Newest Design Housing HD CVI Camera

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Newest design housing HD CVI camera

Color CCD cameraColor high-definition CCD camera
Pickup device1/3" Sony Super HAD CCD
PixelsNTSC: 510(H)*492(V) PAL: 512(H)*582(V)NTSC:768(H)x494(V) PAL:752(H)x582(V)
Black and white:0Lux/F1.2(IR ON)Black and white:0Lux/F1.2(IR ON)Black and white:0Lux/F1.2(IR ON)
White BalanceAuto
S/N ratio>48dB
Gamma correction0.45
AGC Gain ControlAuto
Privacy covered///
Motion Detection///
Back Light CompOn
Wide dynamic
Horizontal mirror///
Infrared lamp36pcsφ58/850nmInfrared lamp
IR distance30m(indoor)/20m(outdoor)
Video Output1.0Vp-p Composite video signal,75Ω
Electronic shutter1/60(N)/1/50(P)~1/100,000sec
Operating Temp.-20°C ~ 50°C
Sync.systemInternal Sync
Power SupplyDC12V ±10%
Power Consumption80mA/320mA(IR ON)100mA/340mA(IR ON)80mA/320mA(IR ON)
Lens3.6/6/8mmManual lens
Color super high-definition CCD camera
Pickup device1/3" Sony Super HAD CCD1/3" SONY EX-View SUPER HAD CCD
PixelsNTSC:768(H)x494(V) PAL:752(H)x582(V)PAL:976(H)*582(V)NISC:976(H)*494(V)
Black and white:0Lux/F1.2(IR ON)Black and white:0Lux/F1.2(IR ON)Black and white:0.005Lux/F1.2
OSDChinese/English (wire control OSD)Chinese/English (wire control OSD)seven language optional(wire control OSD)
White BalanceAuto Tracking white balance/Auto White balance/Manual/Fixed
S/N ratio>48dB(AGC Off)>50dB(AGC Off)>50dB(AGC Off)
Gamma correction0.45/Defined(0.05-1.0)0.3/0.45 / 0.6 /0.750.45
AGC Gain ControlOff/On(0-255horizontal adjustable)Off/OnOff/On(6-44Adjustable)
Privacy coveredOff/On(4Area adjustable)Off/On(4Area adjustable)Off/On(4Area adjustable)
Motion DetectionOff/On(4Area adjustable)Off/On(4Area adjustable)Off/On(4Area adjustable)
Back Light CompOff/On(64 AreaOptional)Off/low/middle/highOff/Backlight compensation/High brightness compensation
Wide dynamicOff/On//
Horizontal mirrorOff/OnOff/On
Infrared lamp36pcsφ58/850nmInfrared lamp
IR distance30m(indoor)/20m(outdoor)
Video Output1.0Vp-p Composite video signal,75Ω
Electronic shutter1/60(N)/1/50(P)~1/100,000sec
Operating Temp.20°C ~ 50°C
Sync.systemInternal Sync
Power SupplyDC12V ±10%
Power Consumption70mA/300mA(IR ON)80mA/300mA(IR ON)80mA/300mA(IR ON)
Lens3.6/6/8mmManual lens

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Q:6mm camera and 3mm camera What is the difference
3, the smaller the smaller the effective monitoring of the distance, the more the larger the effective monitoring of the farther away from the lens.
Q:What is the abbreviation for monitoring the OLUX on the camera?
Background light is usually provided by other light sources, because the camera's imaging surface illumination is not convenient and direct measurement, generally given the camera lens aperture conditions, the use of ambient illumination values to characterize the camera optical sensitivity and optical dynamic response range.
Q:Does the surveillance camera itself have a record storage function?
But there is a class called the camcorder camera itself with a storage function, you can play through the menu video playback
Q:Monitor the camera if the power supply to him a large current, pay attention to the current is not the voltage, the voltage is 12V, then what will happen to the camera?
The current is very rare to see this situation, but the current is low, then I am sure that the monitoring head will appear like a pattern like interference
Q:Do you want to monitor the camera?
Weak point of delivery is to talk about the power adapter in the 220v voltage this head, the transmission line is 12v voltage, suitable for closer from the video camera camera.
Q:What is the meaning of monitoring the focal length in the camera?
Under normal circumstances, the fixed focus of the surveillance camera, the seller told the larger size, through the camera to see the target larger (that is, look far), but the narrower the angle of view (observation range), the shorter the depth of field. The smaller the size of the lens, the smaller the target (see near), the wider the viewing angle (the viewing range), the longer the depth of field.
Q:Monitor the camera 1/3 and 1/4 of the difference there is nothing different CCD what is it
Monitoring camera is a semiconductor imaging device, with high sensitivity, anti-glare, small distortion, small size, long life, anti-vibration and so on. Surveillance camera security system, the image generation is mainly from the CCD camera, can also be stored out of the charge to change the voltage, with anti-vibration and impact characteristics are widely used.
Q:Use home computer camera how to install home monitoring?
The first transmission distance monitoring camera installation, generally need to use a few meters to tens of meters ranging from the transmission distance, but in accordance with the provisions of the USB standard, USB device, the longest transmission distance is 5 meters, so USB are Can not use long distance, which is what we use the USB camera to do monitoring the first problem encountered, the camera transmission distance. In fact, USB transmission distance can be resolved, USB can be extended through USB? HUB transmission distance, each additional HUB, you can extend the 5 meters, a total increase of 5 HUB, which is extended 5 times, each 5 meters, so The longest extension of 25 meters. Why is the USB demanding on the distance so strict? This is because the USB signal frequency is very high, the line in the process of transmitting the signal attenuation of the signal is very large, when the signal attenuation can not maintain the normal transmission of the signal, WINDOWS will prompt "to find unrecognized USB device" So the general distance can not be more than 5 meters!
Q:Monitor camera lens 4-6-8-12-16MM difference.
These numbers on the lens label refer to the focal length of the lens. The larger the value, the farther the distance the lens can reach, but the angle becomes smaller.
Q:Monitor there is a camera monitor can not see, but the playback can see, how is it?
The camera will collect the signal to the monitoring host, monitor the host output video signal to the monitor, playback can see that the front-end camera to monitor the host connection is good, the monitor can not see the reason is because the monitor host to monitor even There is a problem with the line.

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