New Hydraulic System Coal Mining Excavator

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Specification of New hydraulic system  Coal Mining Excavator:


Technical Spec. of WK-10C

Dipper (standard)12m3  Hoist motor, rated power2x315kW/690VAC
Dipper capacity8m3 -16m3Digging radius (max)18.90m
Hoist speed1.50m /sHeight of cut (max)13.53m
Crowd speed0.58m /sDumping radius (max)16.25m
Propel speed0.96km/hDumping height (max)-door open 8.60m
Max. hoist force1110kNDepth of cut2.20m
Max. crowd force541kNWorking weight490t
Max. gradeability13°Theoretical productivity1490m3 /h


Usage of New hydraulic system  Coal Mining Excavator:

Mining excavator is mainly used in underground mine, particularly for transporting excavated rock. It can also be used for the construction of railway, highways, water conservancy

and other tunnel projects. It is particularly suitable for poor working conditions, narrow operating site, low and muddy operating surface.


This machine employs DEUTZ air-cooled low-pollution engine which is advanced in today’s world and is deployed with dry-type platinum exhaust cleaner and silencer provided

by ECS.


Its transmission system uses hydraulic torque converter and power-shift transmission provided by DANA and thus it boasts light, convenient control, and smooth operation. The

vehicle’s hydraulic system mainly adopts the components provided by parker. The well-designed main frame structure ensures ruggedness and high efficiency.


Braking system uses full-hydraulic two-line mechanism, and comes equipped with fully enclosed multiple wet discs brake and ON-SPIN limited-slip differential for safe and

reliable operation in poor environments with high moisture content or on muddy roadways. It is designed with full hydraulic steering and manual control.


The new hydraulic system can accurately realize driver’s operation intention and can realize


stable feeling and powerful digging force which drivers longing for, the biggest characteristic is


non-hydraulic interference.

It will not be affected by loading even if it is operated over two work devices at the same time.

It will allocate all pump delivery to all of work devices to make the relative speeds of work

devices keep unchangeable and make controlling performance and operation improved

as per operating quantity of all of operating levers.

Moreover, the installation of other accessories is also very convenient.


Picture of New hydraulic system  Coal Mining Excavator:

New Hydraulic System Coal Mining Excavator

 New Hydraulic System Coal Mining Excavator



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Q:How to choose the vibration motor correctly
Secondly, the required exciting force is determined.Type designation of vibration motor, such as: XV 20-6The XV model (model, motor mounting center hole distance is not the same), 20 said the exciting force of 20 kn, the equivalent of 1 KN 100 KG 6, said six step motor, the speed of 980R/min. Calculate the weight of the vibrating part above the spring of the vibrating equipment and the total weight (including the weight of the vibrating motor) after carrying the material. For example: the total weight of the equipment is 1000KG, the use of a vibration motor to do the excitation source, it is necessary to select 16 KN or 20 KN, using two vibration motors as excitation source, it is necessary to choose 8 KN or 10KN, this is because the choice of vibration motor vibration force must be higher than 30% of the total weight of the equipment, and can not be equal to the two, otherwise it will form a small horse cart phenomenon, easy to cause vibration, motor overload damage.
Q:How does a vibrating screen work in a rock yard? What is its principle?
Stone powder is the aggregate of all materials that have a particle size of less than 5 mm after screening by vibrating screen.
Q:Which is better, a linear vibrating screen or a round vibrating screen?
The working principle of linear vibrating screen: linear vibrating screen, dual motor drive, when two motor synchronization, reverse rotation, vibration force generated by the eccentric block offset in parallel to the motor axis direction in the direction perpendicular to the motor shaft for a stacked together, so the trajectory of the screening machine straight. The two motor shaft relative screen surface has a dip in the excitation force and gravity force under the action of the material, the material to be thrown up on the screen, leap forward in a straight line, so as to achieve on the materials selection and classification purposes. Can be used to realize the automated assembly line in operation.
Q:What are the electromagnetic vibrating screens for?.
The utility model has the advantages of small size, large screening capacity, light weight, easy installation and technical arrangement, low energy consumption and large energy consumption; the screen mesh is assembled by small pieces and the replacement is extremely simple and convenient
Q:What are the factors that affect the measurement results?
So what factors determine the screening efficiency of vibrating screen and the size of the workload, we make a simple summary, mainly by the quality of the screen, vibrating motor and the material to be screened and the nature of the production conditions of the. So when we buy vibration screening equipment, we should pay special attention to the selection of vibration motor and screen.
Q:The vibration of the motor seat of the vibrating screen is cracked when it is used. It is He Yuanyin
4, vibration sieve in the production process, welding quality can not meet the qualification requirements.5, the motor installation location does not meet the requirements of vibration dynamics specifications.
Q:What is the working principle of a linear vibrating screen? What industries are you using?
The work of vibrating screen, two motor synchronous reverse rotation to generate reverse exciter exciting force, forcing the mesh sieve body driven to do the vertical movement, the material on the exciting force and periodic thrown forward in a range, thus completing the material screening homework. Suitable quarry screening sand and gravel, but also for coal preparation, ore dressing, building materials, power and chemical industries such as grading products. Feed processing industry application screening technology focused on two aspects, one is to clean up the impurity in raw materials, two is the raw material or product according to particle size classification, including the classification of impurities in raw materials cleaning, cleaning, grading, destroy the material powder impurities before pelleting granulation products broken. In the process of processing, the effect of screening has a considerable influence on the quality and yield of feed products.
Q:Can the coal of vibrating screen be bad? What type should be chosen?
Structural features of ZSJ series of shale coal preparation sieves:The arthropod screen is composed of a plurality of vibration sieve machine, sectional vibration, according to the overall thickness screening principle according to the arrangement, different materials, each section of the vibration sieve machine vibration direction angle and adjusting surface can be adapted to the screen, in order to achieve the best combination of processing amount of the screening efficiency a, by two motors driven exciter do reverse self synchronous rotation, the screen body can produce linear motion. Arthropod sifter is made up of machine, a damping spring, a damping device, a damping spring, two motor and a support frame, the screen frame side using the whole quality steel plate and beam, vibration base with high strength bolts or ring groove rivet connection, strong structure. Motor vibration, automobile transmission shaft and the exciter is connected. (from Zhenyuan group except) the series has arthropod screen and two spring vibration damping device.
Q:What is the difference between a high frequency linear vibrating screen and an ordinary linear vibrating screen?
1, high frequency linear vibration sieve in the initial use, please be sure to study the operation instructions, fully grasp the operation of screening machine, to prevent the use of errors.2. High frequency linear vibrating screen shall be checked before each use. There is no foreign body on the screen, so as to avoid friction and damage to the screening machine during screening.3, high frequency linear vibration sieve in use, one should achieve uniform feeding, but also pay attention to control the intensity of the delivery, so as not to overload too much damage to the screen.
Q:What problems should I pay attention to when buying a vibrating screen?
Dimensions to see if it is suitable for field installation and connection with upstream and downstream equipment. In addition, some special requirements, such as whether the motor explosion-proof requirements.

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