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Track panel includes four main parts: toolrail, beam, adjusting device and longitudinal template. It could adjustelevation, level and extra-elevation. It has the single girder structure and iseasy to plaster concrete with a large work space; the single girder structureconstruction brings minimum error to the curve segment construction, whichhelps adapt to the super elevation adjustment. It is more convenient to adjustthe track panel. Because of the horizontal adjustment of the new track panel,it doesn’t produce the branched top obliquely upward component, improving thefine-tuning efficiency greatly. The vertical stud always perpendicular to theground, and it correspondences to the fine-tuning car’s adjustment value withoutadjustment deviation. The new track panel can be used generically on theroadbed, bridges and tunnels. We can finish the track bed construction ofdifferent working conditions without adding more devices.

Performanceand parameters

Gauge of track panel                 1435 ± 1mm    

Adjusting amount of surface       435~835mm(superelevation 0~180mm)

Adjusting amount of rail direction        less than 35mm

Slope of rail base   1:38~1:42 (standard value1:40)

Type of sleepers             bi-block sleepers for 60kg/m rail

Width of track:              2800mm

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