New Design Monofocal 35mm Fa Lens F1.7 Manual Iris Camera Accessory Cctv Lens

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New design monofocal 35mm FA lens F1.7 manual iris  camera accessory 


1.Our products have passe OHSAS18001:1999,GB/T24001-2004 idt ISO14001:2004,GB/T19001-2008 idt ISO9001:2008

2.Quality control:Our products are guaranteed by the strict QC system

3.Hot selling kind of lens

4.Comprehensive two years' quality warranty

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1.High resolution,clear image,all-metal lens

2.Fixed focal length 35mm,2/3 inch,C-mount,F1.7 aperture manual lris lens

3.CCTV lens/CCTV camera lens/Security cctv lens/Monitoring lens/ megapixel cctv lens/ surveillance lens/optical lens/manual lris cctv lens/fixed focus cctv lens

4.the lens inside are all 100% wel-environment glass.




Model Number

ABF-F3517MV-H 2/3"

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Angle of View






Net Weight(g)
















ABF monofocal manual iris lens serie:




ABF fixed focus auto iris lens series:




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Q:Nikon camera lens focal length
Some of the camera is very stressed that with a 1 cm proximity to support the magic, suitable for shooting fine objects. The lens of the camera is a group of lenses, when parallel to the main optical axis of the light through the lens, it will gather to a little, this point is called the focus, focus to the center of the lens distance, known as the focal length. Focal length fixed lens, that is, fixed focus lens; focal length can adjust the change of the lens, that is, zoom lens. (When a bundle of parallel light passes through the convex lens with the convex lens through the convex lens, the other side of the convex lens is converged by the convex lens, which is called the focal point, and the focal point to the convex lens center distance is called the focal length of the convex lens. There is a focus on each side.) Optical center (Optical center): a special point in the lens, all through the point of light, its propagation direction unchanged. The lens of the camera we use is equivalent to a convex lens, where the film (or the photographic device of the digital camera) is in the vicinity of the focus of the convex lens, or the distance between the film and the convex lens is approximately equal to the focal length of the convex lens. The focal lens of the convex lens can be imaged, usually with a lens of the lens of the camera.
Q:SLR camera lens out of black spots
This is a typical sensor into the gray It should be replaced when the lens into the camera caused by dust it Need to blow the ball to blow the dust on it You try to set the camera to the cleaning mode (refer to the manual), then blow the balloon
Q:Hello, my Canon G10 camera lens can not be recovered after the opening, can not focus,
It may be a bad motor, or the motor management of the electronic circuit is a problem, or what the lens gap stuck. You can gently tap the fuselage, put on the battery to try. It is not, can only repair the.
Q:How to protect the camera lens
Again, the lens should also be protected by strong sunlight for a long time or for a long time in high temperature places, such as on the stove, near the heating device, the lens is high. Temperature, the middle of the lens layer will be damaged. At the same time, but also to avoid a drastic change in temperature, overcooling or overheating are negative on the lens. Winter in outdoor photography, into the indoor lens will have a layer of water vapor, then wait for it slowly dry, must not be put on the stove to bake.
Q:The focal length of the SLR camera lens is calculated
The focal length of the lens is basically the distance between the center of the lens and the clear image formed on the film plane. The focal length of the lens determines the size of the image taken by the subject on the film. Assuming that the same subject is being photographed at the same distance, the longer the focal length of the lens, the larger the image formed by the subject on the film. For example, the image taken with a 100mm lens is twice the height and width of the image taken on the same camera using a 50 mm lens. The height and width of the 400 mm lens are four times the height of the 100 mm lens, Take 50mm as an example. In the full camera do not multiply by the coefficient, that is, 50mm, full-size cameras such as Canon 5D2, Nikon D700. The focal length has a conversion factor on the non-full camera, multiplied by a factor of 1.5-1.6 on the APS-C frame camera. Such as Pentax K5 Nikon D90, Canon 550D 60D are APS-C format. Canon APS-C frame camera is multiplied by 1.6 coefficients.
Q:Camera lens fell down to the camera on the demolition of how to do?
Need to be sent to a special repair shop repair. May be the lens of the bayonet to be destroyed.
Q:Why shoot the camera when the camera close to the front stretch?
According to the law of the imaging of the convex lens, the object distance is reduced and the image distance becomes larger. Close to the scene when the material is small, then the distance will become larger, and the camera's film can not move, then increase the image distance, only the camera's lens forward to increase the image distance.
Q:Plus what lens can protect the digital camera lens?
In the purchase of UV mirror, the need to pay attention to the lens do not color cast, and the camera to install the filter, the wide-angle end, especially the telephoto end can focus clear.
Q:How many mm is the camera's lens length or lens diameter?
We often can see such a set of data on the lens, it is the focal length of the lens, if it is zoom lens, then the two groups of data is a section of the composition.
Q:Can the Canon SLR camera lens be generic?
3, EF-M bayonet lens: the most versatile, specifically for the non-reflective plate interchangeable lens digital camera design (commonly known as micro single), launched in 2012, can only be used for EOS-M series camera

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