New Design Power Supply with Adapter for Mobile

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Product Description:

Product Description

New Design Power Supply With Adapter For Mobile

1. Product info:

Model No: Carlotta01
Size: 150*78*35mm
Net Weight: About 200g
Input: DC 5.0V-1000mA
Output: DC 5.0V-2.1A
Charging Time: Around 8 hours
Flash light: LED lighting
Color: White/blue/ rose red
With 2-pin adapter convenient for use, China's frist domestically made
Easy to carry, the 5V socket, iPhone6/5/4 connector also can be collected and hiddend in the body.

2. Product Description:

With such massive capacity, in such a compact package, the carlotta01 is perfect for flights, road trips, or just any time you're away from an outlet.

Enough power to go around
Marooned? In transit? Forget your OEM adapter? With the Carlotta, prolong your battery life multiple times, wherever you are. Holding enough power to charge most smartphones 7-8 times, keep your gadgets going for days and still have juice left to share.

Strong but never slow
In addition to capacity, the Carlotta sports two concurrent, high-speed ports. So whether you're charging an Apple or Android device, you'll get the most out of your technology. We've also included connective adapters to ensure compatibility with most devices.

Designed around the details
Just because the Carlotta packs a punch, doesn't mean it can't look nice. Simple, unobtrusive features, such as one-touch status LEDs and a built-in flashlight, give you everything you need out of a battery without sacrificing aesthetics.

3. Compatibility:

iPad 4 3 2, iPad Mini, iPhone 6, 5S 5C 5 4S 4, iPod (please use the original 8Pin / 30Pin Cable from Apple)
SmartPhones: Samsung / HTC / LG / Motorola / BlackBerry / Nokia / Google / Sony
Tablets & eReader: Google Nexus 7 / Nexus 10

5. Package details:
*1X Power Bank
*1X Cable
*1X Warranty Card
*1X Adapter for iPhone
*1X Adapter for Samsung
*1X two pin plug

6. Safety:
1. Overcurrent protection
2. Short circuit protection
3. Overheat protection
4. Overdischarge protection
5. Overcharge protection
6. Overvoltage protection

All Carlotta Power Bank is actually compatible with the latest Apple devices iPhone 6, 5S, 5C, 5, iPad 4, mini as well as the prior iterations and iPod Touch devices, excludes certain classic models.

Contact us today to get your order started.
Brand Name:Carlotta Power Bank
Capacity: 8800mah
Inside Battery Cell:  A++++ 18650 lithium-ion battery
Input :  DC 5.0V-1000mA
Output:  DC 5.0V-1000mA/2.1A
Flashlight: LED lighting
Cycle Life: 700 times
Size (L x W x H) 150*78*35mm
Weight: Net Weight 200g
Color:   White/ Blue/ Rose pink
Storage Temperature:  20~30°C
Application:  All USB interface charging digital products
Charging Time: 4-5 hours
Easy to carry ,the 5V socket , Cable, Iphone6/5/4 connector also can be collected
and hiddend in the body.
1) Long working time.
(2)The capacity to maintained more than 90%
3)Can charge 5 times for ihone5s
            Sumung Galaxy S4 :3 times
            Xiaomi Note: 2 times

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