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Product Description:

Product Description

Inconel600/Uns: N06600 /W. Nr: 2.4816

Inconel 600 Chemical Composition and Mechanical Properties referring to the following tables

Inconel 600 Physical properties:
Density 8.4 g/cm³
Melting Point 1370-1425 C

Inconel 600 Characteristic as below:
1. Good corrosion resistance property for the reduction, oxidation, Nitric and other media.
2. Good stress corrosion cracking resistance property in both room temperature and high temperature.
3. Good corrosion resistance of the dry chlorine and chlorine hydride.
4. Good mechanical property when below zero, room temperature and high temperature.
5. Good anti-creep rupture strength, with the recommendation of 700C or above working environment.
Nickel Alloy Inconel (Uns N06600)Do you provide free samples?
Yes, we can provide a free sample for testing, If we have sample in stock, The quantity based on the material type, The buyer should bear all the shipping costs.

Specification: Plate, sheet, strip, rod, bar, wire, tube.

Please feel free to contact us and wellcome to your inquiries.

Aolly statusTensile strength
Rm N/mm ²
Yield strength
R P 0. 2N/mm ²
A 5 %
Brine ll  hardness
Annealing treatment55024030≤ 195
Solution treatment50018035≤ 185


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