Newest Design Multifunction Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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New Design Multifunction Robot Vacuum Cleaner

OKorder is offering high quality Chemical and Industrial ETP Metal Packaging at great prices with worldwide shipping. Our supplier is a world-class manufacturer of vacuum cleaners. Our cleaning equipment is utilized the world over, with OKorder annually supplying a full range of products to European, North American and Asian markets. 


Our Chemical and Industrial ETP Metal Packaging is ideal for:

  • Office cleaning

  • Home

  • School campuses


Not only is OKorder's Chemical and Industrial ETP Metal Packaging of the highest quality and reliability, we are able to quickly ship orders within 20 days of receiving a deposit or original L/C.


Main features of our Chemical and Industrial ETP Metal Packaging

·           Automatic recharging

·           Anti-fall and anti-collision sensors

·           UV sterilization

·           Mop function




Material: ABS, PC, PA6

Size:          800px * 217.49999999999997px

Color: Red / Silver / Gold / Blue / Black / Purple

Weight: 3.1kg

Noise: ≤55dB

Input Voltage: 100V – 240V, 1A

Output Voltage: 24 DC, 1A

Rated Power: 23W

Suction: 3W

Battery Voltage: 14.4V

Battery Capacity: 1700mAh / 2200mAh (Ni-MH battery)

Battery Service Life: 800 charges

Charging Time: 4-5Hrs

Battery Life: 60 – 90min / 90 – 120min

Service Area: 90m² - 120m²

Operating Mode: Straight line, zig-zag, avoid pillars, wall following, “U”, spiral

Speed: Fast: 0.25m/s        Slow: 0.14m/s

Scheduling: Seven days, Memory

Cleaning way   Sweep, Suction and Mop

Mop Function: Available

Fault Code: 23 fault code

Bumper Induction: Photoelectric and Mechanical

Carpet Cleaning: Available

Ground Detection Sensors: 4 pairs

Wall Detection Sensors: 5 pairs

Main Brush: Rubber brush + bristle brush

Main Brush Length: 412.5px

Side Brush: One

Side Brush Radius: 175px ±12.5px

Dust Bin: Bi-layer structure

Dust Bin Capacity: 350ml

Remote Control: Wireless (10m)

Space Isolator: Infrared and Wireless (7m)

Charging Station: Infrared and Wireless 



Newest Design Multifunction Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Newest Design Multifunction Robot Vacuum Cleaner



Newest Design Multifunction Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Newest Design Multifunction Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Newest Design Multifunction Robot Vacuum Cleaner



Q1: Why buy Materials & Equipment from

A: All products offered are carefully selected from China's most reliable manufacturing enterprises. Through its ISO certifications, adheres to the highest standards and a commitment to supply chain safety and customer satisfaction.

Q2: How do we guarantee the quality of our products?

A: We have established an advanced quality management system which conducts strict quality tests at every step, from raw materials to the final product. At the same time, we provide extensive follow-up service assurances as required 

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Q:I was trying to vacuum my carpet last day and then all I saw all over my carpet was black spots, help me clean
Sounds like the belt to your vacuum may be shot. Check that first. If it is powdery, just replace your belt, and re vacuum. If it is set in, you should call a professional in. You don't want to take a chance spreading the black throughout the carpet. Let the professionals be responsible.
Q:What you you identify as a sweeper?
perhaps the group desires extra artwork on protection and can score for all time. if so, you will desire to be the best participant to place at sweeper. or you are the main gifted and you get to handbook the protection. i'm a protective coach and my terrific gamers are the sweepers. They run the full container, call out marking assignments, and can see the different group's performs advance, so they are in a position to look after against them. Your taking part in sweeper will help you get a extra advantageous first touch with the ball, help you're making faster judgements, and help you study some management skills. believe your coach, she's the coach. If she says Play right here, play there and play as annoying you are able to. in case you start to get wimpy on her, she'll get annoyed and positioned you at outdoors fullback.
Q:Are Styrofoam peanuts bad for vacuum cleaners?
I would use a broom. If you have a shop vac that would work but those peanuts will clog your every day house vacuum.
Q:PLEASE HELP! What's the difference in these Tristar Model Vacuum cleaners: DXL DXL compact CXL and the IEC?
IEC stands for Interstate Engineering Corporation. This is the original manufacturer of the Compact and TriStar vacuum cleaners. The Compact began selling the C1 model in 1946 and continued with model updates until 1981 ending with the C9. In 1982, it was rebranded as the TriStar and the model was the CXL. The CXL model sold until the mid 1990 s. After that, the model changed to DXL. These sold until 1998. The biggest differences between the CXL and the DXL are the Turbo Brush carpet cleaning tool and the filtration system. The DXL introduced a new, more practical Filter Fresh sub-micron filtration system. These filters can still be purchased today. The older CXL filters are obsolete and cannot be replaced. The good news is... the DXL Filter Fresh filters are reverse compatible and will work on almost any Compact or TriStar manufactured between 1973 - 1998. The DXL also changed the drive of the Turbo Brush from a flat, smooth belt that slips to a geared belt that shuts off automatically with the help of a computer circuit board that tells the motor to shut off if something gets caught in the brushes. The machine was totally redesigned and was released in 1999. It was called the EXL. The only parts that are interchangeable between the pre and post 1999 models are the wheels and the bags. Although both use the same cyclonic dirt bagging system, the machines themselves are almost totally different.
Q:Vacuum cleaners...When it comes to maintaining suction, being leight weight, and low noise level, ...?
i like all the bissel brands i am a housekeeper so i use them daily
Q:one of them automatic vacuum cleaners... what are they called and how much do they cost?
you must be stupid.
Q:What is the most powerful canister vacuum on the market today?
I own the Hoover WindTunnel Canister Vacuum. It's pricey, but a great vacuum for having pets that shed. A less expensive option is the Electrolux Harmony Ultra Quiet Canister Vacuum.
Q:i need a really good vacuum!?
Try Vax or Dyson, in the UK. Not sure you can get them in the US tho'.
Q:Men, if your girlfriends bought you new vacuum cleaners would that be the time when you actually look the ?
Creative use from Gazz guess he's not fearful of injuries?
Q:What is the working principle of a vacuum cleaner?
The internal pressure is much lower than the external pressure, the pressure difference effect, dust and dirt with air into the vacuum cleaner barrel, and then after the dust bag filter, dust in the dust bag, purifying the air can pass through the motor to escape into the room again, the cooling of the motor and the air purifying function

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