New Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

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Product Description:

Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher
The product is within the advanced structure designer,outstanding broken crushing ability, the prior reliability,and as well as the lower operate cost, through single hydraulic cylinder lift and down ,to attain the regulation of the crushing chamber,cleaning the tune,pass the iron,and overload protecting and other functions ,to be collocated the    electronic intelligence controlling systems ,and to get the more control on the production,and more assignment on the optimize function, and also widely on the all kinds of black ,colored ,and non-metal iron and sand on the industry area.

Technical Parameters

ModelDiameter of Large End 
of Crushing Cone(mm)
 Opening Width(mm)
Max Feed 
Size (mm)
Motor Power
Overall Dimensions

1.  Crushing remark: C=course, Z= medium, X= fine.
2. The ability of the capacity is corresponding of being crushed materials is following as bellowing: the thickness of the stockpile is 1.6t/m3, the moisture content is less than the 4%,the hardness of the medium ( the index WI=10-13)and also give the material of the discharging material is more than the 10% of the overall materials ,through the crushing is giving feeder on the 360,the main motor is worked on the 80-85% of the rated power.

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Q:Upkeep on dreadlocks without a crusher hook?
Overtime, whether it be 2 months or 2 years the base of your dreads (the roots im assuming) will eventually lock up on their own. You can help it along without hair products or a crochet hook by putting your dread in between your index and middle finger and start rubbing it on your scalp counterclockwise. It will have some knots and that will help, overtime, lock up naturally. The many folks I know with dreads, including myself have different lock up times for our roots. Mine has not locked up fully, i still have an inch of hair but as it is growing, it is definitely locking up on its own. Others have had theirs start locking up within a couple of months. Since you have wavy hair, maybe on the curlier side, it should lock up faster since it isnt growing out straight like mine. As for the crochet hook, it will in the end damage your hair. because you are pulling hair in and out with such a small tool and a small space that will tighten, you are just breaking hairs left and right inside the dread you are trying to knot together. Hair splits and gets damaged overtime but crocheting will only move the process along faster. I would suggest TIME. and if they start dreading together like congo dreads, just rip them apart from each other. Other methods used are to get small elastic bands and tie them at each root (also keeps strays in) so each individual dread will not attach itself to another.
Q:is the clump crusher mascara any good?
Drags love it when they dont have fake lashes on
Q:Which is better skullcandy avaitors or crushers (the new ones)?
I hear that they smash actual. and that they do no longer sound as solid as their cost. I very own a pair of Ink'd, and that i admire em. yet you seem to wish a pair of studio headphones. I had a pair of $20 Sony, and that they made my bass and guitar sound solid. Now I extremely have a pair of Behringer DJ headphones, and that they have got a buzz contained in the decrease frequencies, so i'm no longer too chuffed with them. while you're no longer a expert, then i does no longer propose something too costly. until eventually you have the (what are they prefer $2 hundred or $3 hundred for the Dre's) money to purchase the costlier type. i think of that the DJ form Skullcandy's are a sprint overpriced, and overhyped. in simple terms go searching and study comments, some shops even permit you attempt out some. So don't get a pair of headphones that are properly-known on the YouTube. there are an remarkable type of an remarkable type of them that are greater acceptable that don't value as plenty.
Q:I want to buy a crusher machine ,who can give me some messages about the supplier in China?
They work for cheap
Q:how long do skullcandy crusher headphones last for?
NOT very long, even if taken care properly, sorry! Skullcandy is NOTORIOUSLY known for breaking VERY fast! Instead, choose from any of the following REPUTABLE manufacturers: Sennheiser, Shure, Grado, Denon, AKG, Bowers Wilkins, Bang Olufsen, Etymotic, Beyerdynamic, Audio-Technica. Maintenance tips: Buy yourself a protective carrying case/pouch and put your audio gear in there whenever not in use Always unplug your listening device whenever NOT in use Do NOT wrap the cord around ANYTHING, do NOT let the cord become tangled! Do NOT crank neither the volume nor the bass up to the max, this WILL kill ANY earbud in NO TIME! Do NOT jerk your head too much while listening to the music Do NOT pull from the cord, pull from the plug Do NOT drop your audio device Do NOT fall asleep with the earbuds on! If using in-ear earbuds, please keep the plugs as clean as possible by using DRY lint-free cloth or DRY Q-tip or swab. Do NOT use any alcohol-based cleaning detergents!
Q:Skullcandy skull crushers, and xbox 360 . ?
No! You cannot use earbuds for the Xbox360, unless you have a headset jack on your TV. It wouldnt work for the MIC feature too, only sound. Honestly, buy a pair of X11's!
Q:what ever happen to the rapper bone crusher?
he got arrested to many times and dat ended his career
Q:What crusher would you like to break the quartz stone?
Quartz stone is a very hard stone of this kind, it is recommended to use the jaw crusher! Golden Baoshan Machinery Co., ltd.!
Q:AKG Y50 vs Skullcandy Crusher?
AKG and Sennheiser win HANDS DOWN. Skullcandy breaks WAY too easily and its sound is RUBBISH. Other equally reputable manufacturers besides AKG include Sennheiser, Shure, Grado, Denon, Bowers Wilkins, Bang Olufsen, Etymotic, Beyerdynamic and Audio-Technica.
Q:How many kilowatts is the crusher motor in the stone factory?
The power and speed of the motor, the power and speed should meet the requirements of the load6, other difficulties, such as whether the need for speed change, there is no special control requirements, the type of load

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