New Style Portable Powerful Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description:

New Style Portable Powerful Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner


With luxury appearance and strong power design

With HEPA filter and big dust capacity design

Full charging green light indication

Over charging and discharging protection

With Turbo nozzle for pet hair cleaning

With on board crevice nozzle and small brush

Charging time: 8-10 Hours

Using time for each full charging : 18mins

Technical Data:

Rated adaptor voltage: 230-240V,50-60Hz

Power: DC 9.6V/DC 14.4V

Dust capacity: 1.2L

Adaptor: 1.8M cord length, comply with ERP

Vacuum Kpa: 3-4Kpa

Injection color with highlight spray


1pc per gift box

Gift box size: 450*130*210mm

4pcs per export carton

Carton size: 465*425*260mm

G.W/N.W: 9.8/8.8kgs

20’/40’/40HQ: 2016pcs/4200pcs/4848pcs

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Q:Why are Vacuum Cleaners only advertised with a woman using it?
HahahhaLOL Too Funny......Men do vacuum Just probably not as often in the house. However Shop vacs that are sold at Hardware stores aren't usually advertised with women just men.
Q:Can someone recommend a really potent vacuum cleaner?
I've had good luck with Bissell over the years, and I have a small Dirt Devil for stairs and my car. Of course they have complex vacuum cleaners that can run well over a thousand bucks. I have used those, (and sold them at one time, years ago), personally, I do not think they're worth the money. Orecks are pretty good, too. Be cautious of those pricey ones, too, because often the company will go out of business, or either stop making accessories like bags and other things you have to buy. If you can't get those items, then you have a vacuum you've spent hundreds of dollars for that is useless. My Mother and Grandmother bought a Kirby and a Rainbow years ago. They stopped making bags, so for years my Mother had a $1,200 vacuum sitting in the closet that she couldn't use because no parts were available. If you want a vacuum for in-home, or for use in your car or shop, and one that is powerful and will vacuum up water, I'd recommend a Shop-Vac. You can get those at Lowe's or Home Depot.
Q:Why is it when the majority of wives decide to depart they act like giant vacuum cleaners?
Only WEAK husbands get the vacuum cleaner done to them.. I hope you're not a WEAK husband!!!
Q:How come nobody ever says vacuum cleaners suck? It would actually for once be correct usage of the word.?
While an open-ended vacuum does, literally, suck, one usually refers to the process, suction, specifically suction power when referring to the machine's action. One might be more specific/scientific refer to force of the vacuum if one were attempt to weigh the merits of various vacuum cleaners, although this is usually done by comparing relative measures of engine horsepower. Usually, of course, a practical demonstration is called for given. As for the negative connotations given to the term in common parlance, there are two possibilities: 1) It is an abbreviated version of the term more euphemistically stated as vacuums excrement. 2) It could refer to a negative memory of an adolescent experiment w/ a machine... The former seems more likely. But, as Fats Waller used to say: One never knows... Do one?
Q:Which is the best brand of vacuum cleaners? Eureka? Bissell? Hoover?
This might be something you would want to check out. I just did a review on this particular vacuum, I hope you like it.
Q:Where can i rent a vacuum?
go to the apartment office and ask for workers to clean it for you instead . they charged me for $50 for cleaning the carpet .
Q:My Uncle sells vacuum cleaners. Each week he earns $200 plus 8% of his sales.?
Q:Which vacuum is best for people with allergies?
Central vac systems as the other posters are talking about are great but hard to install in a house that's already built and expensive. But if you have the funds, it's a great way to go. My favorite of all time vacuum is the Bissell Healthy Home that I have now. It's got the HEPA filter and has a filtering technology similar to Dyson for 1/2 the price. Well made, solidly built unit with a 5 year warranty on it. On sale, you can find them for about $200, regular price is $250. My middle son (grown and on his own) is allergic to cats and we now have 4. I got the Healthy Home and did a really thorough cleaning with it. I was pretty disgusted with what my Hoover Wind Tunnel had been leaving in my carpets. Son came home for a visit a day or so after that. He didn't have near the allergy issues! We regularly use it on the upholstered furniture also. Because I have so many pets, we vacuum about every other day. Regardless of what you get, you need to keep the unit clean. There are washable filters in most units that you rinse out in the sink and let dry and replace. The cleaner the filter, the better job it does. None of the uprights do a really good job on bare floors but there is a way around that. Sears sells a generic bare floor brush that with the adapter included in the package fits right on the extension wand of the Bissell. Your upright is now a canister! Cost $13.00 plus tax. Vacuums are one of those things that you get what you pay for to a point. I wouldn't go cheap even if it has the HEPA filtration but I don't think it's necessary to spend major bucks either. I've seen too many Dyson units come back to the store for issues and have to be sent out for repair. Try telling a lady that the vacuum she spent $500 on a month ago is broken and needs to be sent out for repairs, it's going to take 6 weeks at least and no, she doesn't get a loaner.
Q:what are the faults that occur in a vacuum cleaner & how to rectify them ? thanx a lot?
given your level of knowledge about vacuum cleaners my best advice would be throw away the broken one and buy a new one. But let's say you decided not to take that advice. Then take the broken machine to a professional repairman. Let's say you didn't want to do that either. First let me warn you again that one of the first two solutions are your best bet. So you can't afford a new vacuum cleaner or to pay someone else to fix it. Ok. Unplug it from the wall. Check the plug and power chord carefully. Look for anything broken or bent. Replace any broken, bent or worn parts. By the way, make sure the outlet is functional. Take something you know is working and plug into the same outlet. If the working item does not work in that particular outlet then the outlet is broken. If the forgoing did not fix the machine then you really, really need to go with the first or second suggestion. If you can't then you have to open up the machine and see if you can find out anything wrong with the innards. Before doing that, check the vacuum hose, intake and filter. Make sure that none of these is clogged or broken. Replace any broken parts and clear any clogs. If you have to open up the machine then we are out of my depth. Yes I could tell you that after you make very, very, VERY, certain that the damn thing is not plugged into the wall, use a volt ohm meter to check the continuity of the wires and replace any broken ones. But if you don't know what a volt ohm meter is, you need to give this project up before hurt yourself.
Q:Why do vacuum cleaners usually have lights on the front, do they expect you to vacuum at night?
I, too, wonder at some of these things. Another one is why there is braille on the numbers at the bank drive through ATM. I do know that when the lightbulb is out on the vacuum, it is harder to see the dirt, even in daylight. I guess the lightbulb helps create shadows so you can see the dirt.

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