Non-Asbestos Fiber Cement Board

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Product Description:

Product Applications:

1.Easy to work
2.Heat insulation
3.Sound insulation and fire resistance
4.Thickness: 4 - 15mm
Fiber Cement Board

Product Advantages:

100% non-asbestos Fiber Cement Board

100% non-asbestos Fiber Cement Board presents the art of Germany know-how as a high quality building materials.All boards are autoclaved to become stable product.fiber cement board does net contain any of asbestos fiber, however, it has strong bending strength like those with system.It has low water absorption rate and high impact resistant ability.These good advantages make it suitable for any purposes of applications.

high density fiber cement board is made by wood lengthy fiber,concrete,silicon sand and etc.Made under the high pressure water vapor process,therefore,it performs well in humidity durability,force resistance ,fiber proofing. fiber cement board is suitable in indoor partition, ceiling and decoration purpose.

Main Product Features:

 1) 100% asbestos free

2) Non-combustible: PSB, GB8624, CLASS A 
3) Moisture resistant
4) Excellent impact resistance 
5) Excellent sound insulation
6) High dimensional stability
7) Good surface finish
8) Easy to work, fix and decorate.

Wood fiber: 8%+Sio2:35-45%+Ca materials: 15-30%+ Cement: 10-20%+Other Accessories: 5%.
1) Thickness: 4 - 15mm
2) Max. width: 915mm,1830mm,1,220mm(Others could be also available according to your requirment)
3) Max. length: 2,440mm.4,880mm(Others should be also available according to your requirment)
4) Edges: square / beveled / tapped.

1) Internal and External partition wall applications in commercial, large office building and public ceiling ,curtain wall and so on.
2) Substrate board, applications in wet environment, such as kitchens and bathrooms ; 
3) Substrate for flooring
4) Eave lining
5) Filling slurry wall
6) Special environments such as ward, laboratory and asepsis room.

Product Specifications:

Non-Asbestos  Fiber  Cement  Board


Non-Asbestos  Fiber  Cement  Board

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Q:how to install cement backer board behind a bath tub?
you have to pull the tub out, that is disconnect the plumbing - drain - move the tub from the wall and then put in the backer board and then slide the tub back into position and rehook up the drain. Hopefully the drain will move over a half inch to realign again. Otherwise, why behind the tub? You need backer board behind the tile - there is no tile behind the tub. So cut the drywall out that is there now on the wall above the tub and replace it with backer board. Now it is tileable Much simpler, faster and same results.
Q:What kind of cirrcular saw blade do I use to cut cement board?
Use a board saw - it's basically the same as working with plasterboard/sheetrock
Q:Should I install the bathtub first, or the cement board first?
you are into some deep RE-construction if I were you it would be best to visit the hardware giants and take those classes that will help you get a professional finish to your new bathroom ..... surr
Q:Using cement board outside?
this area needs to be filled with easy to use Sak-crete and then float base for tile and them you can RE-tile and it should hold up for years ..... the hardware giants offer classes in tile setting and you can learn the correct
Q:what kind of compound and tape do i use when putting up cement board?
Use mesh tape and thinset mortar. They make a special tape for this that is wider than the mesh you use for drywall. Hope this helps.
Q:What besides cement board can i use to set tile on?
Hi Kaitlin, here's a link to a product called Denshield. I like it very well as it's much easier to work with than cement board. I think you could find this product locally.
Q:over the bath tub is durock cement board enough by itself,or it has to be something else under durock...?
Do NOT use green wallboard in a tub/shower area. Most building codes no longer allow it to be used in areas that are constantly wet. It does not stand up well in the event that it becomes saturated, and it will support the growth of mold. You're on the right track by using Durock (or similar cementitous backer boards.) Greenboard can be used in other non-wet areas that are subject to high humidity conditions.
Q:Can you just glue backer board on a cement wall?
Use thin set to bond it to the cement walls. As a precaution I always have braces set up to hold it in place until the thin set dries. Rough the paint up well and wipe dust down and use a latex thin set to bond with. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar ..GL
Q:Can I lay particle board over concrete/cement floor then install laminate wood over it?
1/8 isn't very much. You'll need t-moulding (transition moulding) between the two materials anyway. Rather than PB or ply, why not cleant he concrete, cpply primer, and pour self leveler on it? You'll make up your 1/8 in no time, without worrying about moisture affecting the substrate. Even plywood will warp and delaminate over time if exposed to moisture. You could get marine grade plywood (mdo or something, i've only had to get it once) but it'll be hard to come by the thickness you need in any substrate. Or just leave it alone and get a t-moulding that will make a transition over the 1/8 difference. They make plenty of different profiles.
Q:I have laid ed cement board down but I did not stagnate the boards.Will this affect the ceramic tile.?
it's not as stable a surface as if you did stagger the joints. the tiles could buckle or lift near the long joint. if you can do it simply, re do the cement board now, it's easier than later.

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