointment, and you can have porridge or rice on the morning of the second day. You don't have to be prepared to get up early in the morning. The rice in the pot is very fragrant and soft and delicious. And after the use of water will not flow into the pot, there are sunken pot, I feel very safe.
Q:How do you remove the YJ408H rice cooker?
There is a screw in the lid. Take the cushion off the screw and it will start. What you can see is to remember to remember the parts. Don't lose the screws
Q:Is the smart rice cooker brand OK?
The adoption of other people's answers is not only the affirmation of the achievements of others' work, but also the encouragement of those who answer questions, and both the questioner and the person who answer the question can obtain the value of wealthIf you feel that my answer has not completely solved your problem or has other problems, you can ask me for help and ask for help from my team.
Q:Does electric rice cooker belong to electronic product?
What kind of rice cooker is it?.. The utility model relates to an electric rice cooker, which is a microcomputer electric cooker..
Q:What's wrong with the careless water in the rice cooker at home?
The bottom cover is opened to clean or dry with a hair dryer. Inside the circuit is very simple, as long as you don't move, is not bad circuit.Generally speaking, the bottom of the pot is more or less empty, so it won't keep too much water in itIf you can't open it, leave it for a while and let it dry naturally
Q:Where rice cooker can cook porridge and soup?
This is very good to achieve, ah, my family that the past few days have just cooked chicken ginseng soup, porridge every day burning, when breakfast.
Q:How about stewed pear candy with rice cooker? Do you want spices?
No, peel the Sydney. Cut it into pieces and throw it into the water. Put the rock sugar in it, you can turn on the electricity. Sweet
Q:Is the reservation in the PHILPS cooker going to work right away until the booking time?
No, it's when you arrive at the appointment.The reservation function should be used this way:First put the right amount of clean water and clean rice in the clean pan,Turn on the power switch and let the cooker pass.Press the function selection switch, they need to use the button, such as "Steamed Rice or soup".Then press the "appointment" button to figure out when you need to start cooking, and the time can be set,OK, OK. Just press "start"

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