New Design Popular Tempered glass Bathroom Product Rectangle Waterfall Combination

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$86.56 / set
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200Sets set
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1000Sets Per Month set/month

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Product Description:

Product Size:T12mm×L560×W360×H110
Packing Size:89.5×45×21.5
About Product:
1.Our crystal glass bowls are made of 100% tempered glass with superior quality.
2. Different kind of design and color on the glass is available.

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Q:How to choose a good basin ah? How about the musicians of the family?
Good table to see glazed, and the level of wear resistance. Like the musicians of the pot is made of glazed very good. Very smooth texture is better, that glaze is very thick.
Q:Do you have to do waterproofing at the bathroom wall
Sure to do a good job, or close to the front side of the front easy to skin
Q:What is the sub-item of the wash basin and the mirror? Detail or decorative panels
Wash basin and mirror are subordinate
Q:Bathroom sink cleaning help?
I have no what they are, but I managed to get rid of hair dye from my daughter's vanity so you might like to try this. Soak a makeup remover pad with neat bleach and sit it on the spot/s. Leave for a day or so, re dampening as necessary. It took aver 24 hrs, but the dye stain was gone and there was no dicolouration where it had been. Good luck.
Q:bathroom sink drain plug?
there's this real flimsy linkage underneath the sink that ties the drain plug to the drain plug opener/closer. it's a little skinny rod that ties into a metal strip with a bunch of holes in it. sometimes the metal rod may have a screw on the end of it. sometimes it's just real long and will simply....welll youre just going to have to get under the sink and look at it. i know all that sounds nutts but get under the sink and look at it. it's super easy to fix once you figure it out.
Q:Basin basin drainage height is generally how much
The problem is not clear, refers to the water pipe out of the ground from the wash basin outlet height or refers to the water pipe into the wall on the wall out of the height of the wash basin outlet? The former, then the height should not be too high, with a hose to connect the wall can be connected down, so there can put some things, too high can not put things, inside the other pipeline is not easy to repair when the failure, if after Of course, naturally high is better, from the wash basin outlet 10 cm or so is not higher than the outlet just fine
Q:How to get rid of ants from coming through the bathroom sink?!?!?
If you have a P trap on your sink they should not be able to come through. A P trap is an S shaped pipe beneath your sinks drain it should always have water in it. If you do not have a P trap or there is no water in it then you should start with that. If your ants are capable of scuba diving their way up through this water barrier then I would recommend a back water valve this is a small plastic box with a 1 way flapper type door inside that lets anything from the sink push open the flapper and pass through but closes when anything tries to go up from below The back water valve is glued onto your plastic drain pipe after the P trap, you will have to cut the pipe for this and glue in the new piece.
Q:Bathroom basin basin faucet blocked, how do?
Direct replacement of new faucets
Q:My family's bathroom washbasin on the stainless steel shelf, rusty, how to do it?
A kind of special stainless steel to rust after the end of the bright as a new remember to keep the shelf dry and then often wipe with a dry cloth so that it is not easy to rust
Q:I am getting an earthy smell from my main bathroom sink drain. House is 2 years old. How do I get rid of it?
In the bathroom, what you has happened that is causing the odor is that mainly hair that has gone down the drain has BUILT up and is clogging the drain at the PVC bend under your sink. Drano and other liquids don't really solve your problem in terms of how long it might last before recurrence, rather the Best Practical Solution is to get a Long Handle Pliers or Pipe Wrench that will twist off the PVC Tube (of course you need a flat pan underneath to catch some water) and once you have it off, you clean it out and dump the trash afterwards. Then reassembling it, you will need either Teflon tape or another temporarily (don't use permanent PVC glue bec it is meant to be taken of) substance <= visit Home Depot or Lowes Plumbing) and before you go, make sure you test & check that your long handled pliers or pipe wrench can open wide enough. Then after you reassemble everything, you simply turn on the water and test for leaks, and if none, you should be Good to Go! Hope the Above Info Helps and Best of Luck!
We have produced the artistic glass washbasins earier in the country ,and leading style design trend ,driven by the development of the industry.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Foshan,China
Year Established 2006
Annual Output Value Above RMB5 Million
Main Markets Europe and the United States, Australia, Japan, South Korea

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a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Guangzhou
Export Percentage
No.of Employees in Trade Department 1 People
Language Spoken: English;Chinese;
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 2,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 2
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered;Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Average