new nice wpc deck flooring

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Engineered Flooring
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Zhejiang China (Mainland)
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Wood-Plastic Composite Flooring
anti-slip surface,low maintance cost
surface grooves:
narrow grooves,wider grooves
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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Packaging: wrapped with PE plastic film and on wooden pallet Size(mm).
Delivery Detail:7-12days after order confirmed


1.Natural & Beautiful wood look  2.Easy install & clear,low maintance cost   3.No trip hazards,recyclable

China waterproof Anti moth ANTI-UV  dedicated composite wood boards

Product pictures:

China waterproof composite wpc decking

Product information:


Wood Plastic Composite


30% HDPE+60% Waste Wood Fibers+10% Auxiliaries

Colors Available



PE plastic Base

DIY Snap Interlock Puzzle Tile

Easy for Installation


Patio, Balcony,Terrance,Walkway,Boardway Decking,Pool Decking,Sauna Room & other Public Areas



product features:

1.Natural & Beautiful wood look       2.Easy install & clear,low maintance cost          

 3.No trip hazards,recyclable           4.Long lifespan & UV stable,No wrapping,No rotting

5.Great drainage                              6.Eco-friendly,anti-slip surface

*Easy cleaning and maintenance :No need of a specific treatment .just a usual water washing is necessary

*Safety:Splinters free and slip resistant  Free of any toxic product

*Colours may slightly change,photos are not not contractual  

*Resistant to scratches as oak resistance

*Very low colour variations

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Q:Sea Floor Spreading?????
There is a ridge down the center of the pacific. You can trace it up far to the north and it makes a hard right which is something to really think about. What caused this ridge is that the pacific floor is spreading apart about four inches a year. That space becomes filled with magma from below and as it surges up from below makes this underwater mountain range. That is part of plate tectonics. The process starts when a plate is being pulled apart and an example of that would be the Rift in Africa. The next step is that area fills up with water and and example of that would be the Red Sea. The ends of the rift usually have a V formation. Put that V upside down and it is visible with the Red Sea. As long as the tectonic forces pull the plate apart, this process continues and you have the Pacific Ocean. Should the forces change, it will stop and an example of that is the lower part of the Mississippi River. . .down where it is called Ol' Man River. The upper part of the Mississippi is from water drainage. At some point the pressure on the our plate stopped and the it just turned into our drainage system in the US. Makes you go back to that underwater mountain range and make you wonder what happen that those mountains at the end of the chain are going in a different direction and how does that relate to the Mississippi. Plate tectonic are really interesting to me. Having lived in Missouri for some time. There is a line across the southern part of the state and huge sink holes open up. I asked that question in geology and everyone shrugged their shoulders. But couldn't that be the V I talked about. I had a friend with a farm down there and it's on this invisible line. They took me over to their neighbors to see this large hole. Their barn and a great deal of acreage had just disappeared down this hole. Interesting stuff. . .hope this helps.
Q:how to soundproof laminate flooring effectively?
in case you merely want a rapid restoration and are going to the two redo the floor later, or once you're merely removing the valuables all collectively, you are able to lay the hot tiles over existion vinyl floor overlaying. be beneficial to point off any chipped away factors with drywall mudd and make beneficial the floor is thoroughly swept and wiped sparkling before you practice the bew tiles. despite if !!!! in case you opt to do the activity properly, take the previous floors up, sweep the floor. Use a keep vac if available, and point those chipped out or gashed factors with genuine floor leveling cement. THEN, lay your tiles.
Q:Grout wall or floor first?
The difference between the 2 is this.Floor grout has sand in it & wall grout doesn't.And yes.You can use floor grout on the walls.In fact IMHO its the only way to go.Bc wall grout is very hard to work with bc of the lack of sand.And the finished product looks better too.
Q:Composite floor construction process
1. After the ground mortar. Can be dry. Laying moisture-proof paper. Add pest control against termites. 2. When the floor is laid. Choose the direction of laying. Wood flooring paving the best according to Shun Guang paving, so that the floor seams will not see the special display, the majority of the floor of the paving is to shop into the vertical paving, paving before you try to fight, so that you can put Loss to a minimum. Master is also more serious and responsible, this is a large piece of the floor to set the floor of the floor, so that a small floor can be just spread to that piece, so the use of small, so as not to waste material. 3. When laying the baseboard, must be fixed firmly. So as not to loose in the future.
Q:How to remove a paint can stuck to floor?
What is your floor made of? The material of the floor will have bearing on what type of product you put on it. Using a single razor scraper, try to loosen the bond between the can and the floor. I'd try to scrape up as much dry paint as possible first, then, again depending on the material of the floor apply some turpentine, acetone, or mineral spirits to a clean rag and try to clean up as much as you can. You can also clean the floor, after most of the paint is up, with Murphy's Oil Soap. MOS should be safe for both wood and vinyl floors.
Q:Laminet flooring?/floating floor?
Laminate flooring is easy to install and you really can't screw it up when putting it down, at least not to make it look like you described. I would do some research of cost and quality before you make any other home improvement purchases.
Q:What kind of material should be used for solid wood flooring?
Moisture inhibitor, insect repellent. Floor glue, baseboard copper bridge and so on
Q:To shop PVC flooring, but the ground is wet, how to deal with, to the details of the answer
PVC flooring has good features: 1, light weight, light building materials, can significantly reduce the floor load. 2, green, non-toxic harmless, no radioactive pollution, is a green product, can be recycled resources. 3, wear-resistant, polymer wear-resistant layer of long service life. 4, non-slip, PVC material, slip-resistant, water astringent, can lift the elderly, children's worries. 5, fresh colors, a variety of colors to choose from, colorful, natural and realistic, any combination of color modeling, highlighting the personality color. 6, sound and noise reduction, special material, not only does not produce noise, but also eliminate noise, to mute the effect. 7, high security, insulation, flame retardant, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali, 5% acetic acid. 5% hydrochloric acid, the surface no abnormalities. Leave the flame for five seconds to self-extinguish. 8, moisture, water is not deformed. 9, feet feel comfortable, flexible. 10, the impact of the edge of the plant latent dwarf Jurassic vouchers vain, a tough use of long. 11, construction convenient, shorten the duration.
Q:a question about cork flooring?
Cork Quality cork will last as long as you want it to. 50 to 150 years if you want it to and give proper maintenance. Care is about the same as a hardwood floor. For 900 sf your price will be $3600 to $9000, depending on your selection. installation will be about $3500 + - . Be sure you get a very professional installer, cork needs to have someone who knows how.
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