New Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

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Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher
The product is within the advanced structure designer,outstanding broken crushing ability, the prior reliability,and as well as the lower operate cost, through single hydraulic cylinder lift and down ,to attain the regulation of the crushing chamber,cleaning the tune,pass the iron,and overload protecting and other functions ,to be collocated the    electronic intelligence controlling systems ,and to get the more control on the production,and more assignment on the optimize function, and also widely on the all kinds of black ,colored ,and non-metal iron and sand on the industry area.

Technical Parameters

ModelDiameter of Large End 
of Crushing Cone(mm)
 Opening Width(mm)
Max Feed 
Size (mm)
Motor Power
Overall Dimensions

1.  Crushing remark: C=course, Z= medium, X= fine.
2. The ability of the capacity is corresponding of being crushed materials is following as bellowing: the thickness of the stockpile is 1.6t/m3, the moisture content is less than the 4%,the hardness of the medium ( the index WI=10-13)and also give the material of the discharging material is more than the 10% of the overall materials ,through the crushing is giving feeder on the 360,the main motor is worked on the 80-85% of the rated power.

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Q:What is cone crusher? What are its advantages?
Features of chip mill:- special steel, ordinary steel, aluminum, copper and aluminum cans, all kinds of waste plastic can be broken into small piecesThe broken sizes can be adjusted freelyThe use of high-speed rotary crusher can deal with a large number of waste materials, high strength work, crushing stability.Using modular structure, easy maintenance and replacement of consumable partsThe special steel hammer, wear resistance strongFull sealing mechanism, cutting waste, fly out of chips can not ensure the safety, mixed with foreign body in cutting chips (bolts, nuts, and other scrap) from the foreign body discharge by centrifugal forceUse balanced design to minimize noise and vibration
Q:Crusher no-load test machine should pay attention to what?
4. the crusher can carry out the load operation test on the basis of the empty load test run.5. the machine should operate smoothly, without exception, normal vibration.6. bearing temperature rise is not more than 40 degrees centigrade.7. no dust shall be allowed in each seal.
Q:Is the particle size of hammer crusher the same?
No, it isn't! This depends on the specific models! The sizes of the materials are different according to different models!
Q:What's the difference between a crusher and a broken hammer?
The hammer is likened to a big hammer and breaks large stones into smaller ones.
Q:What crusher is used in the laboratory to crush the sample better and less expensive?
Small flow millChangsha Changhong pharmaceutical machine manufacturer Bao YunfeiPrice concessions, manufacturers Bao Yunfei
Q:Why does the hammer crusher work with strong vibration?
When the hammer is used to turn the face and turn back, to prevent the weight of the rotor from losing balance, all the hammers in the crusher must be turned together at the same time, otherwise there will be a strong vibration during the operation. 3., the main shaft will be bent and deformed. The solution is straightening, which needs to be replaced in severe cases; 4. corresponds to the weight difference between the two groups of hammers over 5G. The solution is to adjust the hammer weight, the corresponding two groups hammer weight difference of less than 5g; 5. individual hammer may card too tight, not completely off operation. The approach is adjusted by hand (artificial) rotation and observation, the hammer rotating flexible rotor; 6. other parts of the unbalanced weight, then need to carefully check and adjust the balance of the rotor; I hope to be able to help you
Q:What's wrong with the lubrication system of the crusher? How can we solve this problem?
Each component of the crusher is worn worse and its operation stability is poor. In the actual operation of the crusher, straight bushing, eccentric shaft, spherical bearings, bearings and other sets of horizontal components due to lubrication is not good because of frequent local overheating and erosion, cracking and even scrap phenomenon, crusher to long-term stable operation.
Q:Daily maintenance of ore crusher
Bearing maintenance of mining crusher equipmentBearing parts are the most vulnerable parts, because in the use of relatively large wear, so the need for regular maintenance, regular refueling to increase the service life of bearings.
Q:What bearing does the crusher use?
The bearings used in the crusher are single row cylindrical roller bearings, double row cylindrical roller bearings
Q:The difference between a cone crusher and a counter blow
The impact crusher is a crushing machine which uses shock energy to crush materials. When the material enters the plate hammer function area, high-speed impact plate hammer and broken, and thrown to the impact device above the rotor broken again, and then board the bomb on the back plate hammer area again broken from the back lining. This process is repeated until the material is broken to the desired size and is expelled from the lower part of the machine. The gap between the counter and the rotor can be adjusted to achieve the purpose of changing the particle size and material shape of the material.

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