Non Negative Pressure Water Supply Equipment

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Product Description:

Non Negative Pressure Water Supply Equipment

Product Description

WFYGS no negative pressure booster steady flow water supply equipment  can take the place of reservoir, which can make full use of tap water pipe network pressure water supply or water relay directly, to avoid the secondary pollution and energy waste, greatly saves the infrastructure investment and shorten the construction period. It is composed of frequency conversion control cabinet, instrument, steady flow tank, pump, valve, base and connection pipe, etc, applies to a tap water pipe network, need to increase the water pressure, constant liu to the water supply system.

Product features:

1. Section, energy conservation significantly

2. Simple and practical

3. Easy installation, management

4. Functions, safety

5. Advanced and reliable in quality

6. Configuration, unique

Environmental conditions:

1.The environment temperat : 5-40°c

2.Air relative humidity :≤85%

3.Meduim temperature: 4-70°c

4.Supply voltage:380v

Technology Parameters:


Lift head:30-200m

Working pressure :0-2.7MPa;

Temperature range:≤80°C;

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Q:how to change water pump on 1999 cadillac eldorado?
1999 Cadillac Eldorado
Q:How do you check water pump on 98 deville haveing overhea?
Get the radiator rodded or replaced. Next time, please post under Chevrolet or GMC. This is a VW only section.
Q:Why would a newly installed water pump leak?
Most likely cause: old gasket/sealer was not fully removed prior to installing new gasket. The gasket surfaces must be absolutely clean. Possible incorrectly machined gasket surface on replacement pump, but that's highly unlikely.
Q:Where is the water pump located on a 2002 Mercury Cougar?
Leave the water pump alone! It sounds to me like your gauge is malfunctioning. Every so often an electrical gauge will fail and give strange readings. It could either be the sensor that reads your coolant temp or the gauge body itself. Your car cannot go from overheating to fine while stationary at a red light. Take it to a shop (that specializes in electrical, they're out there) and tell them the temp gauge is acting wacky. If you INSIST to know the location of your water pump...should be on the passenger side of the car mounted to the engine. It's either driven by an accessory belt or the timing belt, I can't remember at the moment. Here's a trick also. Water pumps are designed to leak when they fail. See if you can find coolant spilling out of anywhere a few ounces at a time. Good luck!
Q:Does the water pump and the circulating pump belong to the centrifugal pump?
As long as the flow and head to meet what pump can be, the general centrifugal pump applications are more.
Q:Maximum pressure of the water pump?
Once a closed circulating system is filled, the circulating pump needs only to deliver the pressure difference need to take care of circulation losses due to friction and to flow controls. The friction losses will be through the chiller tubes plus through the cooling coils plus thru the longest total circulation piping run. Add to this the pressure drop through the most restrictive regulating valve in the system. This cannot be determined without knowledge of the piping sizes , the components and the respective flows. To take a guess, I would say you would be looking at a circulating pressure rise through the pump of around 30 psi. The static pressure from elevation , about 0.44 pounds per ft of height will be the same in both the supply and return risers and at both the suction and and discharge connections of the pump. So the height of the building need not be considered in the circulaton pressure losses. However the pressure rating of components will need to be suitable for that static pressure. Usually pump casings and pipe fittings are rated for cold water pressures adequate to the approximate static pressure of 90-100 psig on that ground floor or even in the basement of a 200 ft high building. where the pump is assumed to be located.
Q:30kW what is the flow rate of the pump?
Estimated traffic: Q = nP/ (9.8H), =70%*30/ (9.8H), =2.14/H (m^3/s)It is estimated that the efficiency of the water pump unit n=70%, power P to kW as a unit, the head H to m as a unit, you go to check the head H is how many meters, into the formula can be considered the flow rate is how many cubic meters per second.
Q:can a water pump pumping out air instead of water?
It wouldnt last long as the water acts as a lubricant and the seals would fail as a result .The bearings would also overheat if relying on being cooled by the water
Q:Help with damaged water pump causing car to overheat?
If you have electric fans to cool the radiator down you can turn on the airconditioning or the defrost which will make the fans run continuously keeping the water cooler for a longer period of time
Q:Please help!! Water pump question?
most cars, it is in the front, driven by the timing belt. If you are going to replace the pump, replace the timing belt also (if there is one), as it's probably overdue, and you have to remove it to get at the water pump. Also the tensioner. Replacing the timing belt is a difficult task. If you screw it up, you could damage the engine. .

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