New Outdoor High Quality 7W LED Garden Lights With Pole

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Product Description:


1. Colorful, monochromatic, soft light;   

2. Low power, long life;  

3. Lamp body is compact, easy to hide or installation;  

4. Heat radiation, conducive to the protection of the illuminated objects;  

5. LED small size, wide range of applications, not easily damaged;  

6. LED dust and waterproof;  

7. Beautiful and compact design, simple installation.  



Details Specification:

NO.ITEM No.Product name Shell
Dimensions (L*W*H)Input VoltageLED Color temperatureLumen     Level of protection
1JP-TS-0013W LED Outdoor Garden lightGrey / BlackΦ53*81mm90V-250V 50/60HzWhite / yellow / red / green / blue50LM-100LM/WIP65
2JP-TS-0023W LED Outdoor Garden lightGrey / BlackΦ53*81mm90V-250V 50/60HzWhite / yellow / red / green / blue50LM-100LM/WIP65
3JP-TS-0035W LED Outdoor Garden lightGrey / BlackΦ95*75mm 90V-250V 50/60HzWhite / yellow / red / green / blue50LM-100LM/WIP65
4JP-TS-0047W LED Outdoor Gargen lightGrey / BlackΦ115*250mm90V-250V 50/60HzWhite / yellow / red / green / blue50LM-100LM/WIP65
5JP-TS-0059W LED Outdoor Garden lightGrey / BlackΦ125*250mm90V-250V 50/60HzWhite / yellow / red / green / blue50LM-100LM/WIP65
6JP-TS-00612W LED Outdoor Garden lightGrey / BlackΦ140*200mm90V-250V 50/60HzWhite / yellow / red / green / blue50LM-100LM/WIP65
7JP-TS-00718W LED Outdoor Garden lightGrey / BlackΦ230*75mm 90V-250V 50/60HzWhite / yellow / red / green / blue50LM-100LM/WIP65
8JP-TS-0089W LED Outdoor Garden lightGrey / BlackΦ120*45mm 90V-250V 50/60HzWhite / yellow / red / green / blue50LM-100LM/WIP65
9JP-TS-0099W LED Outdoor Garden lightGrey / BlackΦ150*45mm 90V-250V 50/60HzWhite / yellow / red / green / blue50LM-100LM/WIP65
10JP-TS-01012W LED Outdoor Garden lightGrey / BlackΦ150*45mm 90V-250V 50/60HzWhite / yellow / red / green / blue50LM-100LM/WIP65
11JP-TS-01115W LED Outdoor Garden lightGrey / BlackΦ180*45mm 90V-250V 50/60HzWhite / yellow / red / green / blue50LM-100LM/WIP65
12JP-TS-01218W LED Outdoor Garden lightGrey / BlackΦ180*270mm 90V-250V 50/60HzWhite / yellow / red / green / blue50LM-100LM/WIP65
13JP-TS-01336W LED Outdoor Garden lightGrey / BlackΦ230*245mm 90V-250V 50/60HzWhite / yellow / red / green / blue50LM-100LM/WIP65
14JP-TS-0146W LED Outdoor Garden lightGrey / BlackΦ150*W160mm90V-250V 50/60HzWhite / yellow / red / green / blue50LM-100LM/WIP65
15JP-TS-01518W LED Outdoor Garden lightGrey / BlackΦ180*W230mm90V-250V 50/60HzWhite / yellow / red / green / blue50LM-100LM/WIP65
16JP-TS-01616W LED Outdoor Garden lightGrey / BlackL188*W150*H275mm90V-250V 50/60HzWhite / yellow / red / green / blue50LM-100LM/WIP65
17JP-TS-01724W LED Outdoor Garden lightGrey / BlackL330*W143*225mm90V-250V 50/60HzWhite / yellow / red / green / blue50LM-100LM/WIP65
18JP-TS-01836WLED Outdoor Garden lightGrey / BlackL330*W210*305mm90V-250V 50/60HzWhite / yellow / red / green / blue50LM-100LM/WIP65
19JP-TS-01936W LED Outdoor Garden lightGrey / BlackL312*W167*290mm90V-250V 50/60HzWhite / yellow / red / green / blue50LM-100LM/WIP65
20JP-TS-02018W LED Outdoor Garden lightGrey / BlackL335*W155*160mm90V-250V 50/60HzWhite / yellow / red / green / blue50LM-100LM/WIP65





1. Applied in the slow lane, narrow lane, municipal lighting;  

2 Residential areas, commercial areas, gymnasium, airports;  

3. Tourist attractions, parks, squares and other public places.  




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Standard packing inside, cartons outside



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7-12 business days

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30-40 business days

1. 3-10 business days for Sample Orders; 7-40 business days for Bulk Orders.

