Newest Design Multifunction Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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New Design Multifunction Robot Vacuum Cleaner

OKorder is offering high quality Chemical and Industrial ETP Metal Packaging at great prices with worldwide shipping. Our supplier is a world-class manufacturer of vacuum cleaners. Our cleaning equipment is utilized the world over, with OKorder annually supplying a full range of products to European, North American and Asian markets. 


Our Chemical and Industrial ETP Metal Packaging is ideal for:

  • Office cleaning

  • Home

  • School campuses


Not only is OKorder's Chemical and Industrial ETP Metal Packaging of the highest quality and reliability, we are able to quickly ship orders within 20 days of receiving a deposit or original L/C.


Main features of our Chemical and Industrial ETP Metal Packaging

·           Automatic recharging

·           Anti-fall and anti-collision sensors

·           UV sterilization

·           Mop function




Material: ABS, PC, PA6

Size:          800px * 217.49999999999997px

Color: Red / Silver / Gold / Blue / Black / Purple

Weight: 3.1kg

Noise: ≤55dB

Input Voltage: 100V – 240V, 1A

Output Voltage: 24 DC, 1A

Rated Power: 23W

Suction: 3W

Battery Voltage: 14.4V

Battery Capacity: 1700mAh / 2200mAh (Ni-MH battery)

Battery Service Life: 800 charges

Charging Time: 4-5Hrs

Battery Life: 60 – 90min / 90 – 120min

Service Area: 90m² - 120m²

Operating Mode: Straight line, zig-zag, avoid pillars, wall following, “U”, spiral

Speed: Fast: 0.25m/s        Slow: 0.14m/s

Scheduling: Seven days, Memory

Cleaning way   Sweep, Suction and Mop

Mop Function: Available

Fault Code: 23 fault code

Bumper Induction: Photoelectric and Mechanical

Carpet Cleaning: Available

Ground Detection Sensors: 4 pairs

Wall Detection Sensors: 5 pairs

Main Brush: Rubber brush + bristle brush

Main Brush Length: 412.5px

Side Brush: One

Side Brush Radius: 175px ±12.5px

Dust Bin: Bi-layer structure

Dust Bin Capacity: 350ml

Remote Control: Wireless (10m)

Space Isolator: Infrared and Wireless (7m)

Charging Station: Infrared and Wireless 



Newest Design Multifunction Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Newest Design Multifunction Robot Vacuum Cleaner



Newest Design Multifunction Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Newest Design Multifunction Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Newest Design Multifunction Robot Vacuum Cleaner



Q1: Why buy Materials & Equipment from

A: All products offered are carefully selected from China's most reliable manufacturing enterprises. Through its ISO certifications, adheres to the highest standards and a commitment to supply chain safety and customer satisfaction.

Q2: How do we guarantee the quality of our products?

A: We have established an advanced quality management system which conducts strict quality tests at every step, from raw materials to the final product. At the same time, we provide extensive follow-up service assurances as required 

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Q:Who else finds this commercial annoying?
LOL LOL lucky lucky me I havent had the extreme displeasure of seeing that one!
Q:Can fleas really escape a vacuum cleaner?
The OSU study, partially funded by the Royal Appliance Manufacturing Co. and detailed in a recent issue of the journal Entomologica Experimentalis et Applicata, involved vacuuming up groups of 100 adult fleas at a time, as well as groups of 50 pupae and 50 larvae, from a tightly woven kitchen-type carpet. Six tests on the adult fleas killed an average of 96 percent of adult fleas, and the three tests of pupae and one test of larvae resulted in the deaths of all the fleas. Study team member Glen Needham and his colleagues are researching non-toxic ways to kill insects, because though bug bombs have sent fleas on the run, the fleas could develop resistance to these chemicals. Needham thinks that the brushes, fans and powerful air currents of vacuum cleaners are what's responsible for killing the itchy insects. Needham and his colleagues have suggested that the vacuum brushes wear away the cuticle, a waxy outer layer on fleas and most insects that holds water in and keeps them hydrated. Without this protective layer, the adults, larvae and pupae probably dry up and die, Needham said. We didn't do a post-mortem, so we don't know for sure, Needham added. But it appears that the physical abuse they took caused them to perish.
Q:What kind of vacuum to buy for hardwood floors and rugs with a shedding dog?
Like the first Answerer said, you definitely want a vacuum with the 'brush off' option for your non-carpeted floors. Not only does it prevent scratching of the floors, but it also prevents 'throwing' that happens with vacuums that do not have this option--this is especially helpful for those who have cats as the litter gets thrown from the beater brush. Them Dysons are crap. I've vacuumed shampooed the carpet of my clients who had pets. The ones that had Dysons were the worst! I found out how terrible the Dysons were when I'd shampoo the carpet after vacuuming. There was SOO MUCH pet hair left in the carpet after vacuuming that it would constantly clog my shampooer. I kept having to take apart the shampooer clean out the pet hair that clogged the suction holes. I have a Bissell Lift-Off that I bought second-hand for only $45. Actually, I have 2 now as I use one for my clients the other for the home. Of all the vacuums I use ( I use a lot of different kinds b/c I am a house cleaner), I like this one the best overall.
Q:What brand or type of vacuum is the most effective and most affordable?
Dyson, eureka, shark, dirt devil, Bissell, got 20 of each laying in the office. Spend real money on a Kirby that will last 20 plus years cleaning up to 14 inches deep. Call for a demonstration at your local Kirby store. They'll Show You the Difference between Kirby and any other.
Q:Any Toy Vacuum Cleaners that actually pick stuff up?
Junior Hoover Upright Vacuum Backyard Safari Bug Vacuum
Q:how much did the iRobot Roomba cleaners cost?
About $150. If you go to the look at comments section, someone always posts the price 'cause woot doesn't tell once the item is history. For previous days, go to the community and look for the iterm. There's a link to the comments with each item.
Q:Why do some vacuum cleaners have head lights?
It makes it much easier to see in dark corners and darker areas, such as under beds and in closets. I have found quite a few things because the light from the headlight reflected off something that the room light didn't show up. Also, it makes pet hair show up easier, so you know when it's clean. I do vacuum during the day, but there's two dogs in my house, and some areas have more dirt/hair/lint/etc. than others.
Q:what metals are used to make vacuum cleaners and why?
The basic unit in vacuum cleaners is a motor with steel housing for safety, windings of copper, brushes of copper -impregnated carbon. The rest of the cleaner can be made of almost anything. Copper for the windings for conductivity, steel housing in case the 3000 rpm parts break apart.
Q:My PC won't startup properly after vacuuming...?
remove and refit all memory remove and refit graphics card remove and refit heatsink/fan
Q:What happens when two vacuum cleaners fight it out?
Their two induction motors create a bad power factor. you better get a capcitor bank to rectify that

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