Nice Car Steering Wheel Lock

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Product Description: steering wheel lock with good quality and competitive price.


2.high security steering wheel lock with modern designs.



product: 2012 car lock


applied to car steering wheel


lock cylinder: yuema anti-drilling lock cylinder


external specification: 470*170*90mm


lock body: high quality zinc alloy, satin chrome


lock bar: dia14mm hexagon anti-cutting steel, casehardened, chromed


weight: 1.8kg/piece


unit pack: gift box, 10pcs/ctn


highlight: anti-picking, anti-sawing, anti-cutting,easy to install and remove


MOQ: 1000pcs


ctn size: 54.6*43.7*51.5cc

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Q:What is the difference between a single tongue and a double tongue?
The type of door lock The role of each door is different from the door of the lock will have a different request, so the lock is no longer padlock and knock lock. In the case of locks, the locks can be divided into: portal locks (also known as anti-theft locks), bedroom locks, channel locks and bathroom locks. From the shape of the lock, the lock can be divided into: Hand lock, mortise lock and lock. Ball lock and handle lock lock, handle and touch the ball three functions and three for one, but the lock to adapt to the door and security door between less than 80cm door On, but also to install the door handle, more cost a thing, so called the lock it! Ordinary residents of the door locks are divided into four categories: The first door is a door lock, is a family door, is the home outside the watershed, it must have a special function, that is, the role of insurance security, so the door lock, also known as insurance lock or anti-theft lock, in the choice Should pay attention to the distance between the door and the door can not be less than 80cm, or your security door will be locked in the door locked and not on the security door. The second is a channel lock, it is only the role of the door handle and hit the bead, this lock is not insurance function, apply to the kitchen, hall, living room, dining room and children's door locks. The third lock for the bathroom lock, which is locked inside, in the door with a key to open, apply to the bathroom or bathroom.
Q:How to distinguish between indoor interior locks is left inside and right lock
Lock body it is also a reason, race lock lock body, especially the E series and F series, only need to press the tongue into the lock body, and then turn the diagonal direction, you can change inside and outside. Is also very simple.
Q:What brand of lock is good?
Lock the top ten brands NO.1 Wang Li Wang Li, from the Wang Li Group Co., Ltd., China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand, China's top ten brands of anti-theft door, China 500 most valuable brands, industry famous brand. Lock the top ten brands NO.2 gold point atom Golden Point Atom, Guangdong Golden Point Atomic Lock Co., Ltd., anti-theft door lock top ten brands, the leading domestic cylinder brand, private technology enterprises in Guangdong Province, high-tech enterprises, the lock industry well-known enterprises. Lock the top ten brands NO.3 million Jia Wanjia, China Wanjia Group Co., Ltd., China Famous Brand, anti-theft door lock top ten brands, Zhejiang famous brand, brand-name products in Zhejiang Province. Lock the top ten brands NO.4 Paul Dean Is a set of design, development, production, sales and service in one of the professional lock enterprises, anti-theft door lock top ten brands, well-known trademarks in China.
Q:Security door in the A-level lock, B-lock, C-level lock What is the difference?
B-level lock: B-key lock for the flat key, a double row of the ball slot, with the A-level lock is different from the key surface of a row of curved irregular lines. The main type of lock cylinder is 3, the computer double row cylinder, double row crescent cylinder, double blade cylinder core. Anti-technical open time 5 minutes, the mutual high rate. Through the torsion tool, 1 minute can open the cylinder.
Q:Anti-theft door locks can be changed inside and outside
Not all of the anti-theft lock can be inside and outside the facelift
Q:Which locks are safer
Hardware accessories is also a good impact on the use of the lock period of a factor. The material of the lock is generally aluminum alloy stainless steel with copper, aluminum alloy slightly worse, copper is best. The same material, the difference is also great, qualified lock workmanship are relatively fine, unqualified products are more rough, qualified lock in the open when the sound is crisp, and unqualified lock surface often scratches the mark, the key to insert It is more loose, open the sound more boring.
Q:What is the meaning of the anti-theft door cylinder ABC level? Which level of lock is best?
Security door is divided into A, B, C, D four levels, the corresponding anti-theft time is 30 minutes, 15 minutes, 10 minutes, 6 minutes. (For example, 080615 refers to the thickness of the steel plate of the door panel is 0.8mm, the thickness of the plate is 0.6mm, the thickness of the door frame is 1.5mm, the thickness of the door plate is 1.5mm, the thickness of the door plate is 1.5mm ). Which Class A should require the use of B-class anti-theft locks, B, C, D can use A-level anti-theft locks.
Q:What is the way to open the horse lock?
Resistance method; buy a bottle of repair table with waterproof oil. Poured into the lock body. Do not leave the hook with a single hook. Then the lock spring will be very slow rebound. Because the waterproof oil is very sticky. The rebound force of the lock spring is blocked by a part.
Q:How to use it correctly
Performance maintenance 1, in the course of the use of regular (six months or once a year) or in the key plug is not smooth, add some graphite powder in the keyhole (pencil powder) from the lubrication, do not add any liquid oil Material as a lubricant to avoid grease sticks marbles spring, resulting in the lock can not turn and can not open. When the door is closed more laborious, can be wiped in the oblique tongue pencil can be resolved. 2, closing the best holding the handle, the lock into the lock body, close the door and then let go, do not force hit the door, otherwise it will reduce the life of the lock. 3, when the main lock or insurance lock out of the door, do not violent impact, so as not to damage the tongue and the door frame. 4, because the door and the door frame between the installed seal has a stretch effect, so when the lock with a handle or key lock, you can open the door at the same time by hand to push the door or sliding door to overcome the elasticity, do not force the handle or key Open the door to prevent the handle or key from breaking.
Q:What are the valve locks?
Mast did a good product, but the price is very good, the variety is not a lot. Personal recommendations or choose Wenzhou Beidi's valve lock is better, relatively high cost!
We are specializing in making a series of mechanical locks for vehicles, safes and doors. Most of our products have obtained national patent certificates. Our products also have been recommended by the Ministry of Public Security as the security and protection products for many years. We welcome friends all over the world to visit us!

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Location Guangdong,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2007
Annual Output Value
Main Markets North America 2%
South America 1%
Eastern Europe 1%
Southeast Asia 3%
Africa 5%
Mid East 5%
Eastern Asia 3%
Domestic Market 80%
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2008

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Nearest Port
Export Percentage 1% - 10%
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Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
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