new ceramic wall tiles for balcony /decorative wall tils

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1200 m²
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540000 m²/month

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Formaldehyde: 0 Material: Ceramic Feature: Soundproof,Heat Insulation,Dust-Proof,acid resistant,Fireproof
Color: Black,White,Red,Green,Blue,Wood Grain,customized Position: Interior Certification: CE,ISO,test report
Customized: Customized,Non-Customized

Product Description:

ceramic wall tiles for bathroom & kitchen for Dubai market




1.  All ceramic wall tile are PREMIUM AAA Grade. We established an independent dept to inspect all goods before shipment.

2. OEM service: We can make your brand on the package or even on the tiles. Also, you can customize your own designs with us.

3.  Special dimensions are available according to request.

4.  More than ten years experience and very professional team in exporting to ensure your order more smooth.

5.  On time delivery, in general 15~20 days.

6.  Best service: customer can follow their order situation any time, no matter on product line, warehouse or shipment.

7.  Own designer team ensure the designs are newest and adjust for pure and right color.


Detailed product description:

Model no:


Tile type:

300x600mm    glazed ceramic wall tile



Size(MM) :


Water absorption:



Available in all designs and colors


Used for wall and floor,   widely used in kitchen, bathroom, living room, and so on.


glazed polished


CE & ISO9001, Test report

Delivery time:

Within 20 days after   received the deposit

Payment terms:



1000 square meters



Package Details :

8 pcs/carton

1080 cartons/1*20 GP/with pallet

27 Ton/ 1*20 GP

Product effect:

new ceramic wall tiles for balcony /decorative wall tils


Company information:

Our company founded in 2004,is a professional manufacturer of all types of ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles,covering an area of 180,000 square meters.Currently we have over 1000 staff,including 72 research & development talents with years'experience in this field.

With international advanced machines imported from Italy and Spain, we can provide tiles with superior quality standard. Our company obtained the ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate,thereby ensuring that we can supply clients with a significant quality guarantee.

Moreover,we greatly pay attention to constant technical innovation.Over the past few years,we have developed a wide range of wall tiles and floor tiles.These products are available in 300*600mm,400*800mm,300*900mm,600*600mm ,800*800mmm ...


Factory show:

new ceramic wall tiles for balcony /decorative wall tils


1.    What is your MOQ?

       MOQ: one design one container .

       Decoration design: one design 1x20’GP, also can mix color in one container.

2.    What is the MOQ to use customer design carton?

       MOQ: 5x20'GP. if less than this qty will charge for carton design draft fee.

       We have own designers to meet your requirements.

3.    What is special of your tiles?

       More glossy, more shine, more 170g glaze , special technology of tile body more stable.

4.    How you assure the quality?

       We inspect the quality during incoming material, production process, packing and loading.

5.    Where is you market ?

       Our main markets are North America , South America , Asia and Middle East .

6.    Do you attend oversea fairs ?

       Yes, we attend the fair in Dubai, Vietnam , Algeria , Korea ,Brazil and Frankfurt etc .

7.    Can you make OEM ?

       Yes ,we can .

8.    Where is you famous customers ?

       Our customers are including The Homedepot, OBI,...

9.    What price you can offer?

       EXW, FOB, CFR/CIF, ect

10.  Do you have quality control team and designers?

       Yes, we have 10 QC and 8 designers to guarantee quality and meet your colors and styles need

11.  What payment you accept?

       Normally By TT, L/C also acceptable.


