New Slow Juicer With DC Motor 700AC

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Multifunctional Slow Juicer
1) Low Noisy,High Juice out rate
2) Easy use and Clean
3) Competitive Price
4) 150W,DC Motor

Slow Juicer

Power: 150W, 230VAC 50Hz(150W,110-120V 60Hz)

Use the principle of slow spiral pole and slow squeeze to get the juice, obtained the patent invention technology.

Maintain the original flavor of vegetables and fruits and also various kinds of Vitamin.

The juice rate is as high as 90%, significantly improved the utilization rate of fruits and vegetables.

Special patent technology for a convenient use, which was more easy.

Easy to clean, low noise design.

Super long time work. Let you enjoy fun juice.

Multi-functions: Juicer, Meat Grinder, Noodle Maker, Shredder, Medium / Coarse slicer

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Q:Will the juicer add water?
See what you squeeze, and plenty of fruit can be added without water!
Q:Is there a juicer that can be squeezed out of the flesh?
And drink juice, mixed with slag will affect the taste? So the food processor is definitely out of the question
Q:Do you want to use the juicer to squeeze the juice?
Juice with a juicer when you want to water, juice diluted, otherwise it is too thick.
Q:Generally what fruit juice for children to drink better?
In addition, fruit juice to drink is harmful to children's health, easy to cause lack of exercise for children's teeth, facial muscle and muscle strength become weaker, and the regulating function of the eyeball is weakened. In addition, the long-term inability to chew, the jaw will become less developed, irregular teeth arrangement, upper and lower teeth malocclusion. After all children teeth should eat some rich in fiber, a certain hardness of fruit, in order to increase the child's chewing force, chewing movement and facial affect by ocular movement, accelerate blood circulation, promote the gums, jaw and facial development, both health and beauty.
Q:How do you make ice cream with a NUC Juicer?
The juicer is a tool for making ice cream. Here is a simple recipe for ice cream. Apple ice cream: Apple 500g, white sugar, 150g, fresh milk, two bottles. Process: wash the apples, peeled and sliced, coring, Jiaocheng paste, add sugar and 1000 grams of boiling water, add boiling milk, stir, put into the container after cooling in the refrigerator to freeze branding
Q:Do strawberry milk juice without juice machine how to do?
You can slice or slice the washed strawberries and squeeze them into mud with a spoon
Q:The juicer doesn't peel the pears and apples, does it?
Juicer first, simple, followed by small noise, good material again. This one meets all three requirements. And E9 has a lot of new features
Q:Why did I buy juice squeezed out of the juicer? It's different from the store
In fact, the juice in the juice store has a good taste, but the nutrition is not nutritious.He filtered the flesh out of the dregs and the nutrition in the flesh.
Q:How much is the juicer zummo06?
According to the kind of ten fast enough; general electric one hundred; can go to seed peeling Liangbaisanbai like this.
Q:Which juicer is better?How do you choose the right Juicer?
Listen to the sound: the best power to try, to hear the Sound Juicer is not big, in the safe and stable operation, especially a little attention is when closing the juicer to listen to no harsh voice, if there is the existence of this juicer.

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