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Sports fence also known as "the stadium fence";It‘s a new kind of protective products that designed for the stadium, the product’s net body is high, prevent climbing ability.Stadium Seine belongs to field a purse Seine, it is also known as: "sports Seine", can be installed in site construction wai column, purse Seine, the product‘s greatest characteristic is strong flexibility , we can adjust the structure of the mesh, according to the shape and size.

Stadium fence especially suitable for the height of 4 meters Seine as a field, basketball court purse Seine, volleyball venue and sports training venues.

Material: High quality low carbon steel wire.

Weaving method: weave welded together

Anti-corrosion treatment: electroplating, hot dip, plastic spraying, PVC coated processing.

Advantages: anticorrosive, prevent aging, sun resistance, weather resistance, bright color, smooth surface, strong tension, not easy to deformation by outside force bump, site construction installation ,strong flexibility (shape and size can be adjusted according to site requirements at any time).


Characteristics and function:
1, The stadium fence, fence adopts streamlined appearance: transparent, beautiful, contracted, fashionable and elegant style;It can meet different areas and different environment, the needs of different aesthetic crowd.
2, Tomahawk connections: unique link connection mode, tomahawk groove design, make the retainer and column of any height without any accessories to connect the embedded groove, ensuring its strong degree, have stronger tensile sex and anti-collision ability, also the perfect shows its anti-theft function.
3, Ten years warranty period: adequate pretreatment and unique high temperature static PVC spraying process, to ensure that the plastic layer uniform distribution, surface feel more smooth;By 2000 hours salt spray resistance test, and commitment to ensure product anticorrosion for 10 years.Normal circumstances have self clean ability, uv protection, not cracked aging, not rust, oxidation and free maintenance.
4, Due to the stadium fence can be a variety of combinations, and according to the requirements of the customers in different sites, there are all kinds of arc, different Angle and different level cascade installation, to provide the ideal solution.With beautiful appearance and unique design of trackless automatic sliding door, etc, form a harmonious whole.

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Q:Is it possible to protect the radiation around the computer with a wire mesh?
Then this said, the so-called CPU radiation will not be where to go with the sun's almost what I think.
Q:What is the barbed wire fence? What is the general specification?
The appropriate bending, creating a unique aesthetic effect of this product, and the surface can be used in a variety of colors of the dipping treatment, columns and mesh with different colors is pleasing to the eye, while the use of such products with a chassis
Q:Will the gray sand brick wall is full of hanging wire mesh?
because the wall will be settled with the beam after the column There are cracks, nail on the barbed wire and then wipe the cement mortar,
Q:How is the wire mesh made
Iron wire production is simple, widely used and developed earlier. Wire or wire (the corresponding enterprise for the "wire mesh business") is the steel wire once again cold processing products,
Q:How the wire is welded
Resistance welding, solder joint relative to welding beautiful. iron wire. The use of resistance welding, can be in a very short time, high current welding.
Q:Barbed wire fence is what the iron ring
Thorns are divided into ordinary wire and barbed wire. Surface treatment process: electro-galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, plastic, spray
Q:How does proe draw wire mesh?
With a way to scan it to a roughness (wire diameter), because the barbed wire is two cross, so the mirror in the center of a mirror out of the two wire will be created into a group, (selected - right - group )
Q:Wire mesh for wire mesh applications
Body network, can also be used for solid material classification screening, liquid and mud filtration. Weaving and features: the first rolling after the series, two-way wave bending, locking bending, flat top bending, two-way bending, one-way wave bending, solid structure.
Q:What is the mesh in the wire mesh specification?
In countries and regions using imperial units of measurement, the mesh size is expressed in holes / inch or lines / inch. The mesh can generally indicate the degree of tightness between the wire and the wire of the screen.
Q:Barbed wire mesh 20 mesh and 30 mesh what is the difference
The sparseness of the network is different, in general, the larger the mesh, the closer the mesh is. The smaller the mesh, the thinner the cell.

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