New Design Monofocal 35mm Fa Lens F1.7 Manual Iris Camera Accessory Cctv Lens

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New design monofocal 35mm FA lens F1.7 manual iris  camera accessory 


1.Our products have passe OHSAS18001:1999,GB/T24001-2004 idt ISO14001:2004,GB/T19001-2008 idt ISO9001:2008

2.Quality control:Our products are guaranteed by the strict QC system

3.Hot selling kind of lens

4.Comprehensive two years' quality warranty

5.Competitive price 




1.High resolution,clear image,all-metal lens

2.Fixed focal length 35mm,2/3 inch,C-mount,F1.7 aperture manual lris lens

3.CCTV lens/CCTV camera lens/Security cctv lens/Monitoring lens/ megapixel cctv lens/ surveillance lens/optical lens/manual lris cctv lens/fixed focus cctv lens

4.the lens inside are all 100% wel-environment glass.




Model Number

ABF-F3517MV-H 2/3"

Focal Length(mm)








Angle of View






Net Weight(g)
















ABF monofocal manual iris lens serie:




ABF fixed focus auto iris lens series:




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Q:Why is the lens of the camera not square
1, in order to maximize the amount of light, so that light through the lens, to ensure a clear picture. Such as the design of the side, near the edge of the amount of light and the amount of light through the middle of inconsistent, both strong center, four corners weak, according to the central light exposure, corners of the lack of exposure; by the corners of the light exposure, the central exposure.
Q:If the camera pixels are low. Can you make up for a good shot?
High pixels can wash big pictures but the general household 8 million pixels are enough like 12 million pixels can almost wash 40 * 30 inch so much photos you wash the kind of big picture of the chance and your home computer TV screen sure Not so big
Q:Is the full-frame camera's lens available for full-frame cameras?
In two cases. Like Canon's lens group, the original words, APS frame lens simply can not install the full-size fuselage, then it certainly can not be used.
Q:What is the camera lens accessories?
Accessories in front of the lens: Lens cover: protects the lens from scratch and contamination. Hood: to prevent direct light into the lens, causing glare.
Q:Camera lens fell down to the camera on the demolition of how to do?
Do not know what LZ lens, it is recommended not hard breaking off   The camera's bayonet is very expensive, from the focal plane 0.1 degrees will be a big problem
Q:What is the picture quality of the camera lens? Is the clarity of detail?
18-135 this lens imaging, although higher than the high-end lens, but still pretty good. If you have not used SLR, this lens is enough fun, but also enough to make you pleasantly surprised. If you want to improve the quality on this basis, then it is necessary to do a lot of money to prepare a lot of money.
Q:SLR digital camera lens on the 3.5-5.6 what it means
Refers to the size of the aperture (unit F, such as F1.8 F2.0), the smaller the value the greater the aperture, the greater the aperture the greater the amount of light (according to the photos will be brighter). Generally this range refers to the wide-angle end of the maximum F3.5, telephoto end maximum F5.6 aperture (the principle is the longer tube light the smaller) Usually the greater the aperture the lens the higher the price, the better the effect. Such as 50 1.8--50 1.4--50 1.2
Q:SLR camera in addition to the lens outside the need to support things
3, camera bag, photography and travel are inseparable, as a single anti-SLR and accessories, no camera bag is not enough; 4, cleaning kit, only the usual maintenance of SLR camera, in the important moment the camera can play the best level. Cleaning kit is essential;
Q:What is the focus of the SLR camera?
Fixed focus lens because no need to zoom so the aperture can do a lot, the structure can be optimized very well, so the weight will be very light. General focus lens to the majority of portrait head, 50mm focal length can be achieved on the 1.8 or even 1.0 aperture, so the virtual effect is very good. Of course, there are other uses of fixed focus, such as Canon's "100 micro" is a very good macro lens, you can achieve a good imaging sharpness and magnification. Fixed focus head also wide-angle fixed focus, telephoto focus and so on.
Q:Can the camera lens be wiped with a cotton pad? What is the best rub?
Is the lens dirty? Advise you not to rub, the more rub the more flowers, if only ordinary attachments, with the skin tiger blowing like, if it is fingerprint or oil, advised you not wiped after the lens damage will increase. Consumption models do not care to maintain too much, a very short time to change, if it is a professional machine with the lens, to persuade the landlord has been with UV, clean only need to clean UV

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