New Style Camera Android 8X Zoom Lens For Smartphone

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Product Description:

     New Style  camera android 8x zoom lens for smartphone


1 Extend metallic flexible handle and then put in mobile phone or digital camera
2 Move focusing holder right or left to adjust the lens's center of camera mobile phone or digital camera 
3 Lock the locking knob after finish adjustment 
4 Install the long focal lens in lens adapter
5 If you need, mount the holder with the coming tripod




Telescope Lens  Minimum Focus Distance: 3M
Magnification: 8X
Field View: 246M
Angle of View: 15°
Size: 3.4x72mm

Net Weight: 46g 
Phone Holder  Length: 50mm Allowed Cell Phone
Weight: 23g 
Mini Tripod  Total Length: 140mm; 190mm (extension) 



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Q:What are the meanings of the parameters on the camera lens?
These are generally used to specify the parameters (indicators), and some also give some of the measured data, curves, etc.
Q:Digital camera lens bad repair?
Completely assured that this can be to Fuji's after-sales service network, but it is estimated to buy you buy half of the price of the camera are possible
Q:Can the camera lens be wiped with a cotton pad? What is the best rub?
Lens cleaning kit the best, first with the ball blowing dust, and then wash the water with the lens, so no problem, do not use the mouth gas with a handkerchief rub, so to wipe the stain, and the lens coating is also damaged , The imaging effect will be greatly reduced Note: Some stains such as fingerprints dry rub is not rub, and really wiped out the coating will be finished, you must use a special lens water !!!!!!!! There is the lens can Do not rub, do not rub, do not rub, the physical contact with the lens coating are damaged, can also use the lens paper, suede, resin glasses for the glasses cloth. Absolutely can not use things: Alcohol, paper towels, clothes, rubber and other things can be spike lens coating! Lens once the damage is irreparable, the only way is for the lens. There is a more than 80,000 of the lens, because the coating damage of 20,000 people are no one To, it is best to pay attention to the point, try not to hurt
Q:Micro single camera lens that kind of good
SLR because it is said that GF lens is not cheap, and can remove the lens of micro-single parts are expensive. But GF2 performance and SLR is similar, but there are still differences. Now a lot of businesses in Japan earthquake hype to raise prices, bb00 or so may now only buy Canon bb0D kit, b00D may be hanging. But if you are only the first entry or not recommended to buy a new machine, two mobile phones used to get started the best, so the time to mature and then purchase a new large and medium speed will be better. Buy the price of the first to consider the brand, which brand of lens group strong; second look at the price, which price you can accept; the last is the most important thing is to see what you really need a lens after all the SLR and lens this thing is not cheap to buy SLR is not a bright show you have to according to their real needs to choose to buy and use the lens. Buy equipment should not follow the trend, so easy to lose themselves, a waste of money, the limited money on the blade, this is the real thing to make the best use.
Q:Canon camera appears "camera and lens communication is faulty please clean the lens contact" error
There is such a failure, it is likely that the lens mount or fuselage bayonet electric shock was damaged or damaged, you can use alcohol to wipe the contact, if still can not work, it is recommended to send the service station.
Q:The digital camera shows what the lens is wrong
Camera tips lens error, the camera can not use the need for professional maintenance, failure can have the following: 1, the camera lens by the external force damage, can not be extended, you need to replace the deformation of damaged parts;
Q:How do I recognize the SLR camera with a telephoto lens and a short focus lens?
The larger the focal length, it means that the smaller the range can be taken, the farther the distance is. In the lens division inside, the lens shooting range is less than 28 is wide-angle lens. 28-35 is a small wide angle. And 35-100 this range is the standard lens. More than 100 is the telephoto lens.
Q:NIKON D90 camera how to take the lens
Hold down the lens next to the lens to unlock the key, a twist down. There is a white side of the lens side, and the lens mount next to the white point of alignment, the lens itself down. On the lens when the first point of the white point, the lens down to a turn, hear a click on the line.
Q:The world's most famous three digital camera lens is what
1, Carl Zeiss lens; Carl Zeiss lens is from Germany's brand, is currently one of the few non-Japanese manufacturers. Karl Zeiss is a very long history of optical instrument manufacturers, the production of the lens in the traditional camera field has always been a "noble" synonymous with many photographers to have Carl Zeiss lens proud.
Q:Digital camera lens brush can brush lens it?
Lens brush can only brush the lens sticky floating ash, if the stubborn stains is best to use the lens pen to clean up, or with a special cleaning fluid with cleaning paper (not the lens paper) to rub. Domestic lens cloth is generally not reliable reliable lens.

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