Non-Asbestos Vermiculite for Fire Place

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100000 m.t./month

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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:vermiculite boards were packed in strong wood pallet, coated with film
Delivery Detail:within 20 days after the prepayment


Asbestos free vermiculite for fire place 
1. tempreture:1100 
2. sound insulation:40Db 
3.Customer design is accepted.

Vermiculite Insulation Product

Description of the product

1. Name;Vermiculite Insulation Product

2.Specification ;2400*1220mm,2100*900mm,1000*610mm, irregular vermiculite products.

Customer design is accepted.

3. destiny; 400kgs/M3----900kgs/M3

4. Packing; wooden pallet


1. Eco-friendly, non-toxic and zero radioactivity, non-asbestos .

Excellent workability.
2. The fireproof grade is A 
4.high-qulity vermiculite

5. Excellent fireproof character.

6. Heat insulation and preservation.

7. Sound insulating and absorbing.

8. Moisture adjustment

All kinds of our production

1. fireplace boards/bricks

2. fireproof boards

3. irregular products

4. soundproof products

5. insulation production

Technical date

1. Maximum service temperature:1100°C

2. Continuous working temp:1000°C

3. Compressive strength:0.8-3Mpa

4. Liner reheat shrinkage (24H @ 900°C %):<3

5. Total porosity (%):60-74

6. Thermal conductivity;@200°C   0.1-0.4

                                    @400°C   0.12-0.16

                                    @600°C   0.14-0.18

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Q:what can I use for the incubator other than vermiculite?
try sand to make a level area and it also is easier on your feet in pool
Q:Why should I not use perlite or vermiculitein ponds?
Leopard geckos usually lay 2 eggs per clutch........there has never been a documented clutch of 3 eggs. It is very common for first time mothers to lay a single egg clutch for their first time. Yes, it is perfectly safe to use a sharpie to indicate the top of the egg to prevent the egg from tipping over and causing the embryo to drown. sell or keep? ....that sounds like a personal choice based on market, financial, and space obligations that only you can answer for yourself. vermiculite vs. perlite ........I prefer perlite, but vermiculite is extremely effective also. perlite seems to be more forgiving and offers more air flow around the eggs in my opinion. for fertile and infertile egg comparisons, just google image search for the pics...they're there
Q:Where to find few bags of Vermiculite in Austin TX?
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Q:whats the difference between potting soil and topsoil?
Fertilizer for blooming flowers will help and so will the light that it gets They don't like full sun light. Don't over water. Let it dry out quite a bit( to the point of wilting), then give it some water once again.
It has to do with the mineral structure. Clays have water molecules in their structure that are loosely bound to the mineral and so it can give or take water. High temperature micas like biotite or muscovite, the OH molecule is strongly bound to their structure and they have a different more ordered structure to begin with. They will give off water only when the mineral breaks down to form another mixture of minerals.
Q:How do I identify the grainy, black insulation in my attic?
it truly is necessary to to take the eggs out at present. They run the probability of drying out or getting trampled. once you're taking the eggs out, be very careful no longer to tilt or shake the eggs. What i do even as my lady lays is i mark the proper of the uncovered element of the egg with a washer-friendly marker so as that i recognize the position the proper of the egg is and so as that i do not tilt it or turn it the incorrect way up by utilizing mistake. Tilting it is going to reason the embryo to break, therefore killing the egg...intently raise them out and position them in a field with moist (no longer moist) vermiculite or soil. Use your thumb to make an imprint on the soil to position each and every egg. each and every egg must be about 0.5 way buried. this may develop the probabilities of your eggs surviving once you're taking them to the puppy save in order to suited incubate them... good success!
Q:substrate ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Structure Of Kaolinite
Q:What could i provide my Leopard gecko with while she is pregnant? a nest?!? HELPPP?
Perilite is white and looks like little pieces of Styrofoam, vermiculite is used to pack hazardous chemicals in to ship and looks to be a combo of wood and is more absorbent, I would say both is not necessary. Vermiculite is more expensive than perilite which is why (i think) you see more perilite in plants. I would go for the vermiculite.
Q:is using seed starter with vermiculite and perlite already in it would it be the same as using vermiculite and
hi there OK first of all .. u need vermiculite, 10 gallon tank, submersible heater, a glass lid, a couple bricks, a plastic container which will fit in the tank and a humidmeter and tempmeter(humidity it the most need to be between 75-80% no more then 90%)...drill a few holes in the lid of the plastic container... add warm water to the vermiculite so it holds a ball form but not dripping.. add approx inch of vermiculite in the plastic container make thumb indents... add bricks to tank, add water up to brick level, place the submersible heater in tank and turn it on make sure the heat is fully submersed under the water.. turn it on approx 80 temp.. place the lid on tank ... remove adults first in a holding tank.. once the adults are out .. carefully remove the eggs not to turn them place them in the container of vermiculite the same upright that they were played where u place the indents place the lid on the container and place the container in the tank on the bricks... replace the glass lid on tank and place a towel over the tank.. in about a week or 2 u can candle the eggs with a pen light if u see veins then they are fertile...remove all that are not... do some research on how long to incubate.. babies ... never try to helps babies out of their eggs .. they will look dead at first b/c it take a lot out of them... it takes about a week after the hatch b4 they will eat.. start them on 1/4 size crickets they will eat a lot ... when they are approx 5-6 months old u can start them on a bit of leafy greens finely chopped...hope this helps good luck on ur new arrivals
Q:what kinds of natural resources exist in Antarctica?

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