2. "Business days" means Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.

3. DHL and UPS cannot ship to military or P.O. boxes address.

4. The Shipping Service above is for reference only, for any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Q:3 meter tall courtyard lamp foundation specifications?
It's related to the size of the lamp (such as standing a pole and planting a tree, and their pits are different)Contact the lighting manufacturer and ask for the drawing finished
Q:How many meters is the courtyard light?
The installation distance of the courtyard lights is as follows:The courtyard lights work on the lighting of the night sky, two of the decorations, the garden, the garden, the community, and so on. As for how many meters of a courtyard lamp is installed, this from a professional point of view, according to Lu Kuan, courtyard lamp wattage, is lighting brightness and courtyard lamp height etc. comprehensive factors to decide, because there is no fixed standard, only after the consideration, decided after the budget accounting.
Q:What's the quality of the solar garden lamp?
LED street lamp, power supply, heat dissipationThe main factor of the heat dissipation scheme is that the power supply beads of LED street lamp can be greatly extended under the condition of no overheating. Generally, aluminum alloy is easier to be cooled by heat dissipation. That is, LED street light, power beads attached to the aluminum substrate, as far as possible to expand the external heat dissipation area.The face of such a broad LED market is full of vitality, the main scientific development, in a number of technical areas to achieve a leading position, I believe that China's LED enterprises will become more powerful.
Q:What's a good place for solar garden lamps? Why should solar garden lamps be worth buying?
Individual orders solar garden lamps are generally in Huangchuan Limin technology, not only reasonable price, quality and after-sale very well.
Q:Brand solar garden lamp which is good?
Compared with the conventional LED lens, this lens plays a polarizing enhancement effect, which is equivalent to the integration of two optical lenses and a primary lens. The main feature of LED garden lamps for lighting is the directional emission characteristics, because high-power LED are equipped with reflectors, and the efficiency of this reflector is significantly higher than the efficiency of the lamp reflector. In addition, the efficiency of the self reflector has been included in the light efficiency test of the LED. The road lamp LED should as far as possible the use of the characteristics of LED directional emission of light, so that all LED road lamps in the light illuminated areas directly at the road, and then use the auxiliary reflector lamps light distribution, to achieve reasonable integrated light distribution. It should be said that road lamps should be in line with the CJJ 45--2006 and CIE 31 and CIE 115 standards of illumination and illumination uniformity requirements, lamps should include 3 light distribution function. The LED with reflector and reasonable beam output angle has a good primary dimming function. In the light energy, according to the height of the street lamp and the width of the road, each I, the installation position of the ED and the direction of the transmitting light can be designed, and the good two time light distribution function can be realized.
Q:Courtyard lamp installation requirements are?
The solar garden lights which use solar energy resources, we can learn that it's clean is very powerful, but there is a light source it is using low voltage LED light products, making itself have an advantage, because it does not contain mercury, light and not for glare problems. Therefore, the development of solar garden lamps in recent years is quite acceptable.
Q:How about solar garden lights?
LED road lamp light a small decline, a year decline of less than 3%, 10 years still reached the road illumination requirements, and high pressure sodium lamp failure, a year has decreased by more than 30%.
Q:What are the suitable places for patio lamps? What are the materials required for the patio lamp?
Courtyard lamp material: steel lamp body, the whole high quality hot-dip galvanizing, electrostatic spraying processing, no rust, aging resistance, smooth surface. The light source is metal halide lamp, energy-saving lamp and LED.
Q:How much is the installation of the courtyard lamp?
Different styles, prices are different, specifically to the hardware store to ask
Q:How many watts of energy saving lamps are suitable for the three meter courtyard lamp? How many watts of LED?
The same brightness, if LED to 10W, energy-saving lamps about 30-40W, incandescent lamp to 100W, three meters height 10W enough, solar street lights 5 meters high, only to use 12W, it is very bright

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