NFPA20 Standard Fire Fighting Centrifugal Pump

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Product Description:

Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

  • Model Number: D

  • Theory: Centrifugal Pump

  • Structure: Multistage Pump

  • Usage: Water

  • Power: Electric

  • Standard or Nonstandard: Standard

  • Fuel: fire fighting pump

  • Pressure: High Pressure

  • Application: fire fighting pump

  • Material: 304.316.316L S.S

  • Pump: multistage centrifugal pump

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Standard plywood case or carton for each fire fighting pump.
Delivery Detail:15 working days from receiving payment



1.Directly coupled, vibration proof and low noise.

2.Same diameter of inlet and outlet .

3.NSK bearing ,which is the most famous brand in China.

4.Circulating flow cooling ensure mechnical seal long life .

5.Small foundation required that will saving construction investment by 40-60%.

6.Excellent seal that is no leakage


Working Conditions

Rotating speed: 3600r/min, 1800r/min, 2960r/min, 1480r/min

Medium: clean water or other liquids similar to clean water in physical and chemical properties

Medium temperature: -10 ~ 80°C,400°C available under special design

Ambient temperature: Up to 40°C

Range of capacity:1.8~2000m3/h

Range of head: up to230m

Maximum working pressure: suction pressure+head of pump≤25 bar



Pump Construction

Casing/impeller:cast iron,stainless steel,copper,bronze

Shaft:carbon steel 45#,stainless steel

Mechnical seal:graphite/silicon carbide/tungsten carbide




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Q:how does the simplest form of a water pump work?
To understand the working of a hand pump, you have to understand the working of a basic pump. Pumps work by creating a difference in pressure ( in this case of water). A sort of vacuum is created at the top of the pipe while water is present at the lower end. There is a difference in pressure hence water rushes to the top-end of the pump from where we get water. This vacuum is created by the mechanics in the electrical pump. Regards -M.S P.S : Please select as 'best answer' if you like my answer...
Q:Overheating problems... radiator? thermostat? water pump? head gasket?
You need head gaskets. Compression from the cylinders is getting into the cooling system.
Q:Tightening bolts on volvo water pump...?
the pump is held on with 6mm x 100 thread pitch nuts and bolts. the best tool to use will be a 1/4 inch drive ratchet and short extension with a 10 mm deep socket [6 point] these bolts are 12-15 ft bs. of torque if you snug bolts down evenly and use only moderate pressure as a final tighten you should be alright. after srarting all bolts let pump relax so the top seal is not crushed
Q:changing the water pump in my car?
If automobiles suffered as many head gasket mess united statesas suggested real right here; there could desire to be no automobiles on the line. A mechanic is going to could desire to look at it and evaluate it to his save temperature gauge. this is not the water pump and it somewhat isn't the thermostat (until ultimately the thermostat have been given put in the different direction up-which I actual have seen take place) and it somewhat isn't the hoses. Leaves a blown head gasket or a defective sensor or a large air bubble.. Or, now you already know the situation your domestic dog mouse is.
Q:how to tell if water pump bearing is bad?
No it isn't hard to fix, first loosen the little bolts on the water pump pulley, then take the belt off, then unbolt the water pump and take pulley off old pump, clean off old seal from block, put on new seal, you may have to use gasket maker or silicone, install new pump, and bolt pulley on to new pump, then reinstall belt. Oh I forgot you will have to drain the antifreeze before you start, and refill it after you are done! Start the car and let it warm up and look for leaks, if you see a leak you didn't get it sealed properly and will have to repeat the sealing process and antifreeze. Takes an hour or so to do!
Q:New water pump leaking from bolt hole?
Remove the new pump and gasket. Reclean the steel surface and remove any pieces of the old gasket that might still be attached. That surface needs to be perfect. Apply the recommended sealer after this is done . Either a sealer or anti-sieze compound should be added to the threads. Recheck surface of new pump for any flaws and reinstall. Bolt in a criss -cross pattern and tighten equally , partially tight first and then all of them fully tight.
Q:i have 1998 Camry LE. Just reached 100, 000 miles. Do I need a new water pump when I get timing belt changed?
my question to you is .why are you going to a dealer for repairs on a 1998 car? there are plenty of good repair facilities out there you just have to ask around. and yes i would also replace the water pump at this time and have them use a timing belt kit .
Q:Any tips on changing water pump on 95 jeep grand cherokee?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Any tips on changing water pump on 95 jeep grand cherokee? My father in law has a 95 jeep grand cherokee with the v~8 engine, the water pump started leaking so we went to autozone and bought a brand new duralast one with new gaskets, I'm gonna be putting it in when the weather lets me since i have to do it out on the street in front of the house, i was...
Q:Adjust belts and change water pump on 02 Accord?
First taking a 14 year old vehicle to the dealership is not really necessary but it's your choice. If there talking about the timing belt then it is a expensive repair anywhere from $600-$1000 and it needs to be replaced to prevent it from breaking and causing the engine to destroy itself. If that is the case then the water pump also needs to be replaced since it's driven by the timing belt and in the same access point. There is a possibility that there talking about a serpentine belt that turns the accessories such as the alternator, ac compressor, but on that Honda I think there talking about the Timing belt.
Q:Could I replace a water pump myself?
i doubt that your motor vehicle has 2 gas pumps yet until now you replace the pump have it examined first ! besides the pump it ought to be something else like the pump relay or the fuse ! not commencing ought to additionally be a clogged gas clear out ! getting back to the thermostat and water pump ! specific you are able to replace them in case you have the appropriate kit and your quickly vulnerable !

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