Newest Concert Speaker Nfc Bluetooth Speaker

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1. International authentication brand CSR bluetooth 4.0 module, high-definition phone, A2DP interactive control, wireless transmission effective distance of 10 meters (under the premise of barrier-free wall).

2. Two 52 cm aluminum iron shed all frequency loudspeakers, effective power 12 w, in indoor and outdoor can be powerful music effect.

3. Double power supply mode, 9 v / 1 a transformer power supply, two pieces of original 1000 ma batteries(2000 mah batteries long range to 8 hours), household 220 v power supply to recharge the battery at the same time.

4. The touch control operation, LED display screen .

5. The international quality certification, CE/FCC/ROHS certification.

Newest Concert Speaker Nfc Bluetooth Speaker Bs-228
* Famous brand JBL sound .
* Wireless phone with bluetooth stereo / 2000 mAh batteries can be 8 hours continuous play 12 w/power .
International brand JBL and high-end CSR bluetooth 4.0 .
* Clear communication without noise echoes in wireless connection stability transmission effect is good .

* Suitable environment : travel  , Internet video chat , listen to music online office , store that occupy the home .

Newest Concert Speaker Nfc Bluetooth Speaker Bs-228

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Q:How the speaker converts the electrical signal into an acoustic signal
This magnetic field interacts with the magnetic field of the permanent magnet and drives the coil to vibrate. The cone connected to the coil is also vibrating, and the sound is emitted.
Q:Show not to insert a speaker or headset
The second step, then click on the bottom of the "Realtek HD Audio Manager"
Q:The loudspeaker can not adjust the volume.
Option 2: 360 security guards in the optimization of acceleration to see the entry windows Audio service has not opened, if not, then you can restore,
Q:Does the loudspeaker drive?
Loudspeakers are generally not required to drive, may be caused by software.
Q:The difference between loudspeakers and loudspeakers
But the loudspeakers generally have their own speakers.
Q:How to set the speaker volume on the computer's master volume
it is recommended to change the computer to check the headset or speakers and other equipment sound quality problems) Start - control panel - sound and audio equipment -
Q:Speaker woofer what Q value is good
In the impedance characteristic curve of the loudspeaker unit, it indicates the sharpness of the impedance curve at the resonant frequency of the impedance curve, which reflects the damping state of the loudspeaker vibration system to a certain extent.
Q:How does the computer's speakers install?
You have to reload the sound card driver, you should be integrated sound card, do not know which you are the sound card, first drive the following operation:
Q:Mobile phone speakers have noise, how to do it?
After the above investigation is still appear noise, it is recommended to back up mobile phone information (phone number, SMS, photos, etc.) to carry mobile phones, purchase invoices and warranty card to the local OPPO customer service center testing.
Q:What is the icon of the loudspeaker?
Video ... there is no question mark, if there is a look at the property to know that there is a problem driving, or sound card problems

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