Nitride Bonded Silicon Carbide Refractory Brick, Side Wall Brick for Aluminum Electrolysis Cell

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Nitride Bonded Silicon Carbide Refractory BrickThe product can be made at different sizes&Specifications on basis of your design. Widely used as a good lining materials in large or medium Aluminum reduction cells., steel kilns or ceramic furnace, etc.

It has good advantages of:

Low thermal conductivity

Low thermal expansion

Excellent oxidation resistance

Excellent corrosion resistance

Long duration


The Process: Mixing, Moulding, Drying, and Nitride Sintering at 1100-1500 celsius degree. Package: Normally, 1100kg or1200kg into a Non-fumigated crate, each piece is isolated by good padpaper, bubble film, or foam board, etc.

Note: All of our export package materials confirms to IPPC standard, with an official mark on them. Parameter: Item unit dataSiC % ≥ 72Si3N4 % ≥ 21Fe2O3 % ≤ 0.5Density g/cm3 2.65-2.70Apparent porosity % ≤ 18Modulus of Rupture Mpa(at ambient temperature) 42Mpa(1400 degree) 45Compressive strength MPA≥ 150Thermal conductivity1250degree W/m. K 15-18Acid-proof alkaline ExcellentSize Difference 0-100mm ± 1.0101-300mm ± 1.5301-500mm ± 2.0501mm above ± 0.5%Composite Sidewall Slab for Aluminum Reduction Cell (side wall block, combo brick)DescriptionWith special bonding developed by us, stick graphitic carbon pieces with SiC brick tightly. Can be used directly at Aluminum reduction cells. The feature: Excellent chemical&oxidation resistance, Longer duration, convenient for installation. And so on. Specification: 610mm*400mm*75/210mm, or other sizes as per your requirement.

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Q:What is the high temperature limit of refractory bricks and refractory soil?
Refractory bricks are stone powder and clay paste. They are fired in a kiln of 1300 degrees. The upper limit is 1500 degrees above normal pressureRefractory bricks - refractory materials of a specified shape and size.
Q:What are the common thermal insulation materials for thermal conductivity?
Aerogels are known to be the lightest solid materials in the world. It is made of nanometer silica aerogel as main material and is compounded by special process. The utility model has the advantages of high temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity, small density, high strength, green environment protection, waterproof and non inflammable performance. At the same time, with excellent sound insulation and shock absorption performance, it is now widely used in metallurgy, chemical, national defense, aerospace and other fields, is an indispensable high-performance insulation materials.
Q:What does refractory consist of
Refractory materials can be divided into main raw materials and auxiliary raw materials according to their function in the production process of refractory materials.The main raw material is the main body of refractory. Auxiliary raw materials can be divided into binders and additives. The role of bonding agent is to make the refractory body in the production and use process has enough strength. There are commonly used lignin, phenolic resin, asphalt, cement, water glass, phosphoric acid and phosphate, sulfate, some main raw material itself has the effect of binder, such as clay; additive is to improve the production of refractory materials and construction technology, or strengthen the refractory material of some properties, such as stabilizer, water reducing agent, inhibitor, plasticizer, foaming agent, dispersing agent, bulking agent, antioxidant.
Q:How much is one ton / ton of high alumina refractory brick?
The market price of about super high aluminium brick price at 3000 yuan / ton, a high aluminum brick at around 2500 yuan / ton, two high aluminum bricks at around 2100 yuan / ton three grade high alumina bricks at around 1850 yuan / ton for reference, choose to buy the area is not the same as the prices are not the same.
Q:High alumina brick 80 with which high aluminum cement?
In order to maintain a reasonable comprehensive lining, should adopt high quality aluminum refractory mud, such as Sichuan resistance card phosphate refractory mud, refractory clay, high alumina refractory mud PA-80 LN-75, if you use the card volume of Sichuan resistant refractory clay masonry, the effect is better.
Q:What is the density of a super high alumina brick and what is the price?
Of course, the transaction price, please choose refractory brick manufacturer is better.
Q:How many cubic bricks does a high alumina brick have?
Different content of aluminum, different proportion, weight is not the same. General grade T3 standard brick, 4.3~4.5kg, aluminium content 75. T3 size 230*114*65mm.
Q:What are the grades of high alumina bricks?
According to the size of high aluminum brick is divided into: standard brick, special-shaped brick.
Q:Refractory brick, high alumina brick, magnesia chrome brick or magnesia brick, clay brick, which type of high temperature refractory brick?
The super high alumina brick in high alumina refractory brick has the highest refractoriness, and the corresponding production cost is higher.
Q:The difference between ordinary and diatomite brick refractory brick
Refractory brick belongs to a large class, according to different materials used are divided into: high alumina brick, dolomite brick, magnesia chrome brick, magnesia spinel brick, phosphate brick, carborundum brick, brick, mullite bricks etc..

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