New Slow Juicer With DC Motor 700AC

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Multifunctional Slow Juicer
1) Low Noisy,High Juice out rate
2) Easy use and Clean
3) Competitive Price
4) 150W,DC Motor

Slow Juicer

Power: 150W, 230VAC 50Hz(150W,110-120V 60Hz)

Use the principle of slow spiral pole and slow squeeze to get the juice, obtained the patent invention technology.

Maintain the original flavor of vegetables and fruits and also various kinds of Vitamin.

The juice rate is as high as 90%, significantly improved the utilization rate of fruits and vegetables.

Special patent technology for a convenient use, which was more easy.

Easy to clean, low noise design.

Super long time work. Let you enjoy fun juice.

Multi-functions: Juicer, Meat Grinder, Noodle Maker, Shredder, Medium / Coarse slicer

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Q:The juice machine put ice Jiaocheng Smoothie it
The second is through the blade, the fruit and water into pieces, without slag. This can beat ice
Q:Can a blender work as a juicer?
Juicer and blender are 2 concepts, the use of different should not
Q:Pour in the fruit and turn on the switch. The juicer doesn't move
According to the different types of machines, the installation instruction method is different, there are roughly two kinds: first, no switch button type (such as 350), the cup buckle to the main card slot
Q:Why is the garlic green after it is squeezed out of the juicer?
Garlic cells bioactive substances aliphatic thio cysteine sulfoxide and thio propenyl cysteine sulfoxide sulfur compounds in garlic enzyme, generating thiosulfinates, allyl thiosulfinates, allyl thiosulfinates, as a precursor of garlic pigment substances, will garlic greening. And low temperature is the main reason to break dormancy, activate garlic enzyme and green change. This change is a normal chemical reaction, harmless to the human body, you can rest assured.
Q:I would like to ask the United States Juicer how to use, how to choose Juicer?
With the improvement of living standards, the material requirements are increasingly high, like every family will have a juicer to squeeze something to eat, it can not only make their own love of delicious, eat more at ease, so how beautiful it juicer,The home is also the United States of the brand, so it is still relatively understanding, this side to introduce, you can refer to see.
Q:Is it nutritious to press fruit juice?
Because of water, fruit juice reduces the amount of fiber that people are rich in. And these cellulose can prevent and reduce diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and other health effects, but also effectively stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote bowel movement. In addition, the direct consumption of fruit is easy to satiety, while drinking fruit juice will unknowingly absorb too much calories and sugar, increase the risk of disease.
Q:Juice extractor is able to juice separation good, or not separated good? Why
More than one function must be replaced, removed, separated, juicer is the same, you need it
Q:How can I start my Juicer?
2., the first use of the product several times, the motor sends out a bad smellRule out: This is not an abnormal phenomenon. If it is used repeatedly, the product will still send this odor. Please send it to the service point for inspection3. use in shutdownPossible reasons: (1) low voltage; (2) excessive force push bar; (3) motor temperature control protection;Methods of elimination: (1) check whether the voltage is too low; (2) push the bar gently; (3) stop 20~30 minutes and then use;
Q:You can carry a juice extractor with a high speed rail
SureTrains, motor cars, high-speed rail, prohibited items:These items are prohibited from carrying on trains1. goods prohibited or restricted by the state;
Q:Why are most of the fresh juice bacteria exceeded?
First, the juicer is prone to bacteria. Many restaurants, including the family, do not completely sterilize the juicer, leaving the juice residue hidden in the corner of the machine, making it a hotbed of bacteria. Moreover, the current market "Juicer" many are from some production licenses without the processing plant into the goods, not in line with the provisions of the state production and processing standards, there is no disinfection and sterilization facilities. Some are even made from recycled food containers, which are banned by the state because recycling containers contain residual harmful bacteria

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