New Design Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner

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1500 Pieces pc
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20000 Pieces per Month pc/month

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Product Description:

Rechargeable vacuum cleaner
Suction(Vacuum degree):2.6KPA       

Suction power:80W                                

Cable length:3M                                      

Dust Bowl:0.5L                                        




First time Charge: 8 Hours                           

Battery: Ni-CD /1500Mah                                                                                                        
Packing: pcs/carton                              


Carton size:65.5x29x38cm   


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Q:How many people worldwide have vacuum cleaners?
who cares really
Q:Can fleas really escape a vacuum cleaner?
I was just reading up on that... so instead of telling you, here's the website I went to. It gives you all the info on fleas. From their lifespan to getting rid of them and myth advice ppl give about how to get rid of them.
Q:Is there anything better than Vacuum Cleaner ?
try a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. steam cleaners and dry cleaners are probably too expensive, and a wet'n'dry is only about twice the price of a good vacuum. but really, if u have a good vacuum to start with, you cant get much better. also there are such things as 'power heads' to attach to the vacuum tube. they have rotating brushes and the like inside and help get difficult dirts (pet hair is the worst ive found, and a powerhead makes it a lot easier to remove from carpet) this prompts the question, are you using it on carpet?(recommended) there are better products for other surfaces
Q:Other than the over-hyped & over-priced Dyson and Kirby what is the best vacuum cleaner on the market?
I would just look for another Dirt Devil. Cheap and reliable.
Q:my mum asked me to try computer dating but i dont fancy computers after i caught a trojan off one?
Silly, You are supposed to use them not catch em!
Q:Who invented the earliest vacuum cleaners?
In 1901, British civil engineer booth went to the imperial Concert Hall in Leicester square, London, to show a demonstration of a car dust collector in the United states. The vacuum cleaner uses compressed air to blow dust into the container, which Buss thought was not good because many dust failed to blow into the container.
Q:Do Jehovah's Witnesses sell solar or vacuum cleaners also as they go knocking door to door?
I wish they'd at least carry a box of donuts with him to hand out I might actually open the door
Q:Where in heaven may we find Gulf Oil Vacuum Cleaners ?
i always thought they should put giant coffee filters on the bottoms of boats.
Q:What's the difference between vacuum and centrifugal dust collection?
The traditional vacuum cleaner is a high-speed rotating motor to drive the blades to rotate, so that the air is constantly excluded, and the formation of a pressure difference with the outside, the air from the suction port high-speed wind.
Q:vaccum cleaner spreading dust & bacteria?
Vacuum Cleaners Comparison Chart - a comparison with pluses and minuses of all the best Vacuum Cleaners Compare vacuum cleaners by manufacturer: - Miele vacuum features - Eureka vacuum features Best Vacuum Cleaner Articles - Editor's top picks on vacuum info How a Vacuum Cleaner Works Most people use a vacuum cleaner on average one hour per week. Incidentally, when vacuum cleaner manufacturers talk about the life of a hepa filter, they are basing it on one hour of weekly usage. A vacuum cleaner usually works by having a power head attachment to a canister or integrated into an upright, which has some rotating brushes, which first of all loosen up the dirt on the carpet.

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