New Design Monofocal 35mm Fa Lens F1.7 Manual Iris Camera Accessory Cctv Lens

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New design monofocal 35mm FA lens F1.7 manual iris  camera accessory 


1.Our products have passe OHSAS18001:1999,GB/T24001-2004 idt ISO14001:2004,GB/T19001-2008 idt ISO9001:2008

2.Quality control:Our products are guaranteed by the strict QC system

3.Hot selling kind of lens

4.Comprehensive two years' quality warranty

5.Competitive price 




1.High resolution,clear image,all-metal lens

2.Fixed focal length 35mm,2/3 inch,C-mount,F1.7 aperture manual lris lens

3.CCTV lens/CCTV camera lens/Security cctv lens/Monitoring lens/ megapixel cctv lens/ surveillance lens/optical lens/manual lris cctv lens/fixed focus cctv lens

4.the lens inside are all 100% wel-environment glass.




Model Number

ABF-F3517MV-H 2/3"

Focal Length(mm)








Angle of View






Net Weight(g)
















ABF monofocal manual iris lens serie:




ABF fixed focus auto iris lens series:




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Q:SLR camera lens ternary ternary how to talk about it?
According to the different focal length, we will be divided into wide-angle lens, standard, telephoto and other categories. While the big three yuan, a small ternary refers to the corresponding focal lengths of the three zoom lens. Here, [large] usually has a constant aperture of F2.8, while [small] usually has a F4 constant aperture.
Q:SLR camera lens: Since the aperture can be set to a fixed value (such as F3.8), in this case, turn the zoom ring aperture can change?
Because it is not a constant aperture that is the telephoto end and wide-angle end of the largest aperture are fixed Such as Nikon 24-70MM F2.8 Whether it is 24mm wide angle or 70mm telephoto end maximum aperture can be set to F2.8 Also, such as the lens is written on the 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 that this lens is not constant 18MM wide-angle end of the big aperture is 3.5 135MM telephoto end is 5.6
Q:What is the Chelsea certified lens?
of course, the price is not acceptable to ordinary consumers even if sony cyber-shot camera with Carl Zeiss lens are only certified, let alone Nokia mobile phone , The phone on the "Carl Zeiss" just spend money to buy back a brand name label only, the certification is only made to obtain the Zeiss's authorization, not Zeiss factory production. Zeiss factory only do advanced camera lens, some Japanese manufacturers Zeiss lens, in fact, are authorized to produce, not the original. The real Zeiss lens, whether it is coated lens structure lenses are more than the phone! These standard Zeiss lens is only some specialized production camera company labeling it, perhaps and other mobile phone lens no difference, but in general the certified camera is better than the ordinary camera.
Q:Can the camera lens be repainted again?
but the quality of recovery will be resigned, because the coating and lenses The same time, in the lens design at the beginning to take into account and designed, and re-give you the coating manufacturers will not know the original intention, to re-plating the film is not necessarily very appropriate, it is difficult to ensure the final quality
Q:Will the SLR lens be bad?
SLR lens will be bad, there are several bad law: 1, did not take stability, broke. 2, rain, and fell into the water into the water, except for waterproof lens. 3, the air is too tide, the lens glass is bad corrosion of mold. 4, the air is too dry, the lens glued split. 5, hand itch, open not installed, demolition bad. 6, violent use, twist bad. 7, other unpredictable causes of damage. 8, the normal use of broken.
Q:Lengthen the camera lens focal length is zoomed in or out
2, the shorter the focal length of the optical zoom lens smaller, the shorter the focal length of the lens the greater the perspective. the focus is reduced, the subject changes from far to near.
Q:Nikon camera lens focal length
When it is the lens of the camera, it becomes the clearest as the general does not just fall on the focus, or, the clearest, Generally not equal to the focal length, but slightly larger than the focal length. The specific distance is related to the distance between the illuminated object and the lens (object distance), the larger the object distance, the smaller the distance (but in fact it is always greater than the focal length). Because we are photographed, the distance between the illuminated object and the camera (lens) is not always the same, such as giving a photo, sometimes, like the whole body, away from the body, away from the body, away from the nearest. In other words, the distance is not always fixed, so that in order to get a clear image, it must be different with the object to change the film to the lens of the distance, the process of change is that we usually say " Coke ".
Q:Camera lens how dust?
At the same time, in order to maintain its strength, in the case of the use of four fixed screws, increased to 6 screws. In addition, the screw position is designed at both ends of the three claws, and it is actually fixed. In this way, while ensuring the accuracy of the focus surface, but also to achieve the product thin and strength requirements. Integration of the use of all the lens technology to achieve the highest quality is able to maximize the lens strength of the bayonet, bayonet is not only the lens and the body mechanically combined, and its important features include electrical integration. Making the camera and the camera body can be smooth communication, according to the details of the lens to perform the best response and image processing.
Q:Camera lens how to do two filters at the same time use? The bayonet of the filter is one way
There is a circle in front of the glass of the filter. In the pinch lens cover you should know? SLR lens with the kind of principle is the card in front of the lens installed on the filter thread fixed. If the lens has been installed on the filter, such as UV, or can cover the lens cover, because the filter in front of the white and the front of the same lens, each filter are like this. So the filter can be theoretically unlimited installation
Q:SLR camera lens 18-135mm and 18-200mm What is the difference?
The quality of the two lenses are different. In general, high-power focal length lens imaging quality will be almost. So in the picture quality 18-135 is better than the 18-200.

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