Non-rising Stem Resilient Seated Gate ValveGGG50

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Product Description:


Non-Rising Stem


Body:  Cast Iron / Ductile Iron

Wedge:  Cast Iron / Ductile Iron Encapsulated with EPDM

Seat: EPDM / NBR

Shaft: SS410

Stem Nut: Brass

O-ring: EPDM, NBR

Wedge Nut: Brass / Bronze

Hand Wheel: Ductile Iron


Hand Wheel / Bevel Gearing / Square head / Electric actuator

Face to Face:

BS5163: 1986, DIN 3202 F4-F5, JIS B2002, ANSI B16.10


BS4504, DIN 2532, JIS B2212, ANSI B16.10/ANSI B16.50

Working Pressure:

16 Bar(200 PSI)

Design  and Manufacturer Standard


BS5163, DIN 3352, JIS B2043

Test Standard:

API 598  BS6755 DIN 3230  JIS B2003


Water works, Sewage, Public facilties, Building industry, Petroleum, Chemical, Steel, Metallurgy, Paper Making Industry, Foods, Beverage, HVAC

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Q:Is there a leak around my home's outside shutoff valve?
i don,t understand your Question.
Q:Pressure balancing valve adjustment in shower?
All major manufactures of valves have excellent customer service departments. Most of them also have great websites with lots of technical info. Note: You may try changing your shower head to one that is a higher flow or remove any flow restrictor that may be in the one you have now. This may allow you to have the valve set to a colder setting for the tub spout and should increase the hot when showering. Personally, I don't like these style valves. Too many problems like yours.
Q:Minor Heart Valve Leak?
A medical consultation is necessary.
Q:new head gasket. insane valve tapping?
Ok The push rods are fine. There is no order they go in. The valves are taping due to poor lubrication, also did you do a valve job before u put the gaskets on? Also Use STP oil treatment after replacing the gaskets its a thicker oil that lubes better. The water pump wont be ur only issue. it sound like there is some restriction in the cooling system, Firs check the upper radiator hose it should be hot not cold, check the reservoir its shouldn't be over flowing and make sure the V-belt is in good condition make sure there are no cracks in the belt. make sure The thermostat is installed correctly and Check the radiator it self if the radiator is back-up i recommend a new one if u cant affored it remove radiator and have i boiled out clean. Oh just for safe measure get a block test done just so u will know there are no cracks in the block
Q:What is a Valve Job?
I think your tech is adressing valve system deposits from your description. It can be done chemically, or with a shell blaster. Dirty injectors can be removed and sent for repair. Your car is pre OBD II, there is some experience and expertise required with cars before this because some of their problems won't set a code and require a real tech who had daily exposure to their habits, the fuel quality you can buy, your maintenance and repair records etc. Try the ford dealer for an evaluation of your current part usage and diagnosis of your symptoms. they should have your answers within the first hour. or, they may suggest a few tests. Getting aftermarket parts on your car over a period of years can make a diagnostic soup for a tech to pick-a-part.
Q:Question about bicuspid valve...?
I am not sure you and your father want to know if this is hereditary. If you have say have a bicuspid valve now it is not going change any thing. You will still have norma life There are many like living normally
Q:can a leaky valve covergasket or old pcv valve cause oil to burn from the exhaust?
is it burning[smoking out the ex.] or the engine comp[on the ex? ] sorry to answ with ? A blow out pcv could suck raw oil into combustion but would probably cause rough performance . slobbering injector would dilute oil in cylinder, and would smoke especially on acell.
Q:Tire valve problem?
by the time you drive around find a valve stem tool and then find a new valve core which you need to replace because it is leaking and how many times in your life time will you ever need this tool again you would be better off going to walmart tire center and have them install a new valve stem it comes with the new core and cap in 1 unit assembly
Q:Mitral valve repair surgery?
Very basically: The procedure is open heart and entails a complex system of sustaining life outside your body. The complications can vary. If you get a mechanical valve placed, your risk of embolus increases. Emboli can cause strokes and/or a fatal episode. However, once one recovers from either surgery (typically a short stint in the ICU but varying by the individual) the quality of life improves to better than pre-op. The need for a replacement may arise down the line. Barring any blood clots or infections, a MVP repair/replacement surgery does not by itself indicate anything about how long a patient survives post-op. A repair surgery tends to yield fewer long-term complications simply because no foreign tissue or synthetic material was introduced into one's system and the whole procedure is significantly lower risk in terms of infection. The risk of failure of a repaired valve is significantly lower than that of a replaced valve. Lots of variables influence the outcome though, and if this is a personal matter, I strongly suggest you speak candidly with your cardiologist. Bottom line: Repair surgery is generally safer and can allow the patient to live life fully.
Q:erg valve for 2000 honda accord vtec v6?
there was an extended warranty on the EGR valve to 8 years or 80,000 miles from new for problems related to insufficient lift of the valve because the port that the exhaust gas flows through gets plugged with carbon. if your car is within the 8/80 take teh car to a honda dealer for a free replacement of the valve and tube if you need to do it yourself or have someone else do it I can scan a bulletin if you want the details of how to do it. if you want that, send me an email by clicking on the icon above my name to the left of this answer and select email be sure to include your real email address that I can send an attached file to because Yahoo Answers doesn't allow attachments. Doing it this way keeps your email address and mine out of the searchable Yahoo Answers database hope that helps

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