New Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

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Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher
The product is within the advanced structure designer,outstanding broken crushing ability, the prior reliability,and as well as the lower operate cost, through single hydraulic cylinder lift and down ,to attain the regulation of the crushing chamber,cleaning the tune,pass the iron,and overload protecting and other functions ,to be collocated the    electronic intelligence controlling systems ,and to get the more control on the production,and more assignment on the optimize function, and also widely on the all kinds of black ,colored ,and non-metal iron and sand on the industry area.

Technical Parameters

ModelDiameter of Large End 
of Crushing Cone(mm)
 Opening Width(mm)
Max Feed 
Size (mm)
Motor Power
Overall Dimensions

1.  Crushing remark: C=course, Z= medium, X= fine.
2. The ability of the capacity is corresponding of being crushed materials is following as bellowing: the thickness of the stockpile is 1.6t/m3, the moisture content is less than the 4%,the hardness of the medium ( the index WI=10-13)and also give the material of the discharging material is more than the 10% of the overall materials ,through the crushing is giving feeder on the 360,the main motor is worked on the 80-85% of the rated power.

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Q:What is the advantage of a jaw crusher made of large and medium-sized plain pendulum?
The material distribution in the crushing cavity is: the material in the upper cavity is larger, and the material in the lower chamber is smaller. The larger block requires a larger crushing stroke, while the smaller one is just the opposite. If the large material requirements are met, the horizontal stroke of the discharge port is too large, and the product granularity can not be guaranteed.
Q:What are the specifications of gyratory crushers?
Domestic specifications: PX500/75 type crusher; PX700/130 type crusher; PX900/160 type crusher; PX1200/180 type crusher; PX1500/180 type crusher; PX1500/300 type crusher. Of which: P stands for fragmentation, and X stands for cycles.
Q:What is the standard of crusher motor? How many motors can drive it?
The stone crusher can be divided into medical stone crusher and mining stone crusher according to large categories. The principle of mining machine is suitable for mining massive stone crushing hard rock, its typical granite grain size less than 40mm accounted for 90%, the function of processing length of 100 ~ 500 mm below the material, its compressive strength up to 350 MPa, high crushing ratio, cubic particles of broken material etc.. Mining machinery refers to crushing materials in the discharge of more than three millimeters in size, accounting for more than 50% of the total discharge of crushing machineryVoltage and voltage select 400 (380) V, 3000V, 6000V and 10000V according to the motor power.
Q:What type of bearing does the crusher use?
The bearings used in the crusher are single row cylindrical roller bearings, double row cylindrical roller bearings
Q:What does "mantle" mean in the crusher? Which part is it?
It's shell. A part of a layer outside a crusher.
Q:What crushing machine does asphalt recycling break?
Various types of pavements paved with mineral materials in bituminous materials.
Q:What are the hammer crusher models? What's the approximate size of each model?
Heavy hammer crusher, single stage hammer crusher, ring hammer crusher, reversible hammer crusher, hammer crusher
Q:What is the working principle of jaw crushers?
The commonly used jaw crusher has two kinds of double elbow plate and single elbow plate. In the former, the movable jaw is only used as a simple circular arc oscillation, so it is also called a simple swinging jaw crusher. The latter moves up and down while swinging the circular arc, so it is also called the complex swinging jaw crusher.
Q:What are some common crushing methods for crusher?
Crush crushing, impact crushing, impact crushing, others are not known
Q:What is the function of the sealing ring of the crusher?
Mechanical seal work should pay attention to the problem 1, installation precautions a, we must pay great attention to avoid the installation deviation generated in the installation (1) should be aligned on the gland in coupling bolts should be uniform, to prevent the end cap oblique, with feeler check, the error is less than 0.05 mm. (2) clearance check the gland and the shaft or shaft diameter (i.e. concentricity), around to evenly, not more than 0.01 mm check with the feeler the tolerance. B, spring compression amount should be carried out according to regulations, not allowed to have too large or too small phenomenon, requiring 2 millimeters of error. Excessive assembly increases the face to face pressure, and the other speeds end wear. Too little will cause less pressure than sealing. C, the ring should be installed to ensure flexible movement on the axis, the moving ring pressure to the spring, it should automatically bounce back. 2, the demolition notice in a, removing mechanical seal carefully, prohibited the use of hammer and chisel, so as not to damage the sealing element. The utility model can be used as a pair of steel wire hooks, and the sealing device is pulled out when extending into the gap of the driving seat in the direction of self profit and loss. If the scale is not removed, it should be cleaned and then removed. B, if both ends in the pump with mechanical seal, take care of each other in the assembly, the disassembly process, prevent the care for this and lose that. C, the running mechanical seal, where the gland loose, so that the sealing movement, the dynamic ring parts must be replaced, should not be re tightened, continue to use. Because in the kind of dynamic friction Ying, the original orbit will change, the contact surface of the seal is very vulnerable to damage.

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