Nickel Plating Square Padlock With Computer Key

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1. Material: iron

2. Packing: double blister or sliding card

3. High qulity and competitive price;

4. Customer design is acceptable, and some famous brand should be authorized;

5. Excellent after-sale service; High qulity and competitive price with 20 year experience;

6. Size: customized.

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Q:What padlocks can be resistant to hydraulic shear?
Put on a strong lock, those thieves will be destroyed. It is better to use the lock way (similar to the security door), so that thieves inconvenience to start.
Q:What are the padlock brands?
Now very few people with padlocks, and then take things do not need the brand, or else "three rings" is still good
Q:What material padlock does not rust
Press the unlock method points Top open padlock: refers to the key in the lower part of the lock, unlock the lock beam (lock hook) to the top. Straight padlock Cross the padlock: as the third picture Cross pad (also known as giant padlock): as the second picture padlock 3. Password padlock: because the key to open the padlock because of the higher opening rate, especially the smaller padlocks, the high opening rate is not applicable. So it developed a password padlock. Its features: up to 10,000 kinds of passwords.
Q:Please describe the padlock specifications, and explain the meaning?
Padlock specifications are mainly C, E, G type and other specifications models. The following classification of the padlock to do a brief introduction: 1, marbles structure type padlock Such a lock using cylindrical ball in the lock cylinder set up obstacles, so that the cylinder can not turn to achieve the role of locking. 2, the blade structure padlock Such a lock using the shape of the sheet metal from the role of obstacles, play the purpose of locking, zinc alloy or its word alloy locks often used in such structures. 3, chain structure padlock By the main lock and deputy lock, the main sub-lock has a mutual effect, associated with each other. Connecting two deputy lock that is locked to the main lock, only open and remove the two sub-lock, the main lock to open. 4, the number structure padlock In the lock body of the lock device, a skateboard mechanism is provided with a slot mechanism which is movable and rotatable and connected to a number plate and a rotor. The rotator is provided with a tooth or cam-shaped metal blade which is rotatable and movable so long as the dialing number , The lock can be opened on their own, this type of lock without a key.
Q:How is this padlock open?
Padlock principle is very simple. But can not pass the picture light is not necessarily clear. Say it: lock the heart set in the lock body. The bottom of the drill with a few holes, the hole leading to the lock cylinder directly into the bottom of the slot. Place two small pillars of beads in each cave. Install a small spring below. After the closure of the hole. The beads in the inside so that the lock cylinder can not turn. There are many gaps under the key. When the key is inserted, the beads are pressed down. Its position just to separate the lock cylinder and lock, lock cylinder can turn. The end of the lock cylinder has a lever, a turn can dial the tongue [this lock card on the hook hook] to open. Can be opened when the mark on the line, it is best to do a red.
Q:What is the padlock?
Padlock, lock the world's oldest, the largest family, it can be said that other locks are from the padlock in this category of reproduction, derived from the. Padlock lock body can be attached to the ring or "a" shape of the metal stems, that is, "lock beam", so that the padlock through the lock beam directly with the lock buckle into a closed lock.
Q:What are the padlock types of padlocks?
Top open padlock: refers to the key in the lower part of the lock, unlock the lock after the lock beam (lock hook) to the top. Straight open padlocks hanging padlocks: If the third picture beam padlock (also known as giant padlock): As the second Search the picture 3. Password padlock: because the key to open the padlocks are due to higher opening rate, especially the smaller padlocks, the high opening rate is not applicable. 1, stainless steel padlock: This type of padlock is characterized by strong antioxidant capacity, suitable for outdoor, but because of the difficulty of processing, the cost is relatively high, the use of domestic use of the padlock. less. 2, copper padlock: lock the main material is copper, the use of the more common are the main small copper padlock, that is, the following size 40mm, mainly copper is relatively high.
Q:Lock not open how to do padlock for a long time useless
Put the lock down to drop the oil into it, then lock the lock in the press, pull out, if it is iron gate, then the lock on the door knocked, Zhen Zhenzhen estimated about the same.
Q:How to crack the password padlock
Opened a lot of password padlock, because the memory is not good, always strenuous one by one test. A few passwords are ok, a finger pull the lock ring, from the outside to the inside of a dial a number, there is loose when the stop, the meeting toggle several times to determine which number or two numbers, try all the numbers after the solution opened. The first one takes about ten minutes.
Q:Anxious: what kind of padlock to buy the best use, or easy to pry
Buy the MOK paddle to buy stainless steel anti-violence is good
We specialize in making various kinds of padlocks and blank keys, including brass padlocks, iron padlocks, stainless steel padlocks, combination padlocks, waterproof padlocks, rectangular padlocks, disc padlocks, laminated padlocks, square padlocks, hammer padlocks, camel padlocks, lock cylinders and so on. We have built up good relationship with many overseas countries with a high reputation.

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