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Q:How thick is the layer below the wood floor
Clean light composite wood flooring tips: use cloth dipped in clean water wipe directly on the floor, or the washing water is evenly sprayed on the wooden floor (not too much), 5 minutes with dry dishcloth, the floor will be clean a lot. Special stains cleaning: grease, paint, printing ink can be used special stains to wipe oil; blood, juice, wine, beer and other stains with a damp cloth or wiping the floor cleaning cloth dipped in the amount of wax; and chewing gum, with ice on it for a while, the frozen contraction, then gently sweep, reoccupy a wet cloth or wiping the floor cleaning cloth dipped in the amount of. Do not use strong acid and alkali liquid to clean the compound wood floor.
Q:What kind of wood flooring?
Toothed oakAdvantages: hard material, thick structure, high strength, color, good finish, easy drying.Disadvantages: difficult processing, poor bonding, easy cracking.
Q:engineered hardwood flooring (Pergo type) ?
the dupont elite is a great floor. looks very real, 30 year warranty, goes together easy. STAY AWAY FROM PERGO BRAND it is crap. as far as tips first add about 15% to whatever your square footage is...exp. if the room is 10'x10' that is 100 square feet. buy 115 square feet. be sure to stager your seamsendcuts the dupont also has the pad preinstalled on the planks which makes life alot easier. the floors that you must put the pad down first are a pain in the butt. you end up triping, and ripping the pad as you work in the room. MOST IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!! reguardless of which type floor you buy be sure to have it in the house (close to the area to be installed) so the flooring can aclamate to the air temp in the house. home depot sells the dupont flooring, the stock 3 different colors, and can special order 3 or 4 more colors.
Q:What is the preferred method of installing an engineered wood floor over a concrete slab? Float or glue & why?
Yes you can, most of the new wood flooring are tongue and groove floating floors. Just be sure to buy a good underlay. Ask the flooring professionals at Lowes or Home Depot they will tell you what to do. If your tile is nice and flat and installed well it is almost just as good as installing on a concrete foundation (this is done on homes in Florida everyday!). Good luck to you, be sure to take your time and do a great job!
Q:Engineered wood floors HELP waterheater broke?
The vinyl floor is probable glued right down to a million/4 inch underlayment (luan). you may pull all of it up and positioned down new underlayment in a pair of hours. Or, while you're no longer frightened related to the peak of the hot floor, you may positioned the hot underlayment on appropriate of the vinyl floor. i've got been a chippie for 18 years and formerly that I laid floor for 2 years. i've got in no way considered all people glue any sort of floor to an previous vinyl floor. i do no longer think of it may be a competent thought. in case you do prefer to offer it a attempt, it incredibly is advisable to bypass over the vinyl with a disc sander to help the glue bond extra effectual.
Q:Can I install ceramic tile over engineered wood and how?
It is not a good ideat to install ceramic over an engineered floor. Wood is not stable enough for ceramic, as minor movement will cause the ceramic to crack. The wood must be removed, and if the floor underneath is concrete you will be fine. If it is a wood subfloor, a concrete impregnated plywood must be installed first. (Such as Hardi-backer or Wonderboard) I am in the business, and if a customer insisted on installing ceramic on top of an engineered floor, as much as I like selling this stuff, I would turn the job down.
Q:Is there a way to waterproof the joints when installing an engineered hardwood floor?
If you are purchasing a factory finished floor, there is no need to do anything other than install it as it comes from the carton. The finish, if it is urethane is good enough to resist moisture as long as the spill is cleaned up in a timely fashion. These floors have about 3 to 5 coats of urethane from the factory and wax will not adhere to it. In about 5 to 10 years if you have heavy Traffic you may have to refinish but following the manufacturers care recommendations should extend the useful life for a long time.
Q:Structure of multi-layer solid wood floor
There are differences in the rate of science, so that the plate in the state of prestressed. When the utility model is used in winter or in the heating and drying season, the table board releases pressure, so that the deformation of the surface plate and the base plate can be balanced, and the utility model can ensure that the utility model can not be cracked in the environment of geothermal heating. The surface layer of multi-layer solid wood flooring is usually rare wood species of African red sandalwood, red, grey, Shabili Kaya Begonia, European white oak, oak, oak, red sandalwood, zebra wood, black walnut, anadenanthera, balsam, elm and different grades of decorative effect, the development of domestic and foreign selling more than 60 kinds of colors with over 40 kinds of material. Both the 0.6mm and the plane was the best-selling domestic and foreign markets with products, and market demand at home and abroad very much hand scraping and drawing of antique antique series. Multilayer solid wood flooring substrate completely from the masterpiece of science and technology, completely changed the traditional thinking on the floor. It uses a stack of rare and non renewable wood arranged in a crisscross pattern is pressed into the substrate, so that the floor of the "stress" to achieve balance, eliminate the floor "anisotropic", so as to overcome the traditional wood floors easy warping deformation, shrinkage and swelling and other defects. The experts in a variety of natural environment and the state of the geothermal environment test, multi-layer solid wood floor expansion contraction is only solid wood veneer 1/15 ~ 1/20, indicating its stability is very strong. The middle layer part of core plate imported more than 70 years old high-quality timber, veneer, after soaking, cooking, drying and other treatment, the internal stress of wood modification makes the cut after close to zero, thus avoiding the core plate cracking in the process of using problem.
Q:Solid wood flooring is really more complex laminate flooring?
2 laminate flooringThe reinforced composite floor is composed of wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, base layer and balance layer. Has the advantages of wear: approximately above the ordinary lacquer floor 10 ~ 30 times; computer simulation can be pretty: all kinds of wood and pattern, color; stability: completely broken up the original wood tissue, destroy the shrinkage characteristics of anisotropic and moisture expansion and drying, the size is very stable, especially suitable for floor heating room system.AdvantageAbrasion resistance: about 10 to more than 30 times that of ordinary paint floor.Beautiful: can be used to simulate a variety of computer wood and patterns, colors.Stability: completely broken up the original wood tissue, destroy the anisotropy and wet expansion drying shrinkage characteristics, the size is very stable, especially for the heating system of the room.In addition, there are impact resistance, anti-static, anti pollution, light resistance, resistance to cigarette burning, easy installation, easy maintenance, etc..shortcomingBlisters after damage not repair, Juegan poor.In particular, it is pointed out that in the past there have been dealers that laminate flooring is a waterproof floor, which is only for the surface, in fact, to strengthen the use of composite floor only to avoid the blisters.
Q:What underlayment do I use for my engineered wood floor?
You need to install a good plywood sub floor. Your problem was not with the underlayment as it was on top of the pine plank sub floor that buckled. Use a good 3/4 plywood subfloor with clips (to hold it together). You may be able to put it over the pine planks but it must be layed so that the seams run at a 45 degree angle to the seams of the pine planks. You would then, ideally, want the seams of the hardwood run at a 45 to the sub floor. That will make it very stable. If its a floating system use a good underlayment fabric as well.